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Trend colors autumn/winter 2019/2020: red, orange, blue & co

Native American Singles in Caribou

Red is one of the undisputed fashion and trend colors of the winter season in 2019 and was webs during the fashion month on almost all. in new york, the fiery shade of red “chili pepper was mainly” is used, while on the runways in london, especially spicy, cranberry and exotic feigenrot like the proverbial “red thread” through the fashion collections of the great designer labels moved.

How do i combine red?

Red all-over as a color trend on the catwalk is beautiful, everyday is usually a tad too violently. individual highlight pieces in red harmony, by contrast, looks in cream, white, black and nude. also the combination of several shades of red works beautifully.

Color trend bordeaux (pantone “biking red” and “merlot”)

Native American Singles in Caribou

“adventurous” describes pantone another fashion trend color the color palette for the fall season 2019/2020: “biking red”. the strong, powerful bordeaux-tone brings color to any wardrobe (without being loud), and was seen during fashion week in new york, among others, on the catwalks of designers such as coach, richard malone, and zimmermann. at london fashion week merlot “took care” of sophistication and depth.

How do i combine bordeaux?

Bordeaux is very combining to be grateful and fits beautifully to black, other shades of red as well as curry, camel, cream or dusky pink. the all-over look is possible.

Top 10: these are the main fashion trends for autumn/winter 2019

Color trend of peach (pantone “crème de pêche”, “peach pink” and “crabapple”)

Native American Singles in Caribou

Somewhere between pink, red and orange bring the trend colours “crème de pêche”, “peach pink” and “crabapple” a little warmth and comfort in the dark season of the year. particularly popular in the run-up, the styling webs: as a total white look, to bordeaux, grey and dark green, and in the case of the “crème de pêche” and cream tones.

How do i combine peach tones?

Peach shades work particularly sounds good to rich, dark color or shades of the other soft.

Color trend dark brown (pantone “rocky road” and “chicory coffee”)

Native American Singles in Caribou

Down-to-earth, robust, warmly: dark brown-withstands all the color trends and serves as a calm companion and a perfect styling partner for the sea of colors, which is to be poured out in the winter-season 2019/2020 about us.

How do i combine dark brown?

A very classy brown from head to toe or in combination looks too dark to off-white, pink and beige tones. bold colors such as yellow, turquoise or orange also fit perfectly to the warm color.

Color trend pink (pantone “fruit dove”)

Native American Singles in Caribou

Tristesse the good-mood-color pink sells in the fall/winter of 2019, any hint of winter. labels such as chanel, boss, and molly goddard showed especially pink complete looks while styled with prabal gurung pink other strong colors such as red or yellow.

How do i combine the pink?

Who is the pink-from-head-to-foot look a little too gaudy, choose either black, beige, grey, dark brown, or khaki as a “calming” trend-companion.

Color trend medium brown (pantone “sugar almond” and “hazel”)

Native American Singles in Caribou

The color trend for the autumn/winter season 2019/2020 is not only very adaptable, but also something appetite radiates and natural. whether outerwear, knitwear such as dresses and sweaters, or scarves: medium brown fashion, it was to see many of the designers.

How do i combine brown?

Brown is in the autumn of 2019, the ideal trend companion to yellow, violet, cream tones, black, gray, and dark blue.

Color trend, orange (pantone “dark cheddar”, “orange tiger” and “butterscotch”)

Native American Singles in Caribou

Spicy-lack of appetizing orange is a typical color trend for autumn/winter and was this season on any catwalk. whether as a complete look (for example, hermès or salvatore ferragamo), in the form of dresses (oscar de la renta), sweaters (emilia wickstead), or two dividers (acne studios) – “dark cheddar”, “orange tiger” and “butterscotch” are as fashion-color-2019 omnipresent.

How do i combine orange?

Black, dark blue or olive-green in autumn/winter is just as rewarding styling partners, such as cream tones.

Color trend is blue (pantone “bluestone” and “galaxy blue”)

Native American Singles in Caribou

Not only in summer hit fashion in shades of blue. at the new york fashion week, marc jacobs, and sies marjan sent their models in a deep, “galaxy blue” and a lighter “bluestone” on the catwalks in the fashion weeks in london and milan, rejina pyo, and salvatore ferragamo dresses, coats and two-piece showed tones in the two blue.

How do i combine blue?

Blue suits sounds good, other, blue, grey, off-white and cream.

Color trend yellow-green (pantone “antique moss”)

Native American Singles in Caribou

Sad is. the autumn/winter 2019/2020 in fashion does not guarantee it is a trend color “antique moss” is one of designers such as roberto cavalli, marc jacobs, and prabal gurung set, yellow, green, as an optical highlight, particularly in combination with classic autumn tones in the scene.

How to combine the i yellow-green?

Green, black and brown are grateful combination partners and, yellow, green, properly rays.

Color trend green (pantone “guacamole”, “green olive”, “eden”, and “forest biome”)

Native American Singles in Caribou

On the catwalks, it was all green and flowery during the autumn/winter look 2019/2020 as already long not more, especially in the form of a powerful bright green – aka “guacamole” and “green olive” and a deep forest green in the form of “eden” and “forest biomes”. one way or the other: “back to nature” seemed to be at versace, lanvin, oscar de la renta & co. to be the motto of the hour.

How do i combine green?

Earthy shades of green work particularly well to black, white, and cognac-brown – accessories in orange, yellow or pink set highlights. also dark blue, grey and burgundy tones are for the most green great companion.

Color-trend-purple (pantone “grapeade”)

Native American Singles in Caribou

For about a year, lila takes his big success in the fashion: in the autumn of 2019, the mixed colour is as striking, muted mauve tone “grapeade” at the start.

How do i combine purple?

As they combine the fashion trend color purple at the best, you can find here.

Color trend white (pantone “vanilla custard” and “rutabaga”)

Native American Singles in Caribou

Is different than beam beige, white or cream to off-white, and slightly tinted. so, as the pantone-trend colors of “vanilla custard” and “rutabaga” which is a creamy-white base have.

How do i combine white?

The nice thing about off-white? since it is less harsh than pure white, it can be to combine a harmonic of the other colors. in the variant “head to toe” or in duet with other classic and understated color, and contrast to pop the colors you saw off-white during the fall/winter-look shades 2019/2020 particularly common on the catwalks.

Color trend dark blue (pantone “evening blue”)

Native American Singles in Caribou

Just a blue and less harsh than black, as pantone describes another trend color for the autumn and winter “evening blue”, as deep as the night sky. in milan, among other things, sportmax showed a lot of dark blue in his collection, in new york and paris, huishan zhang and dior.

How do i combine dark blue?

Similar to the black goes dark blue to virtually everything. in the fall/winter especially nice: the combination of black, dark bordeaux, gray, or camel.

Color-trend-grey (pantone “paloma” and “frost gray”)

Native American Singles in Caribou

Bright grey in the form of “paloma” and “frost gray” is one of the classic and most relaxing colour trends for autumn/winter 2019. to off especially the variants of grey-purple, grey-white or grey from head to foot month during the fashion often seen on the catwalks.

How do i combine gray?

Gray is one of the all-rounder among the colors and goes with everything. from head to toe, the color looks particularly elegant, in a combination of purple or yellow exciting contrasts can result.

“the snow queen 2”: the trailer to “frozen” part 2

Native American Singles in Caribou“let it go, let it gooooo”: the “frozen”-the title song is probably one of the biggest earworms of the last few years. soon, disney may fans to even more new songs to get addicted, be happy – “frozen” comes back!

“frozen 2”: the content and teaser trailer

Native American Singles in CaribouIn the sequel are of course elsa, anna, kristoff, and snowman olaf with at the start. the stars, who have already borrowed in part 1 of your voice the characters (idina menzel, kristen bell, josh gad, and jonathan groff), are part of the game. in addition,

What is it exactly in part 2, is still unclear. co-director jennifer lee said in an interview that the two sisters elsa and anna, once again on an adventurous journey, “even further away from arendelle”. also the first teaser trailer doesn’t reveal too much about the plot: we see how elsa tried using her magic to cross in the dark, a gloomy sea, and to fight the high waves. in addition, the trailer shows how anna is observed in her castle in the air floating gems.

Exciting: there seems to be a new female main character. fantheorien, according to elsa’s might be girlfriend – already in 2016, the hashtag #went giveelsaagirlfriend viral. other fans, in turn, are of the opinion that she could be the daughter of anna and kristoff. what’s wrong now? another detail that fans have noticed in the trailer immediately: elsa is wearing a pair of pants! a hidden empowerment message?

New disney movies: the cinema starts in 2019 & 2020

Native American Singles in CaribouDo you remember “wreck-it ralph” (original title: “wreck-it ralph”)? in the second part of ralph can be on an adventure in the world of video games. this time, ralph will have to travel together with his good friend vanellope to the internet to find a replacement part for a broken game. during your trip, vanellope encounters all of the disney princesses – cinderella, snow white and belle to pocahontas, elsa, and moana. this is the first time to see all the princesses in the same movie, and thus represents a real highlight for disney fans.

In the us, the sequel is already on thanksgiving of 2018 to the cinema in germany have to wait for fans until the end of january 2019.

“dumbo” (deutscher kino start: 28. march 2019)

Native American Singles in CaribouTim burton’s directing in the remake of the disney classic “dumbo”, which will be shown in april 2019 on the canvas. the prominent cast: colin farrell, danny devito, michael keaton and eva green. the film was shot not in hollywood but in a studio in london.

“aladdin” (u.s. theatrical release: 24. may 2019)

Native American Singles in Caribou“aladdin” comes back as a real film! newcomer mena massoud plays the title role, while the british-indian actress naomi scott plays his better half princess jasmine. the funny jinni hollywood embodied-star will smith. here you will read everything you need to know to the long-awaited remake.

“the lion king” (german cinema release: 18. july 2019)

Native American Singles in Caribou“kaaaann be wiiiirklich liiiiebe”? 2019 no other singing superstar beyoncé the most romantic love song from “the lion king”. the disney classic will be filmed as a live-action-movie new, in addition to beyoncé as nala, among other things, also, donald glover as simba, james earl jones as mufasa, and chiwetel ejiofor as a scar to be seen. all further infos about the movie here.

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