Slavic women dating sites

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What i learned from 5 years of dating with ukrainian women!

slavic women dating sitesUkrainian women are absolutely stunning. point! i guess that is the reason why you are reading this blog post, is that you have discovered how charming, beautiful, funny, and not to forget (….) sexy eastern european women can be.

And even if the opinions of the men can go in deciding what eastern european woman is the most attractive, apart, it is clear to me.

Ukrainian women are my first choice! and within a few minutes you will understand why….

In the year 2014, i moved to ukraine and began to work as an international business consultant between the east and the west. in the last five years, i have enjoyed the ukrainian life style to the fullest.

And you know what?

During this time i have an appointment with dozens of ukrainian women, and after i experienced the ukrainian culture up close and personal, i decided to give you guys some important lessons when it comes to dating in an exotic country.

Important (and free) lessons that teach you how you can successfully deal with ukrainian women dating and a giant have fun with.

Are you ready to continue?

Turn off the youtube channel, take a pen and a piece of paper and make notes….

The advice i’m about to give you, will blow your mind!

How is it that ukrainian women look so good?

slavic women dating sitesThis is the most important question i have been asked almost every day by my buddies.

After i moved in 2014, according to kiev, believe me, neither one of my friends from the uk nor from the usa, when i started you pictures of the most beautiful ukrainian women from work, my private life, or to send the party scene.

I remember that i heard them say:

Dude, get away from there! certainly this is a promotional girl or a prostitute! in any case, your ugly face hangs out with so many sweet ukrainian girl.

Aren’t your friends the best? you always seem to criticize your physical flaws and to discredit your dating-services within a set!

Oh well – to be honest, i couldn’t blame them once. when i arrived for the first time in kiev, i had no idea what i was getting into.

Although i heard the stories about eastern european women as the most beautiful women in the world, i had no idea what to expect on my first weekend in kiev.

This infamous first friday night live was a crazy crash course in ukrainian culture, dating, and night.

This is the first rule that i learned:

The look is all for ukrainian girl.

slavic women dating sitesIt may sound a bit of a superficial comment, but it is no secret that almost all ukrainian girls start at a very young age to pay attention to their appearance.

Due to the men’s deficit was always taught that a ukrainian girl must look good in order to secure as quickly as possible to a man.

You like to follow a more traditional relationship than most western women. you would focus more on the family and the children, while the ukrainian men would focus on the work and the provision of financial cash flows, in order to keep everything under control.

Currently, the ratio of man to woman will always be more balanced, but the culture, “always look your best”, is still very much alive.

The strong presence of feminine looks is something that most western men are missing in their current partners.

High heels, tight body, great makeup and beautiful long hair are something that you encounter daily when you go walking through the streets of a ukrainian city.

A pretty ukrainian lady is found almost everywhere: parks, night clubs, shopping malls, shops, and bars. you’ll feel like you’re walking on a film set. it is just so common.

Funny fact for our older readers: even if you are 50+ and after a new relationship or a new date search, you will find that even the old ukrainian women look in comparison to their western competitors 20 years younger. true story!


If you look back in the ukrainian history, one can see that the country was repeatedly occupied by powerful nations such as the mongols, poles, khazars, russians, lithuanians and turks.

If you look further you will see that this area was actually a hot spot for civilizations. due to the rich local resources, the neanderthals remained almost 44,000 years!

The early expansion of slavic influences have created a unique mixture of blood and genes, which would lay the foundation for the beautiful ukrainian women that you see today.

Man woman relationship

As the ukraine part of the soviet union was, stand you under a strict communist regime. a bad economy, high unemployment, low wages and persistent negative political situations have driven many people in a long time of despair.

The army chose and deployed during the war, many ukrainian men. this led to many losses, which led to a large gap between the ratio of man to woman in the country. many mothers lost their son, their son, children their fathers and women their husbands.

But without the financial support of the men, it was also very difficult in this harsh environment.

That is why many women trying to find a new partner. unfortunately, the competition due to the large difference in the gender ratio is very high.

The dating culture in ukraine

slavic women dating sitesAfter my friends back home found out that all the hot ukrainian ladies on my photos really were, it was only logical that their next question would be, how a meeting could?

To tell you the truth – yes, you can go out with foreign women, but it can be difficult!

Depending on your situation you can with the language barriers, cultural differences and age differences to fight have to tear up that all contribute to your success rate, women.


Congratulations! you have a great match during your online dating efforts found, or this wonderful girl on your travels in the ukraine met.

You’re ready to go on a date and you want to find out whether you’re both able to connect on a more personal level.

But how are you going to the game? and you’ve thought that dating with ukrainian girls could be a very different experience than at home?

These and many more questions start to rush in your head. this girl you speak of, is a wonderful catch and you don’t want to mess things up. you’ve worked too hard for it!

I understand that dating with foreign girls, each from a different country, a different language and culture, may sound a little scary – but it is actually a wonderful experience.

That means…. if you don’t screw it up!

You can avoid this by following the rules of the dating ukrainian women.

I’ll show it to you:

The do’s on a date with a ukrainian girl

slavic women dating sitesI’ve made an overview of important gestures that will leave a good first impression. these are important dating rules for the typical ukrainian women, so be careful!


  • try:If you want to date a Ukrainian woman, you know that you will do everything in their Power to for you to look good. It would be a good idea to wear the same effort and your beautiful clothes. Get a clean shave/trim and a good hair cut. A great Aftershave will work wonders and you extra recognition when the slow dance in this romantic song and later in the evening.
  • the

  • – flowers: Ja, it may sound a little old-fashioned, but Ukrainian girls, like the old Gentleman-ship, and the Bringing of flowers will definitely increase your Brownie points! Make sure you know beforehand what your favorite flowers are. Because then you can kill two birds with one stone. The flowers and that you’ve paid attention to what she likes!
  • the

  • Pay for the first Date: unless the Date is a total disaster. Otherwise, I would recommend to pay for the first Date. If you’re Dating with Ukrainian women, not, it is important that you pay you in the most beautiful Restaurant to bring or hundreds of dollars for travel and gifts, but that you show sincere interest in her as a Person.

But also:


  • traditions: Traditional values of the Ukrainian culture still a high priority, and if you don’t want to act as a miser, I recommend to pay the bill. Also, remember that this is Out in the Ukraine in comparison to Western Europe and the United States very favorable.
  • the

  • Be a Gentleman: Help her at all. Close and open doors, take her jacket and help her to sit on the chair. These are all small Gestures, but they will certainly have a great impact on you.
  • the

  • Be yourself: I understand that a Date can be a little overwhelming, as most Ukrainian girls are very beautiful. You might think that it is out of your League, but remember that she has a Date with you! Handle self-confident, kind and everything will be fine.

The don’ts on a date with a ukrainian girl

slavic women dating sitesListen, guys, because the following don’ts can finish your date very quickly. of course, this does not mean that you never make a mistake, but if the situation arises, be a man and apologize for your behavior.

If it is the first time, it’s because she understands that it’s easy to get lost in the translation.


  • prices: Call no prices or how expensive the Date is. Check in advance how much you want to spend. If something is too expensive, then just don’t do it. The worst thing you can do is to complain that the food is too expensive. It shows that you’re not ready to strive for you, and you will as a cheap and appear unprepared.
  • the

  • Keep it simple: remember that it is the most Ukrainian girls don’t care whether you bring in a 5-course Restaurant. Something Beautiful to find in your price range and enjoy your evening!
  • the

  • family: Bad talk about family values is also a bad move. If you’ve ever met a Ukrainian Person, you’ll know immediately that the family is the number one. Birthdays, holidays and many more occasions are celebrated together, and you will find these values in a future Partner.

Don’t forget:


  • egg is not selfish: is to be Selfish during the Dates another great deterrent. Make sure that you show genuine interest in your ambitions, your career and your life-style. Don’t forget that you need to do the Same for you. It is a Two-way street.
  • the

  • No Ex-Girlfriends: Mention during your conversation, no Ex-Girlfriends or other appointments. Nobody is interested in your previous Dating experience, and it shows her that you’re still busy with other things.
  • the

  • future: Not ready for a stable future. We all understand that your career is not set in stone and things may change over time. But if you mention that you don’t want kids, or not in long term relationships think, it will not work.

The power of compliments

slavic women dating sitesMake your compliments! but notthan 3 during a date.

Why only three?

I like to think that it should be on during a date is a good balance. if you’re not compliments, you come over as an idiot, but if you forgive, could you send a message that you are a bit clingy can be.

Tell her how great she looks when you meet them for the first time. this way, you acknowledge all of the hard work she has done in order to give this date its best. yes, this is also a great ice-breaker!

For the second time in the middle of your date, if she told you an interesting story or comment. the last at the end of the evening, it should say that you had a wonderful time together.

This shows a good balance and you’re not on a first date to be harsh or arrogant act.

Make sure the compliment is sincere, and that it is focused on something. if she has a beautiful dress or stunning hair, you should mention it. and when she talks about her charity work or other skills, make compliments to.

Important: do not completely incoherent compliment like “you’re beautiful”, if you discussed a completely different topic. it shows her that you’re not listening.

Ukrainian ladies a pushover?

The third question i am often asked.

I have a very simple answer: no.

Do the best, act like a gentleman and if you’re lucky, you’re going to find a great date, that is willing to do almost anything for you, once you’ve built a trusted relationship. if you’re just for the fun of it, you will recognize the close and it will not work.

Cultural differences

slavic women dating sitesIf you thought that dating in your own country is already difficult, you’ll be in for a surprise! even if you follow all the above tips, there is still a small chance that cultural differences could play a factor in your dating success.

An innocent gesture or a funny word could actually mean the total opposite in another culture and that can cause some serious unpleasant moments.

It is important to stay relaxed and use common sense when talking with his date. stay loose and be entertaining and have fun and have a good time.

And what if something bad happens, or an awkward moment occurs?

Don’t worry. just apologize, make a little joke about how different your cultures are and will continue to do with the date. you will appreciate your humor and your style.

Where do i meet ukrainian women?

It is a simple task, to meet the local women.

With simple i mean the following:

If you’ve ever visited the ukraine, you’ll find that in almost every village, every city, every region or province of the women look absolutely stunning!!!

If it is your first time traveling, i highly recommend you to stay in one of the following four cities of ukraine:


  1. Lviv
  2. the

  3. Vinnytsia
  4. the

  5. Kiev, 
  6. the

  7. Odessa

Why the big cities?

In the ukraine, it is much easier, in and between the major cities to travel to the smaller villages. also, these four cities have great opportunities to meet new people and the girls speak much better english.

How do you get there?

Traveling in the ukraine has become in the last 15 years a lot easier. almost every big city has its own small airport and there are daily connecting flights from the airports of kiev borispol and kyiv international airport (zhuliany).

Are you interested in to explore the country by rail? no problem, because ukraine has an excellent rail network, so you with the night train or intercity, in almost every city or village can go. you can read all about it in this blog post on the topic of travel in ukraine by train.

A train is actually a very romantic adventure as you travel through the countryside of ukraine.

Be prepared

slavic women dating sitesThere is one thing you need to do before you travel to the ukraine. i strongly recommend that you before your visit to communicate with people.

Why is contact important?

It is much easier to meet with people you already know. remember that you are in a foreign country and not the language of the country speak (or maybe a little).

Each of the major cities should be a lot of organised, sociable events like pub crawls, tours,local ukrainian dating websites, cooking events, wine tours, etc., but your rule to meet people immediately. this will add a precious time  in the ukraine a lot of fun.

My favorite cities in ukraine

slavic women dating sitesOk – now that you’ve booked your ticket, it is time to find out which cities are best suited to meet girls and why? as already mentioned, i had with the current political situation in ukraine the most success with women from kiev, odessa, lviv and vinnytsia..


Dating in kiev is a wonderful experience, but the women are targeted in comparison to other cities internationally. you speak better english and have better jobs and careers than in other regions. you will immediately see why dating in kiev is a whole different ball game than in odessa.


Now, it is perhaps not surprising, but if you read some of my blog posts, you’ll find that the beach city of odessa is my favorite place in the ukraine. i always have great success in this town, by me kicking girls in the clubs, bars and beaches.

Winnyzjia & lviv

These two cities are ideal for city breaks, if you are already in a serious relationship. for the opening of girls it is hit or miss. yes, there will be much less competition, since most of the foreign men to concentrate on kiev and odessa. the disadvantage is that many of the girls speak no english. fortunately, it is with the new generation of millennial girls and their iphones keeps getting better and better.;)

If you visit these cities, i recommend that you meet with people you already know. you’ll see that these places are more focused on culture and less on the big night clubs and bars.

But don’t be fooled. this does not mean that you could spend there a great time! you have to it’s just a different approach than in kiev and odessa..

The best ukrainian online dating sites

slavic women dating sitesMake sure – because this chapter could save you literally a lot of time, effort and, above all, g-e-l-d!
to find

The love of life on the world wide web is very common these days. for this reason, ukrainian online dating become websites very popular.

Unhappy – because of this popularity, many western men have fallen into the trap of being cheated. some of them reported that they have lost thousands of dollars. ouch!

The main reason why i was the best-selling english anti-book eastern promises, i wrote: “– how to be ukrainian online-dating-game crashes!”/ (original title: eastern promises – how to crush your ukrainian online dating game!)

No fear, as promised i would show you the secrets of how you fraud can be avoided and explain to you how you can enjoy a beautiful online chat with ukrainian women can.

My most important tips for using free ukrainian dating sites

    slavic women dating sites

  1. First of all, it is important to check whether the Name of the site has an English Version for you. I would not recommend login page, without ensuring that they offer their services in your language.
  2. the

  3. it gives Google the name of the web site and see if available reviews.
  4. the

  5. Check the quality of the Profiles. Ukrainian girls put a lot of effort to give their Best and have almost weekly professional photo shoots. This, of course, some model similar to the profile pages to be created, but if the profile is not a mixture of normal and model-like pictures, you should avoid this profile.
  6. the

  7. While the payment for a Website and the Service you provide, normally, you should always check the terms and conditions. The most common error in the recording of memberships that are more expensive or more months longer than expected.
  8. the

  9. Check, whether the payments are made over a secure line, if you pay with a credit card. In case of doubt, you can use for your payments easy to a third party such as PayPal.

If you’re in a hurry, let me tell you, the one and only legitimate ukrainian dating site show. the website is currently with the best reviews and the least number of fraud ukraine date – i love to recommend this site, because it is pretty straightforward and no hidden costs. there are two memberships (1 month and 3 months), from which you select and then can get started.

But you know what? – you can sign up for free , and immediately hundreds of ukrainian women to meet. you will have to pay a single dollar to sign up. exactly how i like it!

Most of the other sites are full of profiles of swindlers and dubious.

What is with a ukrainian dating service?

slavic women dating sitesI can give you a short answer: no!

We live in a digital world, in which all information on the push of a button are available. you don’t need a ukrainian matchmaking service to find a successful, interesting woman.

To travel in a group full of desperate men in every city, in my opinion, is a waste of time. also, the success rate is really low and it will cost you thousands of dollars.

A profile on the ukraine date

This is much cheaper than one of those expensive ukrainian dating agency travel, the charge in the case of a participation of 2000 usd per person. damn, some of these agencies even ask for a registration fee of 250 usd. for what? – forget it!

I have not yet made a dating agency that has convinced me of the contrary. if you share a legitimate agency know your history, you can contact me at any time by mail , or leave a comment below. i am pleased to take a look at it.

A ukrainian woman to marry – is this a good idea?

slavic women dating sitesMaybe you are looking for a more serious relationship, or even a ukrainian woman?

Most of the men who ask me this question are a bit older and something of a long-term interested. in spite of your age preference, you’ll see that many ukrainian women are looking for men from any age group.

With this in mind, you should focus early on, to find this special woman, and you should see if you can share your ideas and ambitions to start a family and focus on a bright future.

Now i know what you’re thinking – and-white ukraine, marriage, brides…. you speak of the infamous ukrainian mail-order business, the transported allegedly eastern european girls on the other side of the world after they are forced to marry a bunch of old farts with too much money?

Not at all – i’m talking about a traditional ukrainian wedding, which is full of drinks, food, and many beautiful bridesmaids.

If you want to find the best ukrainian girls for marriage, you have to invest, invest and invest. and with investment i mean capital, time and effort.

If not – well, let’s say, you’re going to be an easy target for the scammers and within a year or so you’re going to send me a message;

Sh*t, you were right. i should have tried harder.

What languages do you speak in ukraine?

slavic women dating sitesImagine that: after days of browsing through several dating websites you meet your dream woman.

She’s smart, funny, beautiful and…. you guessed it… you can not a single word of english! but you still had this amazing connection. and who knows, maybe she is the right one?

So, will the language barrier be a problem?

To be honest, really. sure, you ukrainian girl will meet, the don’t speak english, but also many of the english can. when i met my girlfriend on a business trip for the first time, she spoke very little english and i spoke no russian/ukrainian.

And after a few months she spoke fluent english, and i could already russian fairish. it will not be the easiest way when it comes to a relationship, but it’s definitely worth it.

I’m going to show you, what steps have i taken to ensure that a language barrier had little impact on our relationship,

Use an interpreter

slavic women dating sitesThe use of a translator during your chat, and facetime sessions is a good idea. there are several good and free applications such as google translate or yandex translate.

Mention that you are using a translator, since some of the sets can look at a direct translation is very strange. you will agree, because you will also use the application. it can even create some funny moments when you get to know each other.

Or a russian to learn ukrainian?

slavic women dating sitesIf you want to make it really easy, you will get to invest some time in learning a new language.

Actually, this is a very romantic idea, as your study partner is also the girl that you are interested in. win-win-win, right? you’re definitely a few brownie points, if you try to learn their language.

What language you want to learn, is now entirely up to you, but if you have to make the choice, i would recommend russian over ukrainian.

This position sounds in a country called ukraine a little strange, but hear me out:

166 million people speak russian, in comparison to the 46 million who speak ukrainian. if you learn russian, you will get to it in a lot more countries outside of ukraine can use.

For example, in belarus, in the baltic states, in georgia and in the popular destinations such as thailand, turkey and egypt. sounds good, is it?

I have written a review of my favorite foreign language course. i learned the basics in french, german, russian, english and spanish with this method. dutch and english, i have a mother and a professional level of language learned, but all other languages are available on a casual conversation level.

And to be honest, this is all what you need, when you’re talking with your date.

The rest will follow!

The power of youtube

slavic women dating sitesYou remember that your language teacher has always said that you have a tv show or a movie in the language should you want to learn?

This method actually works quite well, but only with certain tv shows.

Can you imagine, what is it? no?

Now, it may be a surprise for you, but there are actually kids tv shows!

“what is so special about children’s tv shows?”, you ask?

When you start to learn a new language, you’re like a child. therefore, you have to start all the way from the bottom and words and phrases to learn, and would learn a small child.

The tempo and the basic vocabulary are a good option, a solid russian foundation build, the you in everyday life can apply.

If you are the michel thomas courses & youtube to combine your russian fast.

A final tip: don’t forget, the funniest way to learn your new language: practicing with your new ukrainian friend.

Is it safe to travel in ukraine?

slavic women dating sitesThe ukraine has become over the years a wonderful place to visit, but we recommend to avoid unnecessary or even dangerous situations.

Always carry a valid id with you and remember that corruption is a large part of the ukrainian culture and on almost every level occurs. i have never experienced an unpleasant situation in terms of corruption, but it is good to be prepared.

The ukraine is, like any other country. you can have a great time without any problems, if you simply use common sense.

Last words

slavic women dating sitesAnd here we go!

Use these great tips and within no time you have these ukrainian babes on your speed dial! this blog post and make use of a good game plan.

A solid game plan to your future ukrainian girlfriend (or wife!) to meet, as follows:

And last of all – mail me at any time, if you have any questions. i have started this blog for fun and so far i was able to advise dozens of people how to get started in the ukraine with the dating. it will be worth every penny!

–  thomas david

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