Men seeking women in connecticut

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Kit harington: alcohol-drama! | intouch

men seeking women in ConnecticutFor millions of people he is a hero. for you kit harington (32), namely, jon snow, the best, bravest, most kind-hearted fighters in the “game of thrones”universe. but the series is over. and in real life, the kit does not feel at all heroic. after the shooting, the crash came. and how! “this has hit him really hard,” a friend to the us website “page six”. “he knew, suddenly, more!”

That he is in therapy, as revealed by kit harington in march. but it went to him in the last few weeks, getting worse and worse, he stunned an excessive amount of beer and liquor. until he pulled the emergency brake now, and quite far away from native england in a hospital in the us state of connecticut checking in. “he takes care of his personal problems,” said his spokesman.


Kit harington is in rehab

men seeking women in ConnecticutGood decision – but it is also tragic that not even his wife, rose, leslie was able to help the grieving kit out of the crisis. she has played also in the series: both met in 2012 on the set, where they played a loving couple’s wedding last summer. that her husband was the first anniversary on 23. june is probably not romantic spends with her, but in a rehab in the united states, it is hard for the 32-year-old. “but she supported him totally,” says the friend.

Also rose hopes that kit in the privé-swiss-learns hospital that alcohol is not a solution. the stay of the actor can cost a lot: the equivalent of 104 000 euro per month! for this, there’s an exclusive program, the device takes in currently only three patients. built with meditation, nutrition counseling and talk therapy. then they want to get the kit to take it slow, and the time together to catch up on. so he does not lose to “game of thrones” also his wife.

Teacher had sex with four students | intouch

men seeking women in ConnecticutBecause her husband couldn’t satisfy you, to have had a 31-year-old teacher from the u.s. state of connecticut sex with students – and with a four-piece!

According to the “daily star” has laura ramos, on wednesday the police. already in june she was already in police custody because she allegedly had sex with a student with a disability (18). here, ramos is supposed to be married and to have children.


Your students to log in to word

men seeking women in ConnecticutBut there’s the problem:  sliegt well;one of her students stated that ramos had him paid out via sms is the heart of your relationship problems: “ms. ramos complained that her man’ or ‘guy’ wanted to have sex with her any more.”

The other relevant open students reported ramos of the doldrums in the bed. with you  should have;in the back room of a restaurant, had sex.


Laura ramos pleads her innocence

men seeking women in Connecticut“later that night, a text from mrs. ramos, in which she confessed to him that it was her best sex of all time to reach him”, – stated in the police files.

Although ramos is a couple of times intercourse with any of their subjects had  four – piece it had been, however. “laura ramos, asserts their innocence; and we look with confidence to the continuation of the process,” said her lawyer.

Cady noland: the american object – and installation artist

men seeking women in ConnecticutCady noland (b. 1956, washington, dc) is an american artist and the daughter of the color field painter kenneth noland (1924-2010). cady noland works since the beginning of the 1980s, with collage, sculpture and installation. violence, fear and exclusion, the shadow side of the american dream, anti-cowboys and psychopaths belong next to things that were designed to the exercise of power, coercion, and restriction to the most important topics of noland’s. she lives and works in new york.

Early works: cowboys and the american soul

men seeking women in ConnecticutAfter her ba at sarah lawrence college in bronxville, new york, settled in manhattan. she started to work in 1983 with found objects, and had her first solo exhibition five years later at white columns in new york. your collages, sculptures and mixed-media installations, the shady side of the american psyche, in particular, the fascination with celebrities, violence, and psycho-pathological behavior to be investigated. her aesthetic vocabulary integrated strategies that build on the concepts of pop art, minimalism and post-minimalism, including sculptural innovations such as the anti-form and robert morris’s “scatter piece” (1968).

Noland’s early work include press photos, newspaper copies and ads. “guns” (1986/87) is a black-and-white photo-copied picture of a gun that is leaning against a with bullet holes littered diet pepsi. a picture collage on the right edge provides instructions for reloading the weapon. in 1987, faste cady noland your thoughts in the essay, “a meta-language of evil” and described the american society as a “empathielos like a psychopath”.

Cady noland’s cowboys

Who does not know the cliché of the ever-smiling u.s. population with neat suburban houses and trimmed gardens, toothpaste the work of alex katz) smile and high-school credit, including (cf. then there’s the idea of hyper active punters, gangster rappers, beauty queens, sports or action-movie-super-heroes. the latter have their origin in the american myth of the endless expanse of the conquering west and a presumed freedom of the cowherd. the latter have become as cowboys of the national symbol of a supposedly genuine american culture. especially in the reagan era of the 1980s, hat, boots, revolver and lasso to make the cowboy a figure that embodies more than any of the trappers, fur hunters, or pastor the ideal of the american man. in addition, he speaks little and has the closest relationship to his horse. to the extent that such myths as archetypal.

At the end of the 1980s, cady noland became famous with the razor-sharp analysis of the american dream world of cowboys pride and independence. they began long before “brokeback mountain” (2005) the myth of a broken version of its former self. noland’s cowboy sculptures, made of aluminum sheet cut out and silk screen print printed . “cowboy blank with showboat costume” (1990) presents the silhouette, the dotted figure of a through the four holes dotted the cowboys. the stereotype of the male ideal, is run by cady noland, again and again, through fashionable details, or injury.

What beer cans and the american flag have in common?

men seeking women in ConnecticutThe end of the 1980s dealt cady noland in a series of sculptures and installations with the consumption of beer male americans. “crate of beer”, or a title-free installation in the mattress factory in pittsburgh (both in 1989) combine six-pack with budweiser cans and metal scaffolding together. for the artist, cans of beer are called a strong american symbol as the flag (“old glory”), both but red, white and blue. the flag appears at the same time in noland’s work, where you will be draped or hung, or dismembered, mutilated – like your cowboys.

Abhorrence of violence enthusiasm

men seeking women in ConnecticutAnother dominant theme in cady noland’s work, the public interest in violence, which she finds in the media representation of celebrity-made criminals. the artist sees this as a characteristic of the american “psyche”. the show is looking for a result, to be objectified in american culture, individuals for entertainment purposes (see: “tanya as a bandit,” and “untitled patty hearst,” both 1989). cady noland believes that the male psychopath is the ultimate result of the american culture in which they manipulated each other and object-ified. to noland’s. in the early 1990s, she worked extensively with charles manson and his “family” and their representation in the media.

New formalism, and constant cultural criticism

men seeking women in ConnecticutDuring the 1980s, cady noland took advantage of the visual language of the mass media. since the beginning of the 1990s, their works show increasing to the sculpture of minimalism and post-minimalism, trained in the form of solution. the formalism of the historical styles take their investigations to the american psyche. again and again swing, allusions to torture, public humiliation and physical captivity.


men seeking women in ConnecticutSolo exhibitions of cady noland’s works were in the paula cooper gallery in new york (1994), in the museum boijmans van beuningen in rotterdam (1995), in the wadsworth atheneum in hartford, connecticut (1996) and in the museum of modern art in frankfurt a. m. (“mutated pipe” 2010, and 2018/19) are shown. between 1996 and 2018 – 22 years – allowed cady noland, no exhibition of their works. you can neither photograph nor interview or a gallery to represent.

Their works were in the group exhibitions “strange abstraction: robert gober, cady noland, philip taaffe, christopher wool” at the tokyo museum of contemporary art, tokyo (1991), the whitney biennial at the whitney museum of american art in new york city (1991), in documenta 9 (1992), and “mono: olivier mosset, cady noland” in the migros museum für gegenwartskunst in zurich (1999).

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