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Who is #park house klaus? yodel is puzzled about the identity of the campers

men seeking women in TrinidadThe exam period can be tough. little sleep, much stress, and more time in the library than at home. in regensburg, students are thought now to have a special hardship case to be discovered.

A young man was driving with the car through the university car park, when he saw a blue tent on one of the parking lots. he posted the image on the online platform yodel, wrote: “if the uni received your life completely”.

Within a short time hundreds of yodel had commented on the picture. your responses ranged from compassion (“someone has asked, whether everything okay? because that makes a smooth and worry”), gallows humor (“this is the sad/funny illustration of the regensburger living situation”) and pure pragmatism (“i would like to greet my grandma is nice, because it is a legendary yodel”). also a nickname, the individual receives prompt: park house, klaus.

Quickly, the plan was forged, to visit the mysterious park house residents – in spite of doubters (“what do you want to do? ‘hello, we are sins of the jodelcommunity. tell me, what are your motives for such a life?'”). in fact, members of the online community, meet in front of the park house of the action. the “middle bavarian” tells the story of the oj (original yodel), which has been studying since october, even in regensburg, they had met at the bus stop to a final meeting, then some went to the park house to go to the thing on the ground. “when they came back out, i have told them that in the tent seems to be a vibrator, an air mattress with a printed face, a laptop, and a heater were,” said the student. besides, the man wearing a yellow woman’s dress.

<, h2>75-driving Years, when Parking by the front window, the office and a wall

The most important messages in the short overview:

  • Senior driving when Parking by means of a Bank branch (21.02)
  • wild pig runs in a game hall, in Rhineland-Palatinate (19.38 PM)
  • “ill save you”: husband kills people with dementia  (16.55 PM)
  • Dead six-year-old from Torgelow: stepfather caught (13.06 PM)
  • Oxfam: dig Deeper between the Poor and the rich (5.05 PM)

The news of the day in the star, ticker:

Israeli soldiers have shot and killed a palestinian in the occupied west bank. the israeli armed forces had south opened in the city of nablus fire on the man, said the palestinian ministry of health. previously had already been communicated to the israeli army, you have neutralized the area with a knife armed attacker to “”. it was not clarified whether the in the message as a “terrorist,” described the man was injured or killed. the attacker was attacked with a knife on a soldier at a check post, said the army. another soldier had opened the fire.

In the west bank escalated the violence in december, after three israelis were killed in two attacks. it raids the israeli security forces and violent was followed by clashes. israeli soldiers shot dead in protests a palestinian protesters. finally, the situation calmed down again.

<, h2>+++ 22.11 at: German handball players after victory against Croatia in the world Cup semi-final +++

Germany’s handball team at the world championships at home in the semi-finals. the team of national coach christian prokop was agabend in front of 19,250 spectators in cologne, germany against croatia with 22:21 (11:11) and, certainly, one of the first two places in group 1. the best launchers for the dhb-selection meeting at the conclusion of the main round on wednesday in spain, was fabian wiede with six goals.

The only fly in the ointment at the celebrated victory was the serious injury of playmaker martin strobel. the 32-year-old from second division side hbw balingen-because stetten moved according to a first diagnosis of a ligament to tear in the left knee and is out for the rest of the world cup. in addition, the suspicion of a cruciate ligament, the european champions 2016 plan.

<, h2>+++ 21.24 PM: burglar kitchen Pizza prepared in school +++

In a school kitchen in marburg-biedenkopf have prepared unknown pizza two weekends in a row. in both cases, you would have gained by force access to the premises, informed the police . the hungry burglar ate the pizza in the training kitchen. they broke in during the night from saturday to sunday. the police is now looking for witnesses who have made observations, which could lead to track down the burglar.

<, h2>+++ 21.21 clock: Two children from Trinidad to leave using Pink Floyd Syria +++

Syrian kurds have handed over two boys from trinidad and tobago four years after their abduction by the father of your mother. “the two children were released a few months ago from the area around raka”, informed the semi-autonomous kurdish authorities in syria. the seven-year-old ayyub and his eleven-year-old brother, mahmoud, were kidnapped in june 2014, from her father, who was married to an is fighter with another woman, from trinidad, and to the “caliphate” of the so-called islamic state have been brought, said human rights lawyer clive stafford-smith. he had made the mother of the two to locate and then with pink-floyd-co-founder roger waters spoke. “he has agreed to pay for everything and has the mother from trinidad flew in,” said the lawyer.

Kurdish-led forces have set up hundreds of foreign fighters the feast and also take care of the more than 1,200 children and 500 women. the kurds have called on the home countries, again, the people back. in many western countries this requirement applies, but to rejection.

<, h2>+++ 21.02: Senior drives when Parking by a Bank branch +++

A senior during a botched parking attempt with his car through a front window, an office, and finally by a wall in a bank branch hazards. the carriage of the 75-year-olds have accelerated in oldenburg in lower saxony when parking, suddenly, police said. the car crashed through the windshield, passed through an office and through a wall, then collapsed to the neighboring office space. this is where the car, in addition to the driver, a dog was sitting, stopped.

Both remained unharmed, but had to be complicated freed: the fire department pulled the car first with a winch from the bank branch. how it came to the time of the accident, is unclear. in the office space was in the moment when the car crashed in, fortunately no one.

<, h2>+++ 19.45 PM: South Sudan: cattle thieves kill more than 100 people +++

In south sudan have been killed by armed cattle thieves during robberies, according to official figures, at least 105 people, especially women and children. the attackers had stolen in the state of tonj in the centre of the african country on sunday evening is also 5000 cattle, said the information minister of the federal state, james ayiek bath, the german press agency.

The authorities believed that the perpetrators came from the northern state of liechtenstein and revenge wanted to take it for attacks from cattle thieves from tonj. were recently killed 28 people and 3000 cattle had been stolen. in the east african crisis state, it always comes back to fight to pasture or livestock, often between members of rival ethnic groups.

<, h2>+++ 19.38 PM: wild boar, game room +++

Rushes a crazed wild boar in rhineland-palatinate in a game hall ran. a glass door had been damaged in the incident in oberhonnefeld-lusting, near neuwied, police said. the guests came on monday with the horror of it. in the interior of the as a “murderous moderate boar” is described panic-stricken animal got run over, only a few chairs. before the arrival of the police had been wild gone hog already back on the road and in the adjacent field. guests had open to him the police mind at the moment, the fire door.

<, h2>+++ 19.24 watch: at Least ten Dead in the fire on two ships +++

In the fire of two cargo ships off the southern coast of the crimean peninsula, died after russian authorities details of at least ten sailors. the fire was believed to have been due to an explosion triggered, informed the maritime administration of the agency interfax according to. both ships sail to the information under the flag of tanzania, one of them a guest, the anchor was.

Together 31 sailors from india and turkey on the ships would have been. of a disabled vessel, the sailors saved themselves in the water. they suffered part of fire injuries, and sometimes cooling. the rest of the ship’s journey was not at risk, it said.

<, h2>+++ 18.37 watch: Indonesia: Frenchman flees thanks to saw and Rock out of prison +++

A french alleged drug dealer has escaped from an indonesian prison by durchsägte first of all, the bars, and then in a sarong from the second floor abseilte. félix village have linked the wrap skirt with curtains, was down-climbed and then escaped, said a police spokesman to the afp news agency. the 35-year-old had already broken out on sunday night from the prison on the island of lombok, where he was waiting for his trial.

The police believed that the village was still on the island. the authorities launched a manhunt. the frenchman was arrested in september at the airport of the island, because he is said to have smuggled in a suitcase with a false bottom four kilograms of drugs. it was not initially clear whether the state would apply to lawyers in the case of a conviction dorfins execution. indonesia takes tough action against drug smuggling. dozens of foreigners are currently in the prisons of the country on their execution.

<, h2>+++ 18.17 PM: “truck Andi” has increased four years in prison +++

As a twelve-year-old in “truck-andi” for a ride with a truck – now the serial offender is 33 years of age, and of a preventive detention escaped. the aachen regional court convicted the 33-year-old to four years and three months in prison. 20 offences according to the judges, as was shown, among other things, serious arson, assault, counterfeiting, attempted. in preventive detention, the judge imposed. it would be premature to speak of a penchant for dangerous offences, said the judge jürgen beneking. “whether it will happen depends on you. at the moment the stand from our point of view is not there,” he said.

72 offences were accused in the aachen method, of 52, he was acquitted – including the serious allegations of forced prostitution and pimping. important witnesses were not credible, said beneking: “when in doubt, for the accused”. already as a teenager, the 33-year-old had a car with a stolen load splash tours taken, and at the age of 14 years, a police officer killed when he broke through with a stolen tractor-trailer in the netherlands, a road block. the regional court of düsseldorf in 2001, had been sentenced to four years in juvenile detention.

<, h2>+++ 17.48 at: murder and mayhem in Mexico will reach a historic High +++

Mexico is overrun by a wave of violence. in the past year were killed in the country 33.341 people, such as the ministry of the interior announced on the night. this was an increase of 15.5 percent compared to the previous year and a new record. with 28.866 manslaughter offences as early as 2017 was the bloodiest year in recent mexican history.

In mexico, wrestling, more and more criminal gangs to areas of influence and smuggling routes. after the arrest and killing of a powerful cartel romp bosses fights in some of the criminal syndicates also bloody distribution. how many homicides go on the account of organised crime, from the crime statistics, not reading.

<, h2>+++ 17.08 at: May want to negotiate with the EU on Northern Ireland catch-all solution +++

Britain’s prime minister theresa may wants to negotiate with the eu about the brexit treaty agreed catch-all solution for the border between ireland and the british province of northern ireland. she wanted to consult with members and then with new proposals to brussels travel, said the head of government. in the house of commons. the so-called backstop, which provides that the united kingdom remains in a customs union with the eu, if no agreement is made, is the largest point of criticism of may’s opponents.

<, h2>+++ 16.55 PM: dementia patients killed – husband wanted to have confessed to spare her “contagion” +++

An 84-year-old has in front of the cologne regional court to have his dementia wife killed. “you no longer wanted to live, she said almost daily,” said the man from bergisch gladbach to starting the process. that’s why he had killed his wife after 58 years of marriage in march 2017. in the weeks before her death, 80 had threatened-year-old to take his own life. when he was sure that his wife was dead, he had his kids via whatsapp asked to come over, said the defendant. the degree of desperation he had not spoken to before the fact with his children. they had been promised a long time ago, to go together in death, if one of them am prone to alzheimer’s.

The man accused of manslaughter. according to prosecutors, there are no other witnesses to the alleged suicide of the woman. after the fact the man tried to kill himself, but survived. he wanted to spare his wife’s prolonged illness, it said in a goodbye letter that was read out in court. his own force was, in the end, wrote the man.

<, h2>+++ 16.29 PM: France condemns Google to a 50 million Euro fine +++

Google needs to in france 50 million euro penalty in connection with the eu data protection basic regulation figures. the french data protection authority cnil noted violations since the end of may-2018 dsgvo. among other things, information about the use of the collected data and the storage period for the user are not easily accessible enough, said the authority. they were spread over several documents, and users would have to. several links and buttons to click in addition, some of the information was unclear.

In addition, google’s consent to the display of personalized advertising from their point of view is not valid, because the users would not sufficiently informed, declared to the cnil. it was the first penalty of the authority in accordance with the dsgvo. in accordance with regulation penalties of up to four percent of the annual turnover of a company can be imposed.

<, h2>+++ 16.08 PM: water pipes frozen in Schulklos: students get free +++

Frozen water pipes in the toilets of an essene total school gave the students today. a free day. the icy temperatures would have let the lines of the currently in containers accommodated in the toilets at the erich-kästner-comprehensive school freezing, said a city spokeswoman. the students were therefore sent in the morning back home. a company have made the lines, then again ice-free. the morning of the lesson should again take place as planned.

<, h2>+++ 15.45: case Skripal: EU sanctions Russian intelligence-leadership +++

The foreign mister of the eu countries have visa bans and asset decided to lock against the two highest executives of the russian military intelligence service gru. the chief and the deputy chief of the gru were for the use of nerve agent in the attack on the former russian double agent sergei skripal responsible, said in a statement. thus, symbol will be set to the two agents on the sanction list, which carried out the attack in the british salisbury allegedly. you are looking for from uk has long been on the international police organization interpol.

In the attack on the british salisbury had been poisoned in march 2018, the former double agent skripal and his daughter julia hard. the perpetrators took advantage of a medium that matches the one in the former soviet union developed combat substance nowitschok. according to british investigation, the russian military put intelligence service gru behind the fact. the government in moscow denies, however, any responsibility.

<, h2>+++ 15.30 PM: bullfight with 1350 cops: two Dead, 41 injured in India +++

In a huge bullfight in india came two people were killed and more than 40 have been injured. at the traditional event in an arena in the south indian state of tamil nadu more than 500 men were trying on sunday to wrestle in succession more than 1350 bulls to the ground – the number of animals to be a world record, reported indian media. the two were of spectators, which had been attacked by bulls, as the police announced on monday. among the injured twelve participants.

<, h2>+++ 15.27 PM: Augsburg is because of terrorist suspicion in custody +++

Because of the attempted exit in a terrorist camp in syria, a 32-year-old from turkey to germany have been deported. against augsburg due to preparation and aid for the preparation of severe state-endangering acts of violence will be determined, confirmed the office of the prosecutor general in munich. prior to this, the bayerische rundfunk (br) had reported about it.

According to the br information of the 32-year-old converted to islam and should be tried in june 2017, with two companions to syria to leave. in turkey, you had been arrested. according to the general prosecutor’s office of augsburg was at 10. january to germany

<, h2>+++ 14.55 PM: Green call for end to border controls in Bavaria +++

The bavarian greens have called for, given the first half of the year balance of the new bavarian border police, the end of border controls at the german-austrian border. “the border controls need to be quickly completed, so that bavaria meets the letter of the schengen agreement,” said the parliamentary group chairman katharina schulze in munich. it would be much more sensible to strengthen the police in the area, said green.

<, h2>+++ 14.08 PM: Free travel in Luxembourg: the Public transport from 2020 for free! +++

Train, bus and tram from the 1. march 2020, you don’t want to travel to luxembourg for all users free of charge – provided in the train in the first class. this mobility minister, françois bausch,  informed;in luxembourg. otherwise, be sold, in luxembourg, in the case of the train tickets only, if the trains travel in the neighboring countries.

<, h2>+++ 13.36 PM: Wrecked dangerous goods-tankers in the Elbe again +++

The 9,000 tonnes of dangerous goods on board in the mouth of the elbe damaged tanker not sitting on base. with the help of several tugboats has been dragged since the early morning, around ten kilometres to the east of cuxhaven fixed “oriental nadeshiko” free as a spokesman for the central command for maritime emergencies said. as planned, had to wait for the experts, the noon high water. first of all, no damage had been found in the 124-metre-long ship, said the spokesman. the cause of the accident was not yet known. the tanker should be brought to cuxhaven, it was said at the lunch.

<, h2>+++ 13.06 PM: After the death of a six-year-old in Torgelow: Volatile stepfather arrested +++

Under suspicion of murder, the stepfather of slain six-year-old girl from torgelow in mecklenburg-western pomerania is taken. he had been arrested at noon in the vicinity of anklam, police said.

<, h2>+++ 13.02 PM: New trial for group rape in Velbert +++

The group rape of a 13-year-olds in velbert, germany in april 2018 has, once again, the district court of wuppertal. on monday, the public began, to the exclusion of a second process in the matter.

Six young people aged 14 to 17 years had been convicted by the court last october. the highest single penalty was four years and nine months in prison. before the court will have to answer two other defendants.

<, h2>+++ 12.48 PM: In the Erzgebirge, it was the last night on the coldest +++

Many of blue sky, but also crisp and cold: in the second half of the winter, minus degrees and partly severe frost is now also widespread in germany. in the night of monday, were measured according to the german weather service (dwd) in german neudorf brothers meadow in the ore mountains with a minus 18.6 degrees with the lowest temperatures. to private weather stations, some of which are even lower temperatures were recorded. also in the bavarian town of zwiesel, it was with a minus of 16.4 degrees particularly cold. in the hessian burgwald-bottendorf were minus measured as 13.9 degrees.

<, h2>+++ 12.47 PM: speed limit planned? The Federal government leaves the question unanswered +++

In the debate on further measures to climate protection the german government the question of a speed limit on german motorways for the time being open. “we want to concept a coherent whole and not get into a discussion of individual measures,” said government spokesman steffen seibert in berlin. there are going to be at the end of an overall agreement and now is not the political definition.

<, h2>+++ 12.46 PM: Due to the case Skripal: EU sanctions imposed against the Russian secret service +++

The eu has occupied the leadership of the russian military intelligence service gru because of the poison attack on the ex-double agent sergei skripal in the uk with sanctions. the chief and the deputy head of the secret service should not henceforth be allowed to enter the eu and their assets in europe would be frozen, the eu council of . also the two agents that are supposed to have perpetrated the attack on skripal in march of last year, have been placed on the eu sanctions list.

<, h2>+++ 12.39 PM: Magnitz is AfD’s top candidate in Bremen +++

The afd in bremen draws with your country’s chef frank magnitz as the top candidate in the citizenship campaign. he expressed hope for a double-digit result in the vote in next may, said magnitz. the party had nominated on sunday 13 candidates for the bremen state list. journalists were not allowed.

The unknown had magnitz two weeks ago, in bremen, attacked and seriously injured. the 66-year-old sits for the afd already in the bundestag. the mandate, he’ll also have a feeder in the bill, said magnitz.

<, h2>+++ 12.22 PM: Convicted taxi driver must not again a Taxi +++

A former taxi driver must not drive taxi, because he was convicted of, among other things, because of bodily injury to a passenger. serious offences, justified the rule of the acceptance of the unreliability, which would be a taxi permit exclusive, decided by the upper administrative court of rhineland-palatinate in koblenz in a decision. the lawsuit of a man against a decision of the city of mainz was unsuccessful.

The plaintiff was convicted in april of 2015, due to the 2011 bodily injury and residential burglary to a suspended sentence of two years. after the expiration of his taxi authorization in the year 2015, the city of mainz refused to grant him permission again. however, he complained unsuccessfully before the administrative court. the higher administrative court upheld the decision now.

<, h2>+++ 11.49 PM: Germany withdraws Iran’s Mahan Air’s operating licence +++

Germany has said the iranian airline mahan air, with immediate effect the local operation. the airline would have to allow the connections from and to germany to rest, – said the press secretary of the federal ministry of transport in berlin. this was necessary to “preserve the foreign and security policy interests of germany,” said a spokesman for the foreign office.

<, h2>+++ 11.03 PM: Unknown ignition of the nine vehicles of the Berlin clerk’s office on +++

Unknown is set in berlin, the vehicles of the public order office on fire. in the case of the fire in the district of neukölln in the evening, nine vehicles were destroyed, police said on monday. a neighbor heard a loud bang on the premises and alerted the fire-department. the police state protection at the state office of criminal investigation took over the investigation.

<, h2>+++ 10.32 PM: Hard boulders to delay recovery of the small Julen more +++

The drama of the search of the in spain in a deep well shaft in the suspected two-year-old the volunteers are progressing at a slower rate than planned. in the night the helper during the drilling of the rescue tunnel clashed again on extremely hard rock. until about nine o’clock in the morning had been dug, therefore, only 52 of a total of 60 meters, media reported, citing the rescue teams at the scene of the incident in totalán, near the southern coastal city of málaga. according to this recent information, it is certain that for eight days lost julen can not be before tuesday afternoon recovered.

<, h2>+++ 9.21 PM: German environmental aid Association members of record +++ 

Listed by the german environmental aid association (duh) has a new members record. “the current campaign of car industry and the cdu has given us so many new members as never before,” said duh-chief jürgen resch of the “augsburger allgemeine”. currently, the duh has, therefore, 5641 members in september 2018, it had 4600 members. the least are entitled to vote.

<, h2>+++ 8.17 PM: activists: Eleven killed in Israeli air strikes in Syria +++

In the case of the israeli air attacks in syria in the night  have been killed, according to activists eleven people. the victims were eleven is fighters, including two syrians, said the syrian observatory for human rights. the attacks were directed against iranian and syrian targets in and around the capital, damascus. also near a military airport in the south of the city there was, therefore, attacks. the observatory obtains its information from activists on the ground. your details are to be checked independently hardly. the israeli army had confirmed the night attacks on iranian targets.

<, h2>+++ 8.04 PM: drones air traffic Figures disturb 80 percent +increased++

The german air traffic control has registered in the past year, 158 disabilities, in the regular air traffic due to drone about 80 percent more than in 2017. in the area of airports, 125 cases had been reported, said the state-owned enterprises in long, for flight traffic control in germany. most of the faults were there at the airport frankfurt/main (31), followed by berlin-tegel (17), munich (14), and hamburg (12). in the previous record year of 2017, 88 cases had been reported.

<, h2>+++ 7.47 PM: man has been killed killed in Indian Zoo lion +++

In an indian zoo is a man of a lion. the man was a 20-meter-high wall of the chhatbir zoo in the northern state of punjab climbed into a restricted area penetrated, informed the authorities. there he was mauled by a asiatic lion attacked. zoo keepers heard the cries of the man and had him rushed to his aid. in the hospital he was succumbed to his injuries but.

<, h2>+++ 6.23 PM: guerrilla group ELN is committed to a stop in Bogotá +++

The colombian guerrilla group eln has confessed to the bomb attack on a police academy in the capital, bogotá. the left-wing group, published in the night, a corresponding statement on its website. the colombian government had made the eln, for the attack, last thursday, with 21 deaths.

<, h2>+++ 6.14 PM: Tanker with 9000 tonnes of dangerous goods in front of Cuxhaven ran aground +++

With 9000 tonnes of dangerous goods-laden tanker went in on monday night in the river elbe in front of cuxhaven on. so far, no damage to the 124-metre-long and 20-metre wide ship had been found, said a spokesman for the central command for maritime emergencies in the morning. also, no one was hurt. the under the flag of panama sailing vessel was on the way to spain, as it remained against to 1.00 am suddenly in the mouth of the elbe stuck. the salvage team of the ccme wants to wait with a trolling attempt until noon high water.

The oriental nadeshiko is located in the mouth of the elbe on the basis

<, h2>+++ 5.05 PM: Oxfam: dig Deeper between the Poor and the rich +++

The gap between the poor and the rich in the world of the organization oxfam in the past year, dangerous increased. the assets of the billionaires increased to an average of 2.5 billion us dollars (2,19 billion euro) per day – an increase of 12 percent year-on-year. however, the poorer half of the world’s population have lost eleven percent of its 500 million dollars per day. this was the result of the organization in its inequality report, you are presented shortly before the start of the annual meeting of the world economic forum (wef) in davos. also in germany, the situation had not improved and it is necessary that a higher minimum wage, and a greater burden of the wealthy, corporations, inheritances, and high income.

<, h2>+++ 3.21 PM: passengers have to endure for 16 hours in a cold plane in Canada +++

In the bitter cold have need around 250 flight passengers, 16 hours aboard a in canada fixed us-line machine endure. the machine of the us airline united airlines, on the way to hong kong was landed in the evening due to a medical emergency at the airport of the northeast canadian town of goose bay, as the broadcaster cbc reported. the injured passenger was taken to a hospital due to a technical problem the aircraft could not fly but then continued. perhaps the cold of minus 30 degrees left a door of the machine to freeze.

<, h2>+++ 3.00 PM: Explosion of petrol pipeline in Mexico: the number of dead at 85 rose +++

The devastating explosion of a gasoline pipeline in mexico has cost, according to new findings 85 people. 72 of the injured would be treated in hospitals, informed the governor of the state of hidalgo, omar fayad, in a press conference. 23 of the injured are in hospitals in hidalgo, the others had been taken to hospitals in other states and in the capital, mexico city. the tapping of pipelines should be avoided to prevent further tragedies to prevent, called for fayad.

<, h2>+++ 2.15 PM: Trump lawyer: talks about high-rise project in Moscow longer than previously known +++

U.s. president donald trump granted, according to his lawyer, for much longer with a high-rise project in moscow is concerned than in the past. trump had led to october or november, 2016 with his former lawyer, michael cohen talks about the project, said trump lawyer rudy giuliani on sunday on the us broadcaster nbc.

Giuliani’s statement means that trump looked up to the presidential election in november 2016, with the ultimately not implemented in the high-rise project.  cohen was sentenced in december to three years in prison, among other things, due to his false statements to the congress. cohen had told the committees that the project of a high-rise tower with luxury apartments in moscow had already been in january 2016, and buried, before the start of the republican primaries.      later, cohen admitted the wrong statements: contrary to his original statements, the trump tower is to be followed with the project until june 2016, up to a point, as trump is already as good as safe for the republican presidential candidate was fixed.

<, h2>+++ 0.58 PM: Trump and Erdogan speak again about Syria +++

U.s. president donald trump was on the phone for the second time in a week with his turkish counterpart recep tayyip erdogan. trump have underlined in the interview how important it was to defeat the remaining “terrorist elements” in syria, said the white house . erdogan have expressed, trump expressed his condolences because of the four slain americans, who were among a total of 18 victims of a suicide attack in the northern syrian town of manbij on wednesday of last week. the terrorist militia islamic state had claimed for itself.

A few days before christmas, trump had declared the is for defeated, and so the announced withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria justified. after the death of four u.s. citizens – which were two soldiers and two civilian employees of the ministry of defence – he defended the withdrawal plan. on saturday, trump said, since he took office two years ago, 99 percent of the from the is-held territory had been reconquered.

<, h2>+++ 0.07 at: report: record in the case of Surrender of refugees to other EU countries +++

From germany have been transferred to a newspaper report in the past year, as many refugees in other eu states as never before. from january until the end of november 2018, it had been 8658 deportation of asylum seekers, writes the “süddeutsche zeitung”. this had already been significantly more than total year 2017, as it had only given 7102 of such renditions. this is clear from the response of the federal ministry of the interior on a request of the left party deputy ulla jelpke.

<, h2>+++ 0.03 at: merchant vessel carries migrants from a boat in distress +++

About 100 migrants on the mediterranean sea with a boat in difficulty will be brought back to libya. the libyan coast guard had been busy with other assignments, had been sent a trade ship, which host the migrants, the italian coast guard . the libyan authorities would assign the ship to a port. on the boat, around 100 migrants, according to aid agencies.

<, h2>+++ 0.00 clock: After car bomb attack in Northern Ireland: a suspected New IRA +++

After the explosion of a car bomb in front of a court in the centre of the northern irish city of londonderry, the main suspect of the police was directed against the militant group the new ira. this is the deputy police president mark hamilton told the british news agency pa. on sunday, investigators arrested in connection with the attack, a total of four suspicious men. in the morning, first of all, two men that are between 20 and 30 years old, later in the day, a 34-year-old and 42-year-old.

The explosive device was detonated on saturday evening in the bishop street in the city centre. no one was hurt. 15 minutes before the explosion had received a warning, the police began the evacuation of surrounding buildings.

Owls: the kings of the night in spectacular portraits

men seeking women in TrinidadThe hereafter begins right over there, on the other bank of the danube. from the disused quarry in the world, burger, close the call of the eagle owl sounds over. dull he fills the valley. thousand year old myths are implicit in this cry. owl: dead bird, soul messenger, an ambassador from beyond the grave.the leisurely flowing river, the styx, to the river between the realm of the living and of the dead are liable. what was just silent sipping of the whirlpool, is to ominous smacking: the wake of the under world. what is happening there, suddenly loud in the water? rudder blades? the ferryman who brings the dead across the river seam? maybe a city would be the wildlife park but the better place for an owl-have been stalking these uncanny wetlands.


In the morning hunting

men seeking women in TrinidadIt is 6.15 am in the morning, zero degrees. cold pieces of fog creep through the shore, the bushes and all the layers of clothing. never, one can observe the owl as well as late in the winter. the main courting period begins for the largest of all the owls. the king of the night, but have to wait. the night before frances hunter, area supervisor in the conservation area of world burger close was invited to the uhu-hike. came a good 40 nature-lovers – only the eagle owl is not.

Five owl pairs share, in the meantime, the 900-acre reserve. long, the species was threatened. in the meantime, it is taken from the red the up to 70 meters high limestone walls along the danube to the rock-nesting birds find ideal conditions. bubo bubo, as its latin name, appreciates the free approach to the nesting site. high above the yew trees and oak trees it breeds in niches and columns, where the rare dittany grows, a lemon and vanilla scented herb, whose fruit capsules in summer, popping, burst, and their seeds, five meters wide of the skid. so many of the essential oils the plant produces that it ignites a self.

Leave the young owls, then in the middle of june their nests, celebrates the dittany, the joyful event with the cracking of fireworks. now the exhausted parents of the animals on the rock outcrops for sunbathing. like the eagle owl takes a sun bath. to do this, he lays down preferably flat on the floor.

To be rich is the dining plan. and franziska hunter knows exactly what the night bird feeds. because owls snares its prey mostly in one piece down. hours later, she spit all indigestible clean again – a lightweight web of bones, feathers, teeth, insect shells, and fur. sounds worse than it is: the kaumagen of the owls dominated a very special felting technique, with the tip and sharp-edged remains of soft feathers or fur to be shrouded in. the danube-owls eat mainly rats, hedgehogs, cormorants and fish. even a whole buzzard’s head was found in the pellet. the eagle owl is a fearless hunter. you shouldn’t mess with him: with his strong clutches, he can break a man’s arm.

Shortly before, the powerful, up to 80 centimeters big birds spread their wings – wingspan: up to 170 centimeters – and for the hunt breaking up, look at the winter courtship in the twilight of your partner. in the morning, finally, the friends of nature hear the signal: three deep male calls, then a slightly higher, female. silence. two owls under the hood. the wise animals live in monogamous saisonehe, a successful concept.

The snow man – as a german 500 kilos of coke across the atlantic smuggled

men seeking women in TrinidadThe strong wind comes from a second, on the other. the “blue star” as an evil, witty child grabs his doll. jars. tugs. wet the shirt sticks to kai scherer(*), he has made only very late, too late, to reef the sails. his muscles trembling from the effort. he is fighting with the wind, the waves.

And with his inexperience.

A few weeks ago, yet its water sports experience was limited;on the pedalo. now, in the spring of 2011, tried it on a regatta boat, in a nut-shell, sailing to plastic and carbon, alone across the atlantic. and the strong wind pushes the boat to the side. just he can keep on board.

A beginner alone on the atlantic ocean. kai scherer’s plan is not bold. but mind-boggling. insanely dangerous.

Why is it that he has agreed to do so? i wanted the adventure, says kai scherer today. i wanted the money. i was so incredibly naive. it was the mistake of my life.

to believe

A sin to paradise

men seeking women in TrinidadKai scherer was so naive, to come to paradise by committing a sin.

In the caribbean. beaches, blue lagoons, and on top of it: easy money. dirty money, but he makes;not too many thoughts. he

It starts is the fall of 2010, kai scherer is 30 years old as his fall into sin. be buddy dennis kramer is back in the south of cologne. kai scherer knows the amateur boxer. a long time, had been sentenced a year earlier to two years on probation after he tried to had to smuggle a kilogram of cocaine on the dutch-german limit.

Kramer has now chartered a yacht and sailed in the caribbean . scherer, from the vastness of the sea, the tells endless party under the palm trees and a guy from bolivia. the have spoken to him on the isla margarita in front of the coast of venezuela. if he wanted to transport his sailing boat of cocaine to europe? a giant business. he had only rejected once, he was on probation, due to drug possession. but a number of the types give, for the case.

Kai scherer is excited. of the width of the sea, the party under the palm trees. not from the thing with the cocaine smuggling. not yet. you are crazy, he says to kramer.

Slide into a half-world

men seeking women in TrinidadHowever, scherer loves adventure. perhaps a lot. he grows up in an orderly bourgeois district in which the hedges are maintained. as the neighborhood relations. he learns to a construction mechanic, is working but not for long in this profession. he wants more out of life. night school, the graduation of catching up to do. but even before the tests it looks to the chagrin of his parents ‘ new challenges. trained for hours in the gym. even the coaches call him a fitness fanatic. be biceps seems to blow up the t-shirt sleeves. his body is a work of art. he is testing limits. leave the close of his native city, the 53-square-meter apartment, his ikea veneer of the world, his two flat screen tv’s in living room and the bedroom. mounts along with dennis kramer peaks in the alps. 4000 meters at least. stayed on the glaciers.

He works as a bouncer, as a fitness trainer. he glides in a milieu, in the fitness world and half-world to merge. learns to know people, the cocaine and amphetamine. take or deal.

Kai scherer takes no drugs. does not smoke. alcohol he drinks on new year’s eve 1999. and 15 years later, a mouthful of sparkling wine, as he makes his girlfriend a marriage proposal. kai scherer does not want to ruin his work of art. his body is to be his temple.

But then he exceeds the limits.

Hold on!

men seeking women in Trinidad

Dennis kramer is flying once again on the isla margarita and meets the drug dealer from bolivia.

Kramer told scherer towards the end of the year 2010, you can definitely earn 3000 euros per kilo of cocaine. you must deliver only in a european port. no sales, there is hardly any risk. he would not do it myself, if there was his criminal record. which would make him but at each control a suspect.

Now, kai scherer is. dennis kramer is to threading the deal and the boat charter, he will bring the drugs in the sailing-boat over the atlantic ocean. he alone, they want no loose ends. in addition, the more so for anyone you want to share the money.

The only problem is that kai scherer is never sailed before . but he is not a man who thinks for a long time. tackle. make. it’s gonna be fine.

At the beginning of march 2011, sits scherer in the training rooms. the sailing school in cologne, germany. longer he learns for the theory. it’s carnival time, and almost of course that’s why would have been;. but scherer begging that it takes place with him as the only participants. because it must be before the hurricane season.

He learns to navigate, to put out distress signals, a compass to read. dennis kramer takes him to a sailing off the coast of spain. his practical test he completed at the end of march 2011 in the rheinau port in cologne. after that, he keeps the sport boat driving licence lake in the hands.

And a few days later, sailing kai scherer dennis kramer of gran canaria, where the chartered “blue star” wait, to the cape verde islands. located off the west coast of africa and, therefore, very favorable for a crossing of the atlantic ocean in the caribbean. then dennis kramer of board and calls to the others: hang in there!

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