Minor iPartner Test September 2019 – waiting for the great love

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Minor iPartner in the Test of September 2019.

Minor iPartner is a Dating platform, is looking at the chubby man for a Partner. Who has something more on the Ribs, or people with curves particularly attractive to find, you can search for his happiness. The creators of the portal have decided to directly address this target group that has to fight on other platforms, often with discrimination. And the success proved them right: The Portal is only since the end of 2011, online, has been awarded several times and recorded daily for new members. Behind minor iPartner is a reputable operator and the page therefore offers a good Support also the authenticity of the members of this platform are very important. We were clamped in the Test, whether this success is promising managed concept really .

The Registration.

Payment at registration is necessary a Free Premium month after registration, profile position, uncomplicated, each profile is tested Up to eight images can be uploaded images after Upload checked.

Fake Profiles on many Dating sites is a big Problem. This has taken the operator to the occasion, only verified members. The verification already takes place in the context of the application. It is only to complete the registration, when you pay 2.99 Euro for verification and profile examination fee. This is before the activation of your profile is necessary, may be paid by Bank Transfer, Paypal or credit card.

Shortly after your payment you will receive an E-Mail with the payment confirmation. As a thank you, you will be equipped for a month’s Premium membership to the value of € 19.99. You can thus use all the functions of the Website for a complete month. You don’t have to cancel it free of charge month, after this time your Account will be automatically converted to a standard account. A subscription trap or unwanted payments, there are minor iPartner .

After you have verified, it is checked in your profile on the part of the employees. You should also make sure that the Images comply with regulations. This means that profile pictures may only show you, and the youth is respected. Photos are, if you checked you upload, manually. Up to eight pictures of you in your profile issue, one of them is your profile photo.

You have, in addition to the verification at the time of application, the possibility to let your Account to check their authenticity. The works about the Post-Ident-procedure. Here, you will receive a form via a Download that you print out and, in the case of the German Post-show. There, the form data will be verified with the data on your ID card. Your data is truthful, the Deutsche Post, the operators of the minor iPartner message and the kindness as certified members.

Not all Profiles are well filled.

Many design options for the profile, Many Profiles without photos Last Login is displayed a Targeted search for active members, possible New members are .

The own profile in the case of minor iPartner should be directly after the registration and verification created. There are various options to personal information. In the section user data, your Nickname will be stored, your profile status (Premium or Standard), as well as your personal data (including address and birthday). The personal data will not be made available to other members, only age and Nickname, as well as preferences in a partner are seen.

The section “About me” is the most important section in the profile position. Here you can tell with five free texts a little more about you. The other users fill this section in part, of a good, long answers, we have not seen in the Test, however, is often. You will be asked, among other things, according to the desire of a partner, the personal Motto, your own likes and dislikes, as well as a personal chat up line.

The section “My interests” includes the personal interests and Hobbies. There are the headings leisure, food, TV and cinema, as well as sports. To find experience, were here in the Test, the limited amount of information on other profiles, which were texts being used more frequently in.

Most importantly, the photo section is: Here you can upload up to eight images. Unfortunately, we were displayed in the Test, many Profiles without a photo. Is possible, however, that these were still in the test, which can take up to 48 hours. The search function allows a targeted search for profiles with photo.

Very useful is the search for active members is also. Thus, it can be checked in the search, and whether that member is just to be online or whether or not an active page usage (recently Online) is desired. So “dead” and no longer has to be sorted out for a long time were active. On each profile is also displayed when the owner was for the last Time in the case of minor iPartner active .

Contact for standard membership.

3 messages per day for standard members, free of charge Chat for the contact recording, private chat with other users Molliherzen give away shows sympathy Board allows comments.

In the case of minor iPartner there are several ways to contact interesting people in contact. Classic is also the message here, however, the function is somewhat difficult to find to. During the first visit of new Profiles, we wondered, where the message function is located. Only after closer Inspection we have found that the “message is send” find Button in the left navigation bar, not directly under the profile. There is also Molliherzen can be sent on the way to the recipient .

The Molliherz is a virtual gift, what to other to Express their own sympathy. Standard members can send per day, three of them for free, premium members are not restricted.

The most important way of contact in addition to the message of the Chat. Here all users can chat in a public Chat with each other. Premium users can also use the regional chat rooms and members from your Region to get to know. In addition, premium users have the ability to create your own chat rooms and start with sympathetic users in a private chat. This private chat can then be used by other members not to enter .

Each User also has on his profile is a personal pinboard. This Board allows you to post messages, profile visitors can see and comment on. The Board can be disabled in the settings .

Design, Functionality, Usability.

Slightly outdated Design is Partly difficult to read Flash Player in the Chat often unstable usability good fonts overlap partially.

The Design of minor iPartner is clearly out of date, very simple and not outstanding. The functionality is in most areas, but in order. In part, individual menu points can be read badly, because the font is superimposed on, or the page is somewhat distorted. The störendste factor is the flash-based Chat, because of this occasionally crashes and must be reloaded. Messages will not be lost but, since these are also saved after the page reload yet .

All in all, minor iPartner design no longer technically up to date, the home itself is modern and inviting. After some time, the simple environment is no longer on you but, because it eventually comes to a Partner .

There is a minor iPartner App?

There is no App, the mobile display of the page works, but.

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