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men seeking women in Fort Morgan

“riverdale” season 3: what happens in episode 1

men seeking women in Fort MorganUpdate 11. october 2018

While “riverdale”fans don’t get upset just at the fact that the first episode of the third season is still, as promised, available (netflix is working with high pressure on it), we were able to see this already and will reveal to you the five biggest shock moments to the season start. warning, super-spoiler alert!

1. archie goes to jail

How, please?! yes, you read that right: in the first episode of the court case against archie, is accused of murder, a big role. probably the biggest shock: commitment after the mistrial is declared, and, therefore, need to start from scratch, and archie as a guilty – even though he is not there and is arrested.

2. not only betty is now part of the southside serpents …

… also, cheryl and toni (by the way, super happy with each other) now carry the serpents-leather jacket and are now clearly part of the gang.

3. the ghoulies excel

Speaking of speed: the ghoulies, the sworn enemy of the serpents, there are (unfortunately) still – and are in season 3 still nasty (and cowardly) than before. penny and the other ghoulies kidnap in episode 1, namely, hot dog, the dog of the serpents. fortunately for him, jughead, cheryl & can save; co., before it is too late.

4. the “farm” is still meant to be funnier than

After the birth of her twins, betty’s sister, polly, you pull up on a farm decides. there, you will be part of a sect, of the accession of her mother alice later. in the first episode of the third “riverdale”-season one, we see how the members of the farm-sect at night in the garden of the family cooper something supernatural going on with the two babies do …

5. the “black hood” is gone, but …

… this is not to say, of course, that in the town of riverdale will not continue to creepy things happen (see point 4). at the end of the first episode, jughead, for example, his school dilton comrades in the middle of the woods in a kind of sacrifice ritual. did someone say creepy?

Update from the 8. october 2018

The countdown is running: on 11. october 2018 and will now launch the third season of “riverdale”. fans can expect the new episodes, because for the first time, you can have a look at jugheads mother and sister throw. although the two were repeatedly mentioned in interviews – seen you but never. as “entertainment weekly” reports, plays gina gershon (“rescue me”, “how to make it in america”) jugheads mother, gladys jones. trinity likins (“12 days”) takes on the role of his little sister, jellybean “jb” jones.

Update 30. august 2018

In about six weeks we may look forward to a reunion with archie, betty & co.. until then, we need to stagger us with the first two “riverdale”-as well as the trailers, season 3 is satisfied. the first trailer came out back in july (scroll to the bottom to see it), and now the us-american tv channel the cw released a brand new sneak preview. the 30-second clip offers a few highlights of us in the new episodes (available from the 11. october 2018 on netflix) expect. among other things, archie in jail, alice and fp together in the bed as well as a mysterious creature that terrorizes betty well. but see for yourself:

Update, 23. july 2018

Does not wait for the third “riverdale”-season is too long – with on 11. october 2018 launch of the new episodes in germany. at this year’s comic-con in san diego, the first trailer was shown for season 3. in the three minute long clip, we see how archie, veronica, betty and jughead “after the worst summer of all times” for a long weekend together, go away and try to relax a bit. but the high school students do not, of course, really, because it doesn’t take long until it comes to new intrigues and secrets … but see for yourself:

Update from the 20. july 2018

Season 3 is coming in october – the streaming service netflix announced in june 2018. however, now there is a lot of new details about the new episodes of “riverdale”, we don’t want to deprive them of course.  8 things you need to know now about “riverdale”:

  1. The shooting are in full swing Stars such as Lili post Reinhart diligently Behind-the-scenes moments from the Set on Instagram-stories.
  2. The first episode already has a title: it’s called “labor Day”, so “labor day”.
  3. Both Vanessa Morgan aka Toni Topaz as well as Charles Melton alias Reggie Mantle no longer play in season 3 supporting roles, but are part of the main cast.
  4. other minor roles – such as Cheryl, Tony, Kevin, or Josie will be shown in the new episodes prominent as a screenwriter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed to “Deadline”.
  5. Jugheads mother and sister, who were so far not a single Time in “Riverdale”, could finally be in season 3 (!) appear.
  6. Veronica’s father Hiram Lodge should be in the third season, even more “evil” than in the seasons before – if that is even possible?
  7. Two new characters moving to Riverdale, such as GLAMOUR, US reported by: Evelyn Evernever, who wants to befriend with Betty, and her father Edgar.
  8. What happened to the Chic? He’s still alive or killed him, the “Black Hood”? We’ll find out in season 3.

Update of 22. june 2018

“riverdale”fans can look forward to, because it is only about a month after the grand finale of season 2, announced the us-american tv channel the cw the third season of the mystery series. as “entertainment weekly” reports, launching season 3 on 10. october 2018 in the united states. in germany, fans can then 11. october 2018 to stream weekly for the new episodes on netflix.

“13 reasons why” goes into the third round

“the affair”: new series on amazon prime

“the sinner”: as exciting as season 2

Update 12. february 2018

Betty and jughead, veronica and archie are the two “riverdale”-a couple, or does he not? a new teaser trailer for the 14. episode of the second season suggests that veronica and jughead kiss. how it comes to that? the two couples treat yourself to a weekend in a luxury chalet, in order to escape all the drama around the “black hood”-killer & co. and to finally relax a bit – which means that it will be boring. quite the contrary: in the case of the four high school students is pretty hot. a wtf-moment tops everything: in the last seconds of the teaser, we see how veronica and jughead are about to kiss in a hot tub and in front of the other two. what is it to be? the result of “hills have eyes” is it us at 8. march 2018 on netflix betrayed!

Update from 26. of january 2018

“high school musical” meets “carrie”: soon it will be the first time that a musical episode of “riverdale” and is likely to be quite bloody. the students of riverdale high school to lead a musical version of the cult horror film “carrie” based on stephen kings book,. a total of eleven songs will perform in the kids on stage. the lead role is no less than the cheerleader-boss cheryl, the slip, thanks to your red hair is perfect in the role of carrie.

Archie, betty, veronica and the pussycats have to listen to audiences more often to sing, cheryl, jughead & co. but not yet. the musical episode (“a night to remember”) is on 18. april 2018 in american tv to the channel the cw aired a day later, you will always be on netflix to stream available.

Update from the 12. october, 2017

As of today, is finally the second season of “riverdale” available on netflix. the series is broadcast every wednesday, first in american tv to the channel the cw, on thursday morning you can watch the new episode on the streaming service. therefore, only the first episode is up online now, and not the whole season, and how to get it from netflix, mostly, the usual – but has it.

We have seen episode 1 of the new riverdale-season and reveal the five most exciting moments in – attention, spoiler! by the way: if you missed the first season, just scroll down to the bottom here, we have created you a small overview of all of the information to “riverdale”.

Netflix series, “safe”: no one is safe

men seeking women in Fort MorganTom delaney lives with his two daughters in a gated community, a closed residential complex can only be entered with a key. and it is precisely in this gated community in the heart of manchester, his 16-year-old daughter, jenny, disappears after a party. how could this happen? and why was murdered by her boyfriend chris on the like celebration? “safe” comes from the pen of the award-winning crime writer harlan coben, and captivates its viewers in eight episodes of the matt disk.

“safe”: what is it?

men seeking women in Fort MorganThree incidents need to be instructed in “safe”: who has kidnapped jenny delaney and is she still alive? who killed your friend chris chahal at a party? who has seals, chris’ mother, the french teacher zoe chahal, a relationship with a student? above all, the core, however, is the question: how safe is it know to be quite generally in his life, even if one lives in the seemingly idyllic world of a gated community, each other?

Tom delaney (michael c. hall) is a doctor and for about a year, a widower. his wife succumbed to cancer – just in the moment he cheated on you with a friend of his youth, and the present commissioner, sophie mason. this is the relationship a year later, however, only in secret. tom delaneys 16-year-old daughter, jenny, disappears after attending a party without a trace on the grounds of the gated community in which the delanys live. how can the

Sophie mason identified in the murder case of chris chahal, who was found on the party for his spoiled school friend sia marshall head under in the pool. chris was the friend of tom’s daughter and that’s not confusion enough, chris’ mother is a french teacher at the gymnasium, on the sopies son henry, and is said to have a liaison with a student. this is the truth or just a rumor?

Family marshall is trying to cover up chris’ death in your pool, by trying to sink the corpse in a nearby lake. of course does not work. this is not, however, disappear with the single strokes of fate within a week of jenny’s: in the case of a house fire in the gated community, the resident dies helen. from their house, jenny’s smartphone sent the last radio signals. what’s up with that?

The story in “safe” unfolds to four families and a variety of secrets. and – surprise – all these secrets and lies are revealed in the netflix series in eight episodes. private dramas, feelings of guilt, sex, drugs, a lot of lies, murder and manslaughter come within a week “safe” to light. the questions at the beginning, hanging out together on several corners and are the key to a completely different crime. suddenly, the closed, secure unit in the gated community is not closed and secure.

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