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Travel report nan: tips and attractions

vietnamese woman for datingIn the north of thailand, the small town of nan is. so far, locals and tourists are mainly on the way here. in the location and of the same province, however, there are a number of interesting attractions.

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In search of the magic of travel the standard routes to destinations away i always wanted once to a sleepy nan. the place is a little hidden in the mountains on the border with laos.

So far, i had managed only to loei, since nan – so far – more or less at the end of a cul-de-sac was. but now, finally, the new bus from nan to luang prabang was inaugurated after a long wait with great pomp. for me, motivation enough, the journey there is finally compete, and there, on my way to laos a stop. to be equal to the beginning of my trip report said: during my visit, everything came out differently than planned.

Your individual thailand dream trip

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Trip report nan

vietnamese woman for datingDusk in bangkok, to me, that nan is, apparently, slept through quite the way i thought. because almost all hotels and guesthouses in nan are derecognised, as well as the train and the buses. thanks to the help of friends i get then but still in the penultimate place in a bus. and so it goes from the bus terminal mo chit in less than 10 hours to the north.

The peoples of the picturesque nan province is characterized by mountain chains, river valleys, and the colourful mountain. for long centuries it was independent and only loosely connected to the neighboring laos connected. for a short time, nan became part of the kingdom of sukhothai and then to the kingdom of lanna affiliated. only in 1932, nan was ultimately a siamese province.

The walled city of Nan

Earlier, it was mainly nature lovers and motorcycle driver who went on tours to nan. during my visit i had the feeling, however, that half of bangkok comes the weekend here.

Get to experience the mountains as well as in europe, also in asia for a few years an enormous hype. and so i’m not surprised that nan is treated as the new pai.

This development has also brought the mountain peoples of new income opportunities and their image considerably enhanced. they were called a few years ago is still as uneducated and dirty, so today it is down to bangkok all the rage to wear glutinous rice to eat, and bags, skirts and jackets with patterns of the hmong or akha.

A few years ago this would have been unthinkable, and glutinous rice was considered unseemly – it would just make it lazy and stupid. meanwhile, farmers markets”, the stores of the royal doi tung project, and design clothes in the hiltribe design are an integral part”.

But i can reassure you: nan, fortunately, is still far away from mass tourism and commercialism of a pais. you’ll quickly find that once you are looking for a laundry service, a bar, or english-speaking staff.

A laundry room, you had heard at my hotel at some time, but the directions got me into a backyard, where laundry hangs on the clothesline, but the puzzled grandma doing the laundry the impression that i’m right here. my dirty clothes to accompany me the entire morning, by nans, streets and temples. better so enough clean clothes in the luggage.

In the city core around the national museum the tourist raging weekend madness: coaches from all regions of thailand, a “farmers market” with local products, a fashion show of the mountain peoples of and i in the middle. and although i felt the only western tourist, is going to give me any attention, because nan seems to be pure thai visitors focused, which surprised me, but not a bother.

After me the words “fully booked” track i’m going to walk on a sightseeing tour and not with the small bimmelbahn. this departs several times a day, in front of the tourist info opposite wat phumin, where you can also get the tickets.

The fascination of thailand. useful tips for backpackers and independent travelers

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A round trip through flores – the highlights at a glance

vietnamese woman for datingOn the indonesian island of flores, you can as a starting point for diving and snorkeling use. or you can enjoy volcanoes and breathtaking scenery. below, you will get to know five of the most beautiful destinations.

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