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“anne will” and the world-disorder: “are we equip in the midst of atomic betting”

men seeking women in BrookingsYou dreamed of after the end of the cold war, a new period of peace, meanwhile, is already clear: the old world order, “east against west” is a new world disorder followed. what is the role of germany in this nines un-right? it discussed anne wants with your guests. the answers were clear.

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Just in time for the completion of the recent munich security conference, the art of international relations comes want in “anne” on the table. “the new world-disorder – must take on germany on more responsibility?”, asked anne wants her guests in the latest edition on sunday evening.

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The guests discussed with anne will:

    men seeking women in Brookings

  • Heiko Maas (SPD), Federal Dağdelen foreign Minister
  • Sevim (Left), Vice-Chairman of the Bundestag
  • Jürgen Trittin (The Greens), member of the foreign Affairs Committee
  • Georg Mascolo, head of the research cooperation of NDR, WDR and “süddeutsche Zeitung”
  • Constanze Stelzenmüller, a lawyer and journalist, The Brookings Institution, Washington, D. C.

This has been discussed with anne will:

men seeking women in Brookings

New german on the outside with a clip of angela merkel’s speech at the munich security conference, in the multilateralism in preference to unilateralism, anne, the question wants to, whether you experience a new german foreign policy, in germany an open confrontation with america.

“i believe that there is a consequence, it was concluded, after two years of waiting, as it was thought that one could sit out trump. you have now recognized: the is nothing. it is now an actual breaking that takes place there. that’s why you have to set up a new, without emptying everything,” says jürgen trittin, merkel’s policy.

For heiko maas, the speech is more of a continuation of the previous policy, because the coalition is responsible for months in the position, that you could only work together to solve the global problems. the conference had also shown that merkel stand with your position is not alone: “the reaction to the speech by mrs merkel, was a big round of applause, some standing ovations. the answer to the speech of mr. pence was friendly applause, and otherwise silence. we are, our position is anything other than alone.”

This assessment of merkel’s speech tells constanze stelzenmüller: “the pence-speech, i also found spooky.” it should currently show the us attitude, where you have to be of a different opinion and at the same time, where necessary, cooperate. there is also within the americas, a movement to change something. if there are actually so many multi-laterali in europe, doubts stelzenmüller: “we are in europe divided as never before.”

Inf treaty:

That the united states have denounced the inf treaty recently, for sevim an affront dağdelen: “the denunciation of the inf treaty means nothing other than the betrayal of european security interests by the united states. the federal government has done nothing to save the treaty.”

Heiko maas looks at the background of the termination in a different way: “the real reason is that they are viewed in moscow as well as in washington, that it binds itself in the development of nuclear medium-range missiles, but at the same time in china or north korea and others, which are not part of this contract, these weapons systems have developed. if you are talking seriously about disarmament, not without the chinese.”

On – or disarmament:

“we thought that the theme is not done, but it is not,” is heiko maas of the fact to the point that in the last decades, not at all on disarmament and arms control spoken had been. in addition to the involvement of china and other countries, maas looks at the international disarmament is still a second point: “we are talking about nuclear bombs, but in the last few decades, new types of weapons have been developed, for which there are no international rules.”

You will need in addition to the dialogue, a assertiveness, says stelzenmüller, and adds the note that “the enforcement capability must not be thought closely on military build-up. assertiveness is especially other with mutual political trust and cohesion in europe. this is the beginning of everything.” a much bigger problem than a territorial attack from russia looks stelzenmüller in the hybrid warfare by russia, china or iran. however, you need a functioning europe.

For georg mascolo needs a responsible politician in russia and the united states, because: “it is not a matter of whether it is possible to prevent a new nuclear arms race, because we are, in truth, already in the middle of it.”

On the question of how europe could assist in the disarmament, reminds stelzenmüller in mind that there are still other ways: “we need to asymmetric thinking. where we are the most powerful? as an economic area. since we can actually. where are we important? there, where the americans and the russians need us.”

As it was then, once again, about the armor – and armament policy of germany, including maas, for a fact, that the improvement of the equipment of the bundeswehr is more than important and, secondly, that the german arms exports decreased by 20 percent.

This could sevim dağdelen so not let this stand: “according to the arms export policy exports to third countries must be an absolute exception. mr maas, in the last few years, has become the rule.”

Smart women fishing why at the end of the husband for life

men seeking women in BrookingsPreviously, women with a good education had a more difficult time than their uneducated sisters, to find the man for life. men had no desire for an overly self-confident and independent partner. and they aspired to a classical distribution of roles in the marriage. the man was the main provider, and his wife should take priority in the home, children, and the needs of your spouse.

Those days are over in the usa. a study by the prestigious brookings institution, says: “in the meantime, this is a general law: the better the academic title of a woman, and the greater their economic independence, the better your chances are to a marriage.”

Brookings has been compared over a period of 46 years, the eheverhalten of women with different educational qualifications. today, 75 percent of all women are married, have at least a bachelor’s degree. in the case of women without a high school diploma, only 56 percent.

Was also observed that the proportion of married women increases more and more, the higher the quality of the university degree is. “in the past, educated women were faced with the choice to either accept a patriarchal marriage, or to bury the hope of marriage and children. today, you could educate your children in a stable relationship, without losing their independence.”

The white house is for everyone

men seeking women in BrookingsFor barack obama, no way is wendell white to far. he would go for the new us president even from georgia, his homeland, where he lives with his wife and 13-month-old daughter. because since he is considered as obama’s assistants in the election campaign, to do is to get the 39-year-old, the message of the new president. change!

White, even african americans, is credit consultants. now he wants to help, if obama starts to govern the country. he hopes that obama will make his industry more transparent: “this is my man,” he says. for weeks white has studied the “plum book,” a plum-colored book, in 210 pages, the 7000 items are listed in a us government. from the speech writer of the president to the experts in the ministry of energy. more than 3000 of these posts are by the end of the administration of george w. bush free.

There could be something for wendell white in the process. family or friends he has no in of about 1,000 kilometers away in the capital, but his wife, he has already persuaded: if he gets a chance, moves the family there. white wants to serve his president.

Now, barack obama will take office. the ceremony will be prepared for a long time with military precision – it’s supposed to be the perfect transition, meticulously organized, orchestrated and celebrated. for washington, it marked a turning-point: eight long years the city was in the hands of the republicans. now, the departure, the euphoria of change, new people are moving to the capital, posts. a power – and the changing of the guard.

While the hope for a new beginning, for others, a life section to the end. “on 20. january is all over. with the start of the inauguration of our job is done,” says babs chase.

Recently, it has celebrated a farewell, her office is empty except for a large bouquet of flowers on the desk. chase most recently worked in the ministry of foreign affairs for support services for foreign journalists – with them she experienced the election year. previously, she was at the pentagon, organized the public relations for the troops in iraq. “it was a seat in the first row of the story,” she says.

Amazon’s new hq: why is washington a good chance of

men seeking women in BrookingsIn september 2017 figure amazon gave the starting shot for an unusual quest: to become the online giant is looking for a suitable location for the new headquarters. after all, 50,000 people will be able to work. therefore, the requirements were clear: the group wants a town with at least one million inhabitants. and of course good schools. and if there are still a few tax incentives or perks that would not be the wish also. so amazon launched a competition. of 238 applicants, 20 are still on. but apparently a candidate seems especially to offer.

“i think you look gene washington,” says richard florida, a professor at the university of toronto and author of the book on “washington post”. for amazon, the site would solve a lot of problems, so florida next.

<, h2>such As the Power-marriages, the academic, the Uneducated depend on

Allegedly, the love that overcomes all borders –  between races, warring clans in romeo and juliet, or religions. actually, love is probably not as limitless. in front of the heart a bouncer that lets in today, only suitable candidates.

Studies from the united states, which has evaluated the “bloomberg businessweek” under the title “your desire amplifies the differences in income”, show that more and more will only be married in one’s own social group. a trend that has built up over the decades.

As you have said earlier, today the term would be politically incorrect, the practice is widespread. as a result, women with a university degree have a far better marriage opportunities than less qualified women (we reported: marriage study: why smart women fishing at the end of the man for life). but the ladies with the completion of marry not just anyone, but rather to other academics. even from the own discipline.

This is a long-term trend of the decades stronger. the key is, the better training of women for the job market. possible, this development is in the first place, because since the 60s women in call study numbers. previously, most courses were an exclusively male domain. today, more women than men, study even. in the study men were able to get to know at the time, not a partner. this is different today. at the university are not only friends for life, but also the wife out looking. a positive effect is what is called in america, the feminist marriage in contrast to the patriarchal versorgerehe. a marriage which meets the demands of the feminists finally. a federal eye-to-eye. a connection between equal and equally strong partner.

Modern talking in the cheese-casting

men seeking women in BrookingsIf you arrive after such a long time – there are actually six years, i looked it up once again at the “super talent”, is a bit like the last day of the holidays. stop, stop, you think torschlu spanish. it’s all over? really? now it’s happening again? blimey. you would have to spend the time before that, but much more aware. read a good book, bergman movies, plates of sort. nothing there. now is the time. and how quickly one is back in it. well, here and there, the image appears on the stage to be renovated and the lady in the middle is apparently the ex of rafi van der vaart. but otherwise, almost everything.

And with the soft launch of the tauri and jaan the entry. the two estonians make slackline acrobatics and a good piece on the german city of park funds with your number. ceyda lowers the average age, then to another good piece. the 10-year-old is the bike, because, want, and must first descend again.

As the matrix would have flinched for a moment, turns out to be, of all things, planks as a sensitive bike whisperer, as a mediator and a psychologist. mantra talking from the master himself – and as if by magic, headed by the high school student from friedrichshafen suddenly wobbles here for a long time, is there a little mitzittern, by the number and by the applause and the press of a button-triad in the next round of wear. then, the brave giancarlo, who from his circular hair loss is not only a film-like haircut improvised, but it shows that you can wegtanzen the teasing of the school of the morons easy to change.

The flexing dutchman paul, a six-pack on two legs, not dancing, but braces, supports, twists and all the turns with the force of his hands. breakdance, he has tried, when the hand-levers he landed – almost a little unreal, the eye searches for the hidden threads, but none to be seen. and yet, this is only the prelude to a much too early the climax of the show.

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