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Mannheim, single apartment

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odessa ukrainePress the “ctrl” (or “ctrl”) and press the “+” (plus) pressed together.

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odessa ukrainePress the “ctrl” (or “ctrl”) and ” – ” key (minus / dash) press together.

Bgw messages

odessa ukraineWhat you can do to protect workers from aggressive attacks? the focal point of the risk assessment. is

“the goal of all measures is, of course, ‘zero incidents’ – the risk assessment must, however, provide a breakdown of the risk more precisely.”

odessa ukraineWerner poods as the supervisor of the bgw in many of them. his impression is that attacks have increased on the staff – whether in emergency rooms, for care, support and treatment of people or lone workers. the number of unreported cases is high. in an interview with prevention expert, why the risk assessment can not only create security for employees, but the company describes and protects the line legally.

The mr poods, violence is usually unpredictable. can be a “human risk” at all, and minimizes collected?

“it can and it must. risk assessment is the key to this. according to the accident prevention-rule dguv regulation 1 contractor are obliged, and entrepreneur, to protect its personnel against all risks associated with work. to do this, you must capture it first and then appropriate prevention measures. here, the risk assessment comes into play, which is required by clause 5 of the employment protection act. who uses it systematically, can analyze seemingly unpredictable risks such as those by aggression and violence step-by-step and act accordingly.”

“many companies are not aware that attacks on the staff a insured accident at work; the possible psychological consequences of incidents involving aggression and violence are to be taken into account. the companies fear damage to the image, if you open the topic. but that goes to the rear, at the latest, when it comes to frequent and prolonged failure of the workers, the victims of the attacks were.”

The risk assessment but it is considered sometimes only as a chore …

“i can only warn: it comes to serious incidents that involve the prosecutors in their investigations, the risk assessments. who takes the instrument seriously, refuted the allegation of gross negligence or inaction. the risk assessment therefore provides legal security for entrepreneurs and entrepreneur.”

And how to determine businesses, whether high risk or if the risks are rather low?

“the number, type and severity of the incidents are sure to be important points of reference. in emergency rooms, in the night – time and on-call service, or in areas for the disabled, such data may indicate that a high hazard is present. but it still no action in the control options can be derived. other factors must be taken into account, in particular, how quickly help is available. thus, the rescue chain works, should be within 15 minutes sufficient help. and that means not just any colleague, any colleague, which may not be even in the tense situation adequate to absorb and prevent situations from escalating to the participants to interact with. the goal of all measures is, of course, ‘zero incidents‘ – the risk assessment must break down the risk in more detail.”

What do you mean specifically?

“a check list of ‘hazard yes’ or ‘ no‘ can certainly not make. the respective activities are to be determined and assessed individually. it could, for example, the supply of bed-ridden patient, in principle, to aggression, which may be caused by confusion or shame? how high is the risk for the charged with this task of the nurses is? that is, how likely is it that, in fact, an assault takes place? how often such cases are? what can happen in the worst case? how you can get help and how quickly you are available? who can answer these questions, it can act accordingly.”

On this basis are then taken protective measures.

Businesses know the principle: first, technical solutions are to be found, then organizational, and if that’s not enough, it is a matter of personal protection measures. how is the theme of violence?

“this applies also, of course, in this context, wherein the toothing of the three areas of the t-o-p, i.e., technology, organization, person, is particularly narrow and the measures are complementary, in part, stronger and interlocking, as in other areas. the ultimate goal, however, is to let the hazards do not occur, then the t-o attack-p-procedure.”

The possible technical solutions are personal alarm systems topic.

“in the case of technical solutions, it is fundamentally about the means of escape, retreat, rooms, lighting, security glass panes, and other aspects of the structural and technical equipment, the safety can create.”

“personal emergency call systems are dangerous to work alone a theme. so you can be depending on the risk situation in psychiatry, geriatrics or disabled in need of assistance. employees can’t possibly get self-help. in this case, to provide independent systems with position or movement sensor for the alarm is hit. telephone and mobile phone are not recognized as alarm systems, because they are not use in case of emergency, for sure. incidentally, there are areas outside the health sector and the topic of violence, in which personal alarm systems are already good practice. for example, in the case of wood work in the woods, in the inland or in large machine halls, when people work alone, and in the event of accidents, no one on site would be to provide help quickly.”

And then quickly deploy organizational issues, or?

“right. we stay with the example of ‘sound the alarm‘, whether through technical solutions or other means. who is alerted in case of an emergency how and how fast are skilled, capable helpers on site? there is a contingency plan? how are employees treated after an incident? these are important fields of action for companies.”

“to be problematic, i think it is to put in protection measures to prevent attacks alone on organisational arrangements, such as ‘there is always at least two employees must be on site‘. in theory, the problem of working alone is avoided. in practice, it is then called away but a person, or is busy with other activities. it companies should also think long and hard. the same is true for the first point of contact in case of an alarm: it must be reliably accessible and constantly busy.”

What are some other organizational questions still need to be tackled?

“starts with the systematic evaluation of incidents – how is it ensured that conclusions are drawn? how do i know, for example, the night shift, that a supervised person showed during the day, conspicuous behavior, and more precisely should be observed? the reliable flow of information is so important. organisational measures should include, for example, professional concepts, such as in the care of dementia patients.”

And what is the level the person achieve?

“is hardly applicable in health care, a conventional personal protective equipment, i.e. helmet, vest, shin-guards or similar. an important point may be that appropriate clothing and footwear, at the least risks of injury are minimized. we are talking about in the case of the bgw insured operated however, about the measures for information and training of employees. a central role on a regular plays to hazards instruction, and to behavior in violent incidents.”

“in addition, it comes to the teaching of strategies for de-escalation and, where appropriate, to suitable physical defense and liberation techniques. these are all areas in which organisational and personal protection measures are closely intertwined, since they only work if they are also anchored in operational processes. by the way, shows again and again that de-escalation contribute to training in principle, the personnel on critical situations to prepare – regardless of the level of risk.”

You’re self-training to “physical intervention” by. what is meant by that?

“, these techniques specially designed for care areas not be aware of called self-defence‘ or ‘defensive measures‘, because that would speak to the care order. the goal is to avoid injury to both staff and the supervised, while maintaining the dignity of the cared for. if the conditions of the human anatomy; it is, for example, a shift of weight to use. to do this, employees must be trained well and regularly practicing.”

Author(s): interview: anja hanssen

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odessa ukraine

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International dialing codes list for international dialling codes

odessa ukraine Who want to call abroad, you must first know the appropriate area code. (Just

Click to enlarge) who doesn’t know this – the phone rings and an unfamiliar number with a unknown prefix calls. or you want to for the holidays on call international, does not know the appropriate country code, but. also, advertisers of classifieds may occasionally be asked from the foreign to recall. to contact interested parties from abroad by telephone, is the knowledge of a corresponding country code necessary. a country code or international prefix denotes a certain sequence of numbers, one for international calls to the national telephone area code and the phone number of the recipient’s progress.

This guide, we inform, such as the international area codes together and operating system it for the primaries around the world. we also have a detailed list of all the primaries of the countries in the world. an alphabetical list you will find pdf – here you can get the country code for the looking for the country even easier to locate.

The composition of prefix numbers

odessa ukraineA international phone code and international code consists of a so-called transport, excretion digit (for eu countries in general, the “00”, characterized, therefore, often also commonly referred to as a preceding”+”), as well as a country code, which is designed depending on the country individually. these key performance indicators are set for each country from the international telecommunication union. especially phone companies, they need to be distinguished from the output power to the input power. finally, you need to know, whether in your own country or another is on the phone. the country code “49” corresponds to, for example, the country code germany. of the two parts area code for germany as an international phone, the “0049”.

Here you will find the country codes from A-Z. Simply click and download.

Call from a non-eu-country

But beware: if you want to make calls from a non-eu country to germany, you must choose an other modes of excretion point as the “00”. in the united states or canada, you need, for example, the “011” in cuba, “119”, in australia, the “0011” and in lithuania, georgia or belarus, the “810”. for a phone call from cuba you should choose “11949”, and then the desired phone number.

Proper use of the country code

On the selected country code is followed by the corresponding national code – but without the leading zero, which indicates this characteristic. the city of düsseldorf is assigned to, for example, the national prefix “0211”. is called outside of germany, in düsseldorf, selects you as a result, the “0049221”. the phone number of the desired conversational partner finally. geographically, abroad can be primaries in all of the following nine zones divide.

Table of contents – country codes

Zone 1 (parts of north america)

odessa ukraine country codes to quickly and easily find – we can help.

Unlike in other parts of the world, here is a north american numbering plan, based on the common prefix +1.

North american countries are summarized in the nanp (north american numbering plan) and have the shared country code +1. numbers within in the nanp will start with a three-digit regional area code (area code, numbering plan area, npa). the big country are divided into multiple npas. very small country can be exploited by a single npa. the following prefixes are no country codes, but selected regional primaries within the nanp.

Please note: x x to be used depending on the area of the other numbers: = 0-9.

+1 XXX United States and its territories
+1 XXX Canada
+1 242 Bahamas, the
+1 246 Barbados
+1 264 Anguilla
+1 268 Antigua and Barbuda
+1 284 British virgin Islands
+1 340 virgin Islands
+1 345 Cayman Islands
+1 441 Bermuda
+1 473 Grenada
+1 649 Turks and Caicos Islands
+1 664 Montserrat
+1 670 Northern Mariana Islands
+1 671 Guam
+1 684 American Samoa
+1 721 Sint Maarten (formerly +599)
+1 758 St. Lucia
+1 767 Dominica
+1 784 St. Vincent and the Grenadines
+1 787 Puerto Rico (p +1 939)
+1 808 midway Islands
+1 809 Dominican Republic (p. +1 829)
+1 829 Dominican Republic (p. +1 809)
+1 868 Trinidad and Tobago
+1 869 St. Kitts and Nevis
+1 876 Jamaica
+1 939 Puerto Rico (p. +1 787)

Zone 2 (africa, atlantic islands and islands in the indian ocean)

odessa ukraine(see valid numbers) (see valid numbers)

+20 Egypt
+210 (see valid numbers)
+211 South Sudan
+212 Morocco
+213 Algeria
+215 not assigned (see valid numbers)
+216 Tunisia
+217 not assigned (see valid numbers)
+218 Libya
+219 not assigned (see valid numbers)
+220 the Gambia
+221 Senegal,
+222 Mauritania
+223 Mali
+224 Guinea
+225 Côte d’ivoire (ivory coast)
+226 Burkina Faso (upper Volta)
+227 Niger
+228 Togo
+229 Benin
+230 Mauritius
+231 Liberia
+232 Sierra Leone
+233 Ghana
+234 Nigeria
+235 Chad
+236 Central African Republic
+237 Cameroon
+238 Cape Verde
+239 São Tomé and Príncipe
+240 Equatorial Guinea
+241 Gabon
+242 Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville)
+243 democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa, former Zaire)
+244 Angola
+245 Guinea-Bissau
+246 Chagos archipelago (Diego-Garcia)
+247 Ascension
+248 Seychelles
+249 Sudan and, temporarily, South Sudan
+250 Rwanda
+251 Ethiopia
+252 Somalia
+253 Djibouti
+254 Kenya
+255 Tanzania
+256 Uganda
+257 Burundi
+258 Mozambique
+260 Zambia
+261 Madagascar
+262 French territories in the Indian ocean, among other things, Réunion and Mayotte
+263 Zimbabwe
+264 Namibia
+265 Malawi
+266 Lesotho
+267 Botswana
+268 Swaziland
+269 Comoros
+27 South Africa
+290 St. Helena and Tristan da Cunha
+291 Eritrea
+292 not awarded
+293 not awarded
+294 no
+295 (see valid numbers)
+296 not awarded
+297 Aruba
+298 Faroe Islands
+299 Greenland

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