Why I Enjoy Twitter

Twitter, when I first heard of it on television I thought it sounded cheap and small.
It is anything but that. I finally joined when my husband showed me something there one day, I began reading what folks were saying and I suddenly decided to join.

I enjoy Twitter because I can literally see what other people are thinking, doing, selling, saying, proclaiming, and so on. You can find interests and interesting people to follow, and block the boring or annoying ones. It is a great community to be a part of!

Twitter keeps a list of celebrities that tweet, (tweets are what they are saying). Musicians, singers, chefs, travel, hunting, fishing, every day regular folk, doctors, and every profession is represented at Twitter. Twitter is global now. You can tweet to people from around the world and they can tweet back to you. You can send direct messages to tweeters, and put your comments at their blogs. Pictures, videos, and other opportunities are at twitter.

I have learned so much at Twitter. The information is endless and not boring most of the time. The Twitter community is a one stop social media. You can look at who the people you tweet are tweeting and add their tweeters to your page. This is how the community grows. Before you know it your tweeter numbers are multiplying, thus your social outreach is growing.

You can pick and choose who you want to read any given day and skip over the uninteresting ones. Or maybe even block them from your page at that time. It’s fun experimenting with the social media there. I feel close to the people somehow that I tweet, or read their tweets regularly. They seem like a friend.

People get real there.

They feel safe enough to let go and let their hair down verbally at Twitter.

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