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Topshop is planning the closure of all stores in the usa

Native American Singles in LaieWho wants to be in terms of trends, up-to-date, go to topshop. the company is regarded as a trendsetter. what is called for, depends immediately sticks to the dress and at an affordable price – in the area of fast fashion topshop plays in addition to h&m and zara in the top ranks. and what is successful in europe, is safe in the united states as well, or? but apparently you can’t say this as a lump sum. in the usa, the concept seems to have failed. according to media there will be able to close soon all stores reports.

Topshop includes all of the stores in the usa

Native American Singles in LaieIn 2009, the first topshop opened a store in the usa, ten years later, the bbc now reports that in the foreseeable future, all of the eleven u.s. stores will be closed. this is both to topshop stores, as well as the offshoot topman, specializing in male clients.

Reasons for the topshop-closure

Native American Singles in LaieAccording to the bbc, the arcadia group, which, among other things, the company topshop, topman and miss selfridge belong to has decided to take the drastic step to save the company. currently, approximately 1.170 stores in 36 countries belong to the organization. the changing market has brought the manufacturer in the last three years, however, great difficulties. through the extreme step to close stores and to sacrifice jobs, should be prevented the dissolution of the entire company. closures and layoffs to save money, of course, but absence also sources of revenue – the precise details are not yet available, therefore, the layman can only imagine what is happening behind the scenes.

Topshop: britain and ireland from the closures affected

Native American Singles in LaieBut not only in the united states, also in the uk and ireland, it has been decided for the closure of shops. this was confirmed by sir philip green, the chairman of the arcadia group, already. are affected in this case, 23 stores of the brands topshop, topman, miss selfridge and dorothy perkins. in two european countries, there are currently 566 sales offices and 18,000 employees. the fact that 23 stores will be closed, are 520 jobs at risk. ian grabiner, the chairman of the board, regrets, told the bbc that this was a “tough but necessary” step.

Topshop: how is germany?

Native American Singles in LaieIt is not known whether also in germany, the branches are to be closed. currently, there are in this country nine branches in seven cities. anxious customers can go, so sit back and continue shopping.

Foilyage-trend: all about the hair-colouring technique, 2019

Native American Singles in LaieDuring 2017 and 2018, with constant talk from the trend balayage-was-2019 suddenly foilyage in all the hair (and on all the social media platforms such as pinterest and instagram!) the “new” technique is the balayage’t so dissimilar.

What is foilyage?

Native American Singles in Laie“foilyage (is foiliasch spoken) is one of the balayage of a similar colouring technique for the hair,” explains alexander fehrenbach-voit of the “also has a hairdressers” in munich. “the free in the hair tufts strands of balayage can be combined with foil – the more intensity brings the heat in the hair.” the advantage: “through the slides – we do not use cling film, so that the color dries up – be gentle with the transitions yet and we get an even more natural result as in the case of a balayage.”

Balayage: the hair color trend


For whom is foilyage?

Native American Singles in Laie“generally speaking, foilyage for every hair type and every hair color is more suitable, as the colour and intensity can be adjusted by the use of color and film,” says the hair pro. the latest trends? while at brown, as in the test rather gentle blond, gold, or caramel nuances come in your hair, you can play with a blonde of various gold – copper – to-white blonde accents with the different tones. foilyage makes a length of hair about ear level at sense.

How exactly does foilyage?

Native American Singles in LaieYou see, in our self-test how foilyage works:

Step 1: first of all, there is a color consulting and stylist alexander fehrenbach-voit explained to me what hair color matches me best.

Step 2:  then i get as the basis of a dark glossing, in order to neutralize the old hair color and nourish the hair.

Fehrenbach paints step 3: then stylist-voit the blonde highlights using the balayage technique in the hair. the tops are brushed from bottom, to intensify the hair color result.

Step 4: on the deck his hair, he puts more strands of hair with a dark color – the so-called lowlights. directly after the draw slides are set into the hair.

The slides step 5: works to the end, or is compressed, so the color is in the peaks more intense.

Step 6: came to the conclusion a light glossing in the hair and rinse after five minutes. it neutralized the warm tones.

Step 7:, then the hair professional style the final hair style.

Step 8: from structured after about three hours, the foilyage is finished and the hair in the before-and-after comparison of super – and shine thanks to the glossings also very nice.

Shellac remove: this is how easy it is to home

Native American Singles in LaieShellac is the world of nail polish has revolutionized – he keeps up to two weeks, looks as perfect as a gel manicure and damages the nail very much less. in numerous nail salons shellac belongs, therefore, in addition to nail polish, and gel to a solid program.

But mostly starts, even the most durable polish after two weeks, crumbling of the nails. now it is the uv polish of the finger nails to replace. but already back in the studio race, and a lot of money to pay? there, the wear-resistant coating  will be worn down;instead of a more expensive special remover often just a electrical file the nail – what’s in it for the studio is cheaper, but in the event of incorrect handling, the nails thinner power. no, thank you, this costs, we will save us! there is a much gentler alternative to shellac remove yourself. it only needs a few beauty tools and a few minutes of patience.

This products you need to solve shellac nails:

    Native American Singles in Laie

  • aluminum foil
  • nail Polish remover with acetone (Shellac is remove without acetone, unfortunately, not possible)
  • nail Oil (you can also use the home remedy of olive oil or coconut oil)
  • cotton balls
  • manicure Stick
  • nail file
  • Possibly. Clips for the nails

How can i remove the uv nail polish instructions:

    Native American Singles in Laie

  1. cuticles with nail Oil and RUB in and containing protect
  2. cotton pads with acetone (!) Nail Polish remover soak
  3. place the cotton pads to the nails
  4. Now, tin foil strips around the nails and wrap
  5. The nail Polish remover for about 10 minutes
  6. Shellac then use a manicure Stick to scrape off
  7. Any remnants with a file gently remove

Important: shellac works to remove with acetone only if it is original shellac. some of beauty and nail salons work with cheap gel nail polish mixtures, which are cheaper, but only by filing of the nails to remove. overall, it is therefore important that you always pay attention to the quality of paints (be careful, some studios make shellac nail polish in the display, then work with other paints) and asks which method to use nail designer, this again would remove it.

Shellac removal: alternative method

Native American Singles in LaieIf you have no aluminum foil or cotton pads handy, you can pour the nail polish remover with acetone in a bowl and add the nails to soak ten minutes therein. after that, the shellac as is the case with the cotton pad method scrape off or wipe off. but be careful: the person you care for to forget and make the nails with oil to protect it!

Shellac removal: the care and nail care then

Native American Singles in LaieAs nail polish remover is acetone more damaging to the skin, as a nail polish remover without acetone, the nail care are essential. acetone dries skin, nail, skin and finger nails strong, which is why you should wash off the acetone after the application quickly. for the finger thoroughly with mild soap and water wash and then dried. now it is, skin moisture return. at best, the cuticles and the nails again with a oil rub and then on the fingers and palms of hand cream and massage into the skin.

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