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Personal page of tiffig for lovely books

Extended trust charlotte & trenton by sarah saxx

men seeking women in DavenportBlurb – just the idea to be with men, intimate, from charlotte young for years panic. to be rid at last of this, she chooses an unusual self-therapy, which leads you straight into the extended – an exclusive club that caters exclusively to the sexual needs of she meets trenton parker: club owner, bartender and callboy. in charlotte, he immediately senses that she is not an ordinary customer. because, although she writes the contract for members, not reject it, triggering a unexpected stimulus, but feelings in him awakens, he would not have expected …

He set out to be from charlotte’s inconsistent behavior to be smart and win your trust. and she is always looking for its proximity. but what if her psychological wounds run deeper than he can imagine?

“run, charlotte! running, and ensure that you get as soon as possible distance to this place!“

Author – the same with your debut novel, “in a roundabout way to the heart” landed sarah saxx kindle is an amazon bestseller and has lived since then, to touch your dream: readers with romantic stories deep in the heart, and this is some tingling. in 1982, in the zodiac sign of gemini-born daydreamer loves milk, coffee, wild roller coaster rides and jazz music.sarah writes, loves and lives in upper austria and spends her free time at the loved one with her husband and their two daughters.

Cover – this cover is different as we know it by sarah saxx, however, it is beautifully and simply. with a subtle dusky pink background, it radiates something innocent. delicate flowers in white lines of a somewhat soft draw tendrils on the outer dress, and round thus, the selected letters, which seem to be a straight line, and then, in turn, playful,. i am thrilled with the cover simply. it is exactly to my taste.

Write style – sarah saxx confident with your writing style, which is pleasant is easy to read. it is the first novel of this author that i read. i was from the very first page of enchanted. one of the reasons was that the chapters were written from either point of view, and you learned thus to know the particular page. on the other, but also because the topic and the events have drawn me in a spell and i was literally tied up and so the pages flew.

“i told you already, that you determine the pace, charlotte. i don’t know what kind of men have you met so far, but i’m not guaranteed to descend in the cinema or afterwards about you – unless you insist. :)“

Story – in the book it’s charlotte, a young woman, carrying on her back a mass weight of the past. some years ago, an event changed her whole life and dominated. this is also the reason why you can’t be with men intimate. because of some of the relationships/ dates are already failed.then there is trenton, the bad boy. the owner of a club is outrageously hot and always has the right words with a certain degree of humor. in addition, the club “extented”, which is right next to his nightclub belongs to him, in which he at the time as a bartender with help.when charlotte visited with her girlfriends that evening was the night club, overheard it unintentionally, the two girls in the ladies ‘ room, as they talk about the extended. what sounds once absurd, is becoming more and more curiosity in charlotte. maybe the last resort is to finally come up with the panic in her veins to be clear, as soon as you think to be with someone intimate.not a week later, she goes alone in the night club, for more information on the extended to find out. there she meets trenton, a few days before as a bartender has identified and from which their views could hardly reduce. as it turns out that he is the owner of the extended, no longer knew even what hit her.

Roll over the events and trenton takes a liking to charlotte. after both make their own conditions, they find a middle ground with each other….. how and what? read this for yourself, and let the two enchant.

“fears are completely natural and protect against false decisions. but we grow when we face them, and we are learning a lot about ourselves. fears are there to overcome them.“

The protagonists of trenton and charlotte were with me from the very first page, immediately sympathetic. you felt the chemistry between them quite quickly. their characters have been elaborated with great attention to detail, so that one could put himself perfectly into the respective view. of humor about quite a lot of feeling but also pain, everything was there. you realize very quickly that trenton is the bad boy, for him to hold it all; at least not in the presence of charlotte. his sensitive nature, how he has her back strengthened, without knowing her closer, letting the reader clearly a magical band feel. in addition, i found the chapter of trenton just incredible. in addition to the serious issues that he draw me with his kind, always a smile on the lips.also, the side characters, which play in the next books in this series, a role, have been described from the beginning and i’m already excited, as in the case of hayley and aaron will go on.

“if you want to change something in life, there’s a way. it must not always be the direct path, but all that sitting at home and whining, and not the guts of the thing and to really change their situation, want it to be. in my opinion not a hundred percent“

The actions in the book are perfectly chosen, not cluttered or boring you are well thought-out and prepare for pleasure is an exciting read. the book was very difficult for me to put them down, because i just wanted to know how it went on.

In addition, it has provided us with sarah saxx with your taste in music is a perfectly selected playlist that matches the book super. i love the playlists in the books, since they are usually tuned directly on the books and the different emotions better deliver.

“to be quite honest, i actually thought that you wouldn’t make my feelings for you question. the first thing i think of when i wake up is you.“

Conclusion – for me, this book is an absolute highlight. “extended trust” is a love story that goes straight to the heart, and it lacks any depth. it treats a subject that deserves much more attention, but often a taboo is not, because the victims and/or family trust. a novel in the processing and to trust. wonderfully written and perfectly illustrated. to me, this work gets 5 out of 5 whispering star. i am looking forward to volume two. “extended trust” i highly recommend it, it should not be missing in any shelf.

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