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  • Profile and photo viewing is free
  • Low quality profiles will be terminated
  • Send private messages
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  • Currently only available on Apple iOS
  • Many members show inappropriate behavior
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  • No verification measures set in place
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How is the global dating industry?

mexican singles near meStill, there were exciting presentations and round-table discussions, which could give me new insights on how online dating in the different regions of our planet works:

High-priced online dating is a global dead – up to in germany

mexican singles near meThe freemium dating apps have won. worldwide, it is for dating to earn provider in the default, per user 1,2 or 3 dollars. maybe 5. some regions have always been low-budget, for example, south america or china. in the richer countries, the freemium apps have crushed the solid middle-class single exchanges à la lovescout24 to a large extent.

The match group (the largest dating company in the world) now accounts for more sales with tinder than with the former core product…

Here, we have to spend in germany (and at and ch) is an exceptional situation: well-established dating services, for singles 500 euro! why?

  • With Parship, Elitepartner, eDarling,… we have strong players that don’t exist in other countries at all.
  • The 15-years-advertising battle (TV, poster,…) of these partner agencies has declared the Singles again and again, that a high-priced Dating makes sense.
  • The Germans know that Parship & co. work: Everyone has a couple friends that have met there.
  • Only in Germany, there is the public perception of the split-up in “cheap Dating sites” and “upscale Online Dating”. Everywhere else, all offers will be thrown in a pot “Dating portals”.

Outside of germany are binding a willing middle – and upper-class singles annoyed by the way that you have to go for dating in the lowlands of the free flirt apps.

And this is exactly where to put the spark networks, from berlin and be2 from munich: they offer their partner agencies under brands, such as “academic singles” or “elite singles” around the world for precisely this gap in the market.

distribution of a provider of global

The singles of the western world are operated camps from two-party:

  • from the Yanks the good are in the area of the Freemium Apps (a 2.5 trillion market).
  • from the German partner intermediaries (a 1.0-trillion-market)

Well, according to google, facebook, apple, airbnb, uber,… at last a field of business in the b2c internet, don’t have fucked up the germans!

Usa: matchmaker instead of eharmony

mexican singles near meThe united states are being squeezed to death is a typical example of how freemium apps, everything. okay, that lose, because you get in the apps, a similar performance is significantly cheaper, it is understandable.

But what, please, with the formerly largest online dating service in the world happened: the sales of eharmony imploded from just under 400 million dollars in 2015 to 150 million in 2018. how could this happen?

  • No competition, lethargic and classic wegdisruptiert…
  • The 107-year-old founder was called back to save the place.
  • At the end it was squandered the 12-month subscription for around $100…

In the autumn of 2018 took parship:

Make eHarmony great again!

Where to search for the 38-year-old marriage-minded american woman is now a partner? in the case of tinder? no, thank you! anyone who supports this segment of the market?

Hold on: the classical partner mediators experience in the usa just a big renaissance! at idate they accounted for half of the participants. keep the bellies laugh and earn stupid and dumb. a had just moved to their office in the empire state building…

However, not the old “marriage institute sunshine”, but ultra-modern player:

  • mostly young entrepreneurs, buying between 30 and 50
  • great websites
  • proficient in Online Marketing (AdWords, Lead, are, the,…)
  • strong in Social Media and imaginative Offline Events
  • have connected to your Single databases and provide each other the right candidates ($250 per piece)
  • charge between $5,000 and $50,000

Hat, since it can learn the german anti snoring nose a lot!

Latin america: a lot going on, but unfortunately without moss

mexican singles near mePedro neira team in lima, peru, sits with his 10-man. a bunch of real nerds. with your dating app “mimediamanzana” serve the latin american market from mexico to tierra del fuego. clear to square 1 is there – how should it be otherwise – tinder. the second place they share with badoo and – gee – jaumo from göppingen!

App distribution in Latin America

Mmm, has tens of millions active users. each and every day. with an advertising budget of zero. since it should be possible to earn the cost of salaries and equipment (approximately $ 300,000 per year). by ads or premium ad features.

But it is not. and the guys have really tried everything. and they’re not stupid – after all, they manage to travel as an absolute nobodies in silicon valley, and to get fresh capital.

But with latinos online is simply just hard money. because you are not used to it, and, on the other hand, it is a lack of banal things such as an established online payment method.

So you are waiting for the situation to improve. to be more than a budget one of the market leaders, you can not do…

  • lecture: Online Dating in Latin America (PDF)

China: sex apps for migrant workers and no fun online marketing

mexican singles near meQ, so your name for westerners, is a 40-year-old chinese business woman who lives for 20 years in silicon valley and there, with 2redbeans, a dating app for living abroad, chinese operates. with her i chatted for hours about the online dating in china. first-hand information that is otherwise difficult to…

First of all, you confirmed everything, what is reported about the e-commerce landscape in china:

  • WeChat as a Tool for everything, up to the QR Code-payment at the time of Teeverkäuferin on the market. 
  • A state that regulates everything, controlled, mittrackt and sanctioned.
  • A state of the drives but also with great energy to get things moving forward.
  • the introduction of The Social-Scoring-system that makes every people glasses and classifies. The most Chinese, unlike us, but more on that later…

Sex apps for migrant workers

The online dating in china still has huge potential for growth, as a comparison with the usa shows:

comparison Dating market in the USA & China

Only 0.5% of the chinese people today make use of dating apps (usa: about 10%). and although about 80% of the three market leaders baihe, shiji jiayuan and zhenai. merged and in the hand of an operator.

Who wants to fall in love, not is using these apps for sure. because of this, the traditional matchmakers are responsible.

About 95% of the users of these apps belong to the under layer with a content of less than 9,000 dollars. migrant workers, who are married in their home villages, actually, but now in the belt city pants city smartphone city or wherever in the factories to work and to meet each other sexdates away from home.

Do not, and the state allows it to go through is talking about it. bread and games…

No fun at the online-marketing

Since many academic single women in china are non-indirectly (it wants to do that to no man), is trying to q for a few months, to convey the chinese women more open-minded chinese men abroad. for this, they established an office in shanghai and crashed into the online marketing in china.

And she hates it:

  • Because the Google Playstore is banned in China, there are tens of smaller AppStore for Android. To distribute a Riesenakt, Updates the App’s clean and each Time the inspection bodies to survive
  • AdWords switches Baidoo, however, this is firstly, wild West, and secondly, it is only through intermediary agencies.
  • at All is any Form of Online advertising through agents is possible. And are significantly less reliable than it is with us. Each one must sing, first a few nights of drinking and Karaoke, to build mutual respect.
  • There is a lot more Marketing channels than we do. For example, in the case of poster advertising is not just a Stroer, as with us, but of those 20. Depending on the city, etc. And every Time again you need an agent…
  • legal security: Largely missing display. In the case of disputes the courts insist on an out-of-court agreement. And in case of doubt, the process takes forever – for a completely uncertain outcome.

Conclusion from the german point of view: you can let the chinese like to have any products, but to cultivate active with an online business the market is already for all practical purposes as good as impossible. not to mention higher-level political obstacles to all…

  • lecture: Online Dating in China (PDF)

Denmark: dsgvo and the homosexual…

mexican singles near meMorten wagner operates along with his siblings several larger e-commerce sites in denmark. his sister sits in the jury of the danish “den of lions”. officially, the family lives in switzerland, not in the mood to 60+ percentage danish tax rate.

Morten was on the idate to understand why his dating page – after all, long years, the number of 1 in the last years, three-quarters of a decline. well, it’s a clear case of “victim of the global freemium.apps”.

He had to tell something exciting from the privacy corner: 20% of its users are gay. of gay male users will be pleased that it will be displayed instead of women men. logo. no, not “logo”. this is forbidden in denmark, namely. companies are not allowed to save the sexual preference of customers. because that could be hacked and then denmark knew that karl otto is gay…

And that’s why dating to the attention of the danish data protection. it is the “4% of total sales”-penalty. stupid, on a mesh with tens of platforms…

As far as the impressions from the internet dating conference in 2019. then i report to 2020 again…

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