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Combat cellulite: these methods really help!

Native American Singles in UticaAlmost every woman gets at some point in the course of your life cellulite – the sooner, the other later. it is a fact that more than 85 percent of all women over 20 the annoying dell phenomenon on the body. but if the cellulite is present, all agree: the orange way of skin again.

Cellulite: where is she from?

Native American Singles in UticaAnd the way you have to prefer as soon as possible. fatal: many engage in the treatment of cellulite first, quite lazy of anti-cellulite creams. “totally nonsensical”, is the specialist in dermatology dr. med. walter trettel of the kosmed-klinik in hamburg, for sure. because if cellulite is spreading across our thighs or not, is solely genetically determined. and who provides the genetic material, orange skin, can still have so much creams – the dings will come. “commercial creams against cellulite can be wonderfully applied in addition to other therapies,” explains dr. med. trettel, “to help but in the case of stubborn cellulite in the case of external application, only special drugs from the pharmacy, the androgens, i.e. male hormones.”

The main guilty in the case of cellulite the estrogen is. the female hormone ensures that women accumulate their fat, especially on the thighs and in the hip area. in addition, the female connective tissue is very stretchy and with a parallel structure, so that we can wear in the event of a famine is always plenty of fat around with us. thus, we protect not only ourselves, but – in the case of a pregnancy – even our unborn. but in a bikini or short skirt, hardly anyone thinks about the nasty dents – caused by the fact that the fat cells push the connective tissue through – actually, a very clever invention of the body and the women were several centuries ago, is still grateful that it was you. so what to do when the thighs are always delliger? we have a few tips to prevent cellulite and to fight them…

Sport skin tips against the orange: this really helps really

Native American Singles in UticaThe a’s and o’s against cellulite is movement in any case, through sport. it is definitely the best way to fight cellulite. because movement provides for a better blood circulation (poor circulation is favored orange skin). on the other, fat is burned and muscles will be trained under the fat cells, making the tissue firmer and the cellulite is less. nevertheless, from today to tomorrow you will not get rid of cellulite with the most blatant workout. a streamlining, which is accompanied by fat loss and muscle building, is only six weeks of training will be visible.

Depending on your body fat percentage, different training methods are on offer. who is around the 20% body fat and sports used, can directly start with a muscle building workout. this means that you carry out exercises with full power and strong weights. who has 25 percent body fat, should first of all break down stored fat. for this force to provide stamina and endurance training such as jogging with sprints or circuit training. the more fat burning is pushed, all the better. for example, short hit training sessions are, as this effective 12-minute workout for the lazy.

Super in order to fight cellulite, are squats, for example, exercises such as lunges or lunges or classic knee and stretch jumps. also, pilates exercises or yoga can help. the latest methods in the fight against cellulite: electronic training (ems) and power plate. all exercises are completed under electronic impulses.

Test: which type are you?

Diet against orange peel skin: the best tips and recipes

Native American Singles in UticaDiets will be able to cellulite is not john doe – you are damage by a radical health slimming more often than they are useful. here, too, the key word is re-building muscle. to be able to build muscles fast, the body needs support through the diet. so you should pay attention to a sufficient protein intake. as a rule of thumb, about two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Diet trends to 2019: this food helps the health to the jumps

A diet rich in vitamins can also help to combat cellulite. for example, vitamin e containing in nuts and whole-grain products, or vitamin c, found in citrus fruits and vegetables. both are real metabolism boosters.  the best recipes for a diet against cellulite  in addition, you should avoid salt, sugar and alcohol definitely. salt binds a lot of water, and thus promotes the water retention in the tissues – which can also lead to dents. prefer to use herbs and pepper set! sugar and alcohol damage the cells and prevent muscle building. therefore, you should delete it also, or at least reduce it.  the best substitute products for recipes you find here!

The best recipes for a diet against cellulite

Cellulite killer: massages, showers & co.

Native American Singles in UticaWhen you combine your workout with a deep effective massage, you have good chances to improve the appearance of the skin. massages stimulate the blood flow to the tissue. at best a strong massage will help with back of the hand. just a fist and with the back of the hand to the body. black rolls to have tissue massage has a positive effect on the connective against cellulite. a great effect for the blood circulation also, hot and cold showers to kneipp have. the shower from cold to hot in exchange offices. about a minute showers, then switch back. all the best to three times, and each time you shower, even in winter!

Cellulite-beauty: it’s not help the right products

Native American Singles in UticaAnti-cellulite creams alone is applied against cellulite. because you create it well, deep under the skin and into the fat cells to break in. in addition, for example, to suitable sport and a balanced diet, you can help very well, however, to tighten the connective tissue and the upper layer of the skin a little.  included substances such as caffeine and green tea can help, as it can stimulate the blood circulation. what you should know, however, is: do you stop at some point to creams, are the dents visible again. but to combat what other good options to cellulite, there are in addition to nutrition, and appropriate exercises to tone the body permanently?

But what are the other ways of cellulite treatment are there? we provide you with the most effective methods.

Oily skin: as you fight you are the best

Native American Singles in UticaProblem skin is by nature a spoilsport, but the worst part: are we affected in any age of it! so we are on the lifelong search for products and treatments that help against pimples and our skin finally rays. whether stress, diet, or climate change as a result of moving or a longer holiday – there are numerous factors, which stimulate the body’s own production of sebum in the face and, thus, for impure skin.

The number of blemishes to remove: so it goes

To know

Blemished skin: skin types-analysis

Native American Singles in UticaWhich type of skin you actually, is the a and o in the case of blemished skin. there are two types of impure skin, which need to be developed. so you recognize your skin type:

  • combination skin: it has in the face of both normal as well as oily areas. Just the T-Zone, i.e. the area between the chin, nose, forehead and the eyebrows, it is prone to blemishes, oily Shine and large pores. The temples, cheeks and neck is more delicate, smooth and fine-pored. Care you should skin it only products specifically designed for mixing: These provide the skin with enough moisture and regulate at the same time the sebum production in the oily areas of the skin
  • Oily skin: With your pimples and blackheads go hand in hand almost always. You will see that it looks pale and sallow, greasy, shiny and with large pores. Soon after cleaning the face, the skin once again feels neglected. The skin combat blemishes with aggressive cleaning products, you will be aggravated most of the time still. The care you should therefore ensure that the products regulate the production of sebum gently and works to fill in against fat Shine


Blemished skin: proper care

Native American Singles in UticaThe prerequisite for a visibly improved skin coordinated care is in addition to the determination of the skin type in the first place – when cleaning a few things can be done wrong! the goal is the healthy balance to restore the skin to soften the pores thoroughly, but gently from excess sebum, sweat and foundation to free radicals, inflammation, and to create an optimum basis for subsequent care or make up products.

Who intervenes too often to aggressive cleaning products or alcohol-containing lotions, causes exactly the opposite: the surface of the skin dries strongly, not only an unpleasant feeling of tension and dryness of the flakes; in their natural protective coat to restore, stimulate the skin’s sebum and oil production is now only right! the skin is getting worse rather than better.

What cleaning products are the right ones?

“a lot of use to aggressive cleaning agents and alcohol-containing facial water. you destroy the acid mantle of the skin and worsen the defence against bacteria. the skin to feel greasy faster and is more prone to inflammation, a vicious circle,” explains dr. caroline kim, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in munich. better oil-free lotions and ph-neutral gel-textures clean oily skin gently and thoroughly, without burdening you. also suitable are cleaning products on the basis of micelles in water, which allows, thanks to its fat molecules attracting a particularly gentle and effective deep cleansing of the pores. for a particularly thorough cleaning results on the skin dabbing then with a clarifying toner.

Extra tip: as an additive for care products, which combine the enzymatic peeling (such as, for example, in the case of products with fruit acid, which removes the outer layers of the skin) with the mechanical exfoliation (such as, for example, in the case of fine almond cores, the particles with small sanding the sanding of the skin) are useful. one to two times per week, you can apply masks, which draw the pores together, and anti-inflammatory effect. both apply to weekly and, above all, regularly!

Hyaluronic acid is the you can really!

Native American Singles in UticaYou want to be fresh and awake look, and even small wrinkles lightning fast smooth ironing? then hyaluronic acid (by the way, in spite of the term “acid” zero-dangerous!) packed in a serum is your perfect partner for skin facial care. from our own experience we can say: who has tried once, the los is never more of this wonder weapon.

What exactly is hyaluronic acid?

Native American Singles in Utica“hyaluronic acid or hyaluronan is a water molecule, which can bind 1000 times its weight in moisture,” explains elsa devil lech abrolle, a researcher from la roche-posay. these molecules are actually naturally in the skin, and serve as a kind of moisture storage, or as a filling material. with increasing age, the hyaluronic acid content of the skin decreases significantly. as studies prove, we have lost a 50 over half of our original hyaluronic acid content. the tragic: “without a sufficient amount of hyaluronic acid the skin no longer is able to fully recover from stress and external influences,” explains devil lech abrolle. “then the typical symptoms of hyaluronic acid deficiency, such as in the loss of skin volume and elasticity show up in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sunken cheeks and deepening of the nasolabial fold.”

Layering? so care for skin properly

Dry skin in the winter? you can do this!

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