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It takes the door to nowhere

men seeking women in Pacific Grove“michael!” roars a voluptuous woman in cycling shorts, “michael, let’s go now!” but michael painted wooden shed, one of many in the courtyard of the main house stands motionless in the yellow. the little boy is wearing a souvenir t-shirt with the inscription “winchester mystery house” and staring at ghosts. small spirits with rolling eyes. “are you coming now? we miss the leadership,” urges his mother. she grabs the boy resolutely by the arm and pulls him out into the sunlight. but michael doesn’t want to be in the lead: “can’t i stay here and pacman play?”, he begs and throws a wistful glance to the slot machine, and on the screen the little ghosts flit through a maze. his mother, however, is just as relentless as the students, the pilots in the ten minutes of your tourist groups in the house. the house of the 1922 deceased sarah winchester in san jose, california. the house, which is allegedly haunted.

Sarah winchester, née pardee, grew up in the middle of the 19th century. century in connecticut. it was called the “belle of new haven” because it was formed by a girl from a good home: cute, and balls liked. probably it was one of those balls where you know her husband, william wirt winchester learned, son of the arms manufacturer oliver winchester. a rifle made by the winchester family empire: the “winchester repeating rifle”, is also known as “the gun that won the west” because so many indians had been killed. whether the wise sarah looked at the firearms-made fortune of her husband even before the wedding with suspicion, is not known. however, the name winchester was her undoing.

<, h2>A Medium saw to Build as a way out

In 1866, died in their four-year-old daughter annie invalidated to marasmus – a then undiagnosed protein deficiency. after the death of her child, sarah winchester was never the same. she suffered from depression, the enhanced 15 years later, when her husband died from tuberculosis. supposedly, it was to ask the advice of friends, induced the young woman to a boston medium, to help. this medium, says the legend, delivered the sarah winchester is an explanation for your misfortune. on you the curse of the winchester would be rifles. the ghosts of all the people who had come by a winchester gun lost their lives, were to blame for the death of her daughter and her husband. and also sarah herself is at risk. only one way out, the medium saw: sarah would have to build a house. a house for all the ghosts, they were looking for a home. as long as you would be busy with construction work, you would be in front of the curse for sure. sarah packed her things and moved to san jose. she bought a farm house with eight rooms and began to build. for the next 38 years. up to her death.

From the outside, the winchester house is not scarier than disney land. over the red roofs, a cloud covers the sky, the flowers in the garden nodding happily with the heads, and the wind combs incidentally to the take of the palms. it smells of popcorn, and who wants to, gets to be a soft drink in a plastic cup with printed skull and crossbones served. “hi, my name is jenny”, the young woman in charge of the leadership, “please stay together in the next hour sealing. if you are lost, it may be that we only find them in a couple of days.” polite laughter is the answer. but everyone knows that it is the student seriously. to get lost in the winchester house is easier to find than a parking space in front of it.

It is the interior of the property, which overwhelms even the best sense of orientation. 160 rooms have been counted until today. some of you never found: supposedly, the wine cellar of sarah winchester is supposed to be still hidden somewhere in the house. the house has 2,000 doors, some of which is in the middle of nowhere. the door that opens in the heights in addition to the garden. or those behind which nothing is hidden, except for a wall. 10,000 windows, some without a view, a lot of precious tiffany glass, letting in light in the intricate rooms and corridors. and the 47 stairs only reinforce the impression to move inside of a maze. often lead you on detours just in a neighboring room. a ends directly under the ceiling. it is said that sarah winchester wanted to lead evil spirits to mislead, of which she also felt in the house followed. maybe some of the abnormalities in the architecture have emerged but only because you had to often modify it. all 600 rooms will be over the years. left the 160, which you can visit today.

“are they all there?” asks the tour guide, and stretches searching the neck for the rest of the members of the group, the count in the neighboring room, the holes in the drain of the wash basin. two decorative peculiarities are, through the whole house with the number 13, and a spider-web pattern. both can be found in the tiffany windows, wallpaper or doors. so, too, in the séance-room, whose doors and windows were all locked. when they discussed with the spirits of the latest building plans, wanted to sarah winchester’s will not be disturbed. 13 clothes hooks there are in the high, narrow space. one for each of the 13 different colored robes, wearing sarah winchester to their seances. the behavior of her boss was the staff for sure scary. but discussions about it were banned. sarah winchester took advantage of the peculiar architecture of the house also to eavesdrop on their staff. her sudden appearance and the unnoticed disappearance led to the rumor, the mistress of the winchester house could go through walls.

The end of the world defends itself against accusations from stanford

men seeking women in Pacific GroveDefense minister ursula von der leyen (cdu) has rejected allegations that it had need to stay at the american elite university of stanford for your resume miss. she had been there in 1993, as an observer, and i have never claimed to be in a formal program registered have been rewarded with a proof of performance, stated in berlin on sunday.

“auditing guest” (guest auditor) has on the end of the world for 1993, and also in your published on the internet resume. a further activity for stanford health services hospital administration in 1995, which is also found in your cv, whether evidenced in writing, said of the leyen more. “i have always underlined that the main reason of my stay in stanford research stay my husband’s, so older press releases can be read in the dozens.”

For activities, such as the leyens were issued in stanford, no evidence, said a spokesperson for the university in relation to the “world on sunday”. official documents of the leyen are not available in stanford therefore. who refer, but without such a certificate in his cv on the university, abusing the name of stanford.

Also, the “doublet” reported on documents showing that von der leyen, a volunteer working in the hospital administration has exercised. in addition, she has attended as a guest seminars. together with a registered student and with the approval of the faculty, she wrote, according to the finally, a study of treatments of infertility, the publication of which was rejected by a journal, however.

Greed is un-cool: passengers of air berlin will in future have to pay for all drinks

men seeking women in Pacific GrovePassengers at air berlin must pay on short-haul flights from november, also for non-alcoholic drinks. germany’s second largest airline cancels the offer of free soft drinks. exceptions are made for travelers who book a more expensive fare or a frequent flyer card, as the airline announced on friday.

Long, and flights to the azores, canaries, madeira, morocco, egypt and israel, there should be routes more free drinks.

Since february, the president of the air berlin ceo stefan pichler has prescribed to the group, a new restructuring program, to the details he weigh in so far, however, are largely silent. at the time of submission of the half-year balance sheet in mid-august, he hinted that the redesign of the route network will be an important part.

A magazine report that could be eliminated if the airline 1000 of group-wide 9000 points. in order to bring the chronically loss-making companies out of the red, could be outsourced to a part of the jobs, such as personnel management, to service providers in the eastern european low-wage countries, recently reported the “business week”.

If the vegan guru is the kung fu panda

men seeking women in Pacific GroveA hazy, cold friday evening. the rain whipped against the windshield. town line colorful lights by furniture stores, office towers and used car markets on my way through a melancholic-sounding, cologne-ossendorf. it is an area which, coupled with this weather, a touch of glamour radiates, like donald trump in a victoria’s secret bikini. but then, out of nowhere, to the rescue: in the highly visible, red letters, the mmc studio announces itself. in the midst of this dreariness of the suburbs, suddenly, from the anticipation inspired people, dressed up, some of them, such as the vienna opera ball.

The bus that be?

men seeking women in Pacific GroveSeveral tour buses spit large groups of almost hysterical good-humored small townspeople on how a dental practice-tiled giant parking lot in front of the legendary coloneum. here, in one of the most important tv studios in the nation, a daily tv gems such as “the super talent”, “only love counts”, “big brother” or “germany seeks the superstar” to be produced. also “germany’s next topmodel” was already several times to guest. in the next 12 weeks it will be the home of “let’s dance”. a last look at the coaches in front of the door confirms: “let’s dance” that remains a popular destination for bowling clubs. who would blame them? once in the life of sylvie meis live seen, because it has to tell for the rest of your life what, at the hotel buffet in the mallorca holiday.

Inside, in a studio that works in real life, so much smaller than on tv, makes a three quarter of an hour before the start of the live broadcast of the official mood of the officer, a warm-upper by the name of rené, because the audience with funny gossip point play for 20:to put 15 pm in ecstatic enthusiasm. this is supposed to be discharged then in wild applause-orgies, as soon as the red lights of the cameras are on.

Shortly before 20:15 there is also rtl-all-purpose weapon, daniel hartwich, the honor and greeted the audience in a moment of self-irony, with some warm words to his hairstyle-a disaster from the kick-off show in the previous week. to take the viewers to the television screens the fear, on the head of the moderator would be found dead, the yeti, was he, in the meantime, at the hairdresser’s. also sylvie has done something to the hair. as a tribute to the jokes of your moderation partner, she is wearing the same tonight platt. for the press grandstand wich has hard also a couple of warm words, and the writing is, at the guild, “well, your finches lubrication” welcome. the program has not even started yet and the jungle camp and tested all of the moderator, the favorite child of the magazine is already. you must also create for the first time.

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