Thai Cupid Test September 2019 – Thai to meet women

Thai Cupid Test September 2019 - Thai to meet women
Thai Cupid Test September 2019 - Thai to meet women

Thai Cupid Test September 2019 - Thai to meet women

Registration takes just a Minute or so, No E-Mail confirmation of registration via Facebook is possible Under the age of 18, no application Profiles are sometimes disabled for no reason .

The registration at Thai Cupid is fast and simple. The login is via Facebook, as well as classically, by E-Mail. Facebook is selected, the site is the most important, personal information from there. However, even with the registration via E-Mail address, the registration takes no longer, because, apart from E-Mail address, desired password, gender and age is requested, nothing .

Very questionable, however, is why around 80% of newly registered accounts have been cancelled. This refers only to “Non-Premium Accounts”. We have created in the Test, some of the Accounts without consulting with us has been disabled. A violation of the Community guidelines, did not take place, of course .

Thai Cupid seems to take it all with fake protection seriously missed this but at the time you sign. It is not necessary, the E-mail address, the access will be activated immediately after entering the personal data. Instead, Accounts are disabled, with a Fake nothing in common. Here, the operator of the portal should rethink .


Instant Messenger is available, The Match is by Cupid Tags, real-time display of people online Chatroom available to standard members just a few options .

Is there a Thai Cupid are some ways to contact other members. With a free Account is however difficult, because the possibilities are rapidly reduced. Features such as the chat room are not available for instance. With a Gold or platinum membership, however, it is possible, via Instant Messenger or Chatroom with other users in contact. Also Premium members have the advantage of automatically Profile will appear higher in the search results, if there are many Matches with the own profile .

Basic members can view other Profiles, and up to an image view. Then the conclusion is also. To leave a message, is a Premium Account necessary. When you visit another profile there is a Button “show interest” appears. If this is clicked, gets the other Person a message that someone is interested in her. Also save profiles as favorites can make base members .

Profile quality.

Full profile on the Chance of success increases a Lot of personal information required Profiles are often only minimal profile completed images are checked free for all visible Profiles are from the Support .

At the time of registration, no verification of the E held-Mail address, what has us surprised in the Test. This will, however, be checked each newly logged-on profile. Who is here, no photo or anything to the settings modified, you will be deleted quickly because of fake suspicion. Fakes, however, are nonetheless present to us Profiles are noticed, they wanted to lure us to other sites, or where the information is not with the picture shown matched. If such a profile is reported, look in the Support in General, quickly after that, and delete this profile too.

The profile creation takes some time, because there are many areas that need to be completed. From Hobbies, your choice of the future Partner, income, educational level and life situation to a free text to the to gain a first insight. Because of the international origin, it is very beneficial if this information will be made in English. Many of the Thai women are the English language, but no English. Even if the cost is high, it is worthwhile to create your own profile, because it is only with a completed profile, the opportunities for women are significantly higher.

Unfortunately, we have made the Test very many Profiles, which were not a little designed to. A profile photo is the only thing that will show whether or not a Person will like at least visually, the own claims. It was noticeable that the women’s profiles were filled out on average better than the men’s profiles. Men seem to be of no value to the fact increase a little bit of what type of price. This decimated the number of competitors, because women place great value on a beautifully designed profile.

Special Features.

Account Verification.

With the Upload of a verification document, it is possible to verify your own profile. That increases the seriousness level significantly. Just a a copy of identity card to [email protected] send and within a few days, your profile will be verified.

Thai Cupid Test September 2019 - Thai to meet women

Cupid Tags.

The Cupid Tags allow it to detect how high is the Match of interests with other profiles. Cupid Tags can be selected by the profile owner and the personality to classify.

Block List.

If someone is pushy or annoying, you can set this Person to the block list. A blocked Person is not in the position to contact the Opposite .

Instant Messenger.

The best way of communication, the Instant Messenger offers. Here, you can chat via Text but also via Webcam. Standard members can use the Instant Messenger only with Premium members. Gold and platinum members can communicate with all people .


More men than women, women are almost exclusively from Thailand, the average age enrolled is quite high, women are younger than men 3000 new signups each and every day.

Thai Cupid says of the platform itself, that there are 1.5 million members in total. Actually, the activity on this site is not very high, the number refers only to German members, but is worldwide. The login number is a day for approximately 3,000 users in the main menu to see how many members are currently active. The focus of the user origin is located in Thailand, closely followed by the USA, Germany, France and England. Much of the Dating is therefore, that men from Germany and other countries are looking for a partner in and out of Thailand and get to know. The pressure of competition for the men is high, because a man’s share of 85 percent, it is necessary to put yourself well on the Show .

To use available for iOS and Android Free Download user-friendly App design convenient way to Thai Cupid from the mobile phone Design is outdated.

The App of Thai Cupid can be used for both Android as well as iOS users. In the Appstore or Google Play Store, the App is available for free. The functionality is in order. In the case of new contacts, or messages, a notification is sent to the mobile phone. It is also reply to messages, upload pictures and delete them again. This is especially useful if a spontaneous Selfie to be uploaded. A small drawback is the boring Design of Thai Cupid, which has an impact on the App. Upbeat, colorful Dating Apps can’t rich Thai Cupid the water, but it is sufficient for a solid search for a Partner.

The Design of Thai Cupid is okay, but not outstanding. It has not changed since establishment, and now came something into the years. Plain colors, no special Highlights and a bit of yawning boredom, complete the complete Design. Does the functionality not crash, and there is no reason to complain. In the Test we had no problems, loading errors or crashes of the page, what is considered to be positive. Overall, Thai Cupid is a solid Portal, with a simple Design and good features.

Practice test.

Thai Cupid is a classic Dating portal for people who have a desire for an international partnership. While the women are almost exclusively of Thai origin, are to be found men of various nationalities. The Americans and the Germans, however, are represented most often. Linguistically, there are of course barriers, especially when the women speak only Thai. However, it is possible to build the messages, so that at least a little communication to operate .

We find it nice that there are a number of Thai Cupid is the possibility on the other side of the world, nice people to meet and maybe even find the love of your life. The special feature of Dating sites such as Thai Cupid is that you can meet people you would encounter in everyday life never. Maybe one or the other vacationers in Thailand and meets his dream woman and is happy with her, but the chances are obviously low. Since the chances are much higher, in the case of Thai Cupid is a attractive and friendly Thai woman to meet and fall in love maybe even .

Thai Cupid is friendly, however, the Support could be improved. The E-mail address is not checked, this Profile will be deleted sometimes very quickly, for no obvious reason. This has hit us in our first two test accounts quickly and annoyed. Unfortunately, there is no answer or explanation on the procedure by the Support. Actual fake profiles that wanted to lure us to other sites, however, were up to the message on our part there. Here is Thai Cupid needs to fix urgently .

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