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The advantage of aluminum window

japan dating appThe window will have a diverse function. you should allow the penetration of sunlight, so that all objects can be perceived through the eye correctly. through the window should be the least visual communication with the outside world possible.

It is even better if these can be opened and fresh air can flow into the rooms. that this is not the case of a high house, or in the case of large glass façades is possible, should be understandable. window, but also protect against heat and cold as well as noise. but you must also keep wind and rainfall and serve as a design element of the facade. you see, the architectural and physical requirements for a window are very diverse.

Allegie filter archives – healthy building and housing

japan dating appWith the more stringent requirements of the energy saving regulations, the ventilation systems back in the housing more and more into the foreground. in a great many areas of life, there are air filtration systems in the industry, in the car, on a plane, in hospitals, in the mines, in the car tunnel and in many other application areas. with these technological air filter systems, a certain quality requirement to the room air or technical air is to be achieved. in many cases, it comes to the reduction of the dust content of the air.

Dust-free and clean air in the industry

japan dating appParticularly clean, it must be the air in the assembly or in the manufacture of parts in microelectronics. however, the requirements on the air filter in a car are very low. it is only dust particles must be filtered from the air, so that the internal combustion engine is subject to premature wear. in the hospital, however, the spread of infection is to avoid diseases, or the patients are to be protected against infection. these special air filters have to filter out the task of micro-organisms from the air.

Have a special requirement in the pharmaceutical industry

The same function, the air filter also in the areas of micro-biological, pharmaceutical and food industry. in the manufacture of certain medicines or products, the purity must be guaranteed. many of the products are produced in fermentors by certain microorganisms. foreign germs would be added in this production process, the purified cultures are contaminated, and the desired product, for example, a certain ingredient for a drug that is polluted and no longer complies with the desired requirements. the requirements in this area are compared with a ventilation system which is many times higher. for each area, whether a sterile air filter, dust filter, allergy filter, etc. there are very specific filter systems, and also the matching filter. in the case of filter-caps.de you can select the appropriate filter for the respective application purpose.

It is not only the right air filter, but also to the time. this maximum time of use and appropriate maintenance must be strictly observed, otherwise the effect is the opposite. in the filter the dust particles or microorganisms to collect. the special filter material breaks, the material collected in the filter (dust, pollen, microorganisms, etc.) is transported with a punch in the air in the room. in the filter unit before the filter, collect, but also moisture, dust, and microorganisms. these components provide a very good basis for the growth of germs, thus the concentration, of which the outlet is increased substantially. the are a lot more germs than without a air filter system. this is an experience, where i had previously worked on the development of sterile air filters for biotechnological plants.

For example, a ventilation system in the system, a heating system for the house

In the case of industrial plants, in sterile areas or in the centrally-managed buildings, there is a detailed maintenance plan. the filters are exchanged according to a specific cycle, so that a contamination of the technical air or the room air is as good as excluded. a technical failure would result in high economic costs.

Maintenance of the filter in a private household

In the private budget to adhere to i see a particular danger. it can be assumed that there is a proper maintenance of the facility and the timely changing of filters is carried out in the household consistently. were collected, for example, over a longer period of time, the pollen (which is responsible for allergy) in the plant, so they could then enter a time delay in a high concentration in the room.

Instead of improving the indoor air quality is worsening. the exhaust gas are to comply with the standards of the heating system, because the air pollution will be reduced, so there is no public interest in the air of the room. in the case of office buildings, the regulations of the occupational safety grab. similarly, it is also in the interest of the employer that the employees stay healthy and hardworking can work. for the correct technical maintenance of an economic interest provides.

The normal ventilation

The historic buildings were built so that a sufficient exchange of air takes place, so the building will be sealed today in a systematic way. ostensibly, the exchange of air to remove the moisture and pollutants from the room or building is used. this air exchange was performed in an uncontrolled manner over joints, crack and not-so-tight windows. joints in masonry or in construction to possible moisture damage, the ventilation through the gaps in the windows, on the other hand, the structure makes sense.

With the constraint of energy-saving will be immersed in the window by sealing the end of the window, with one or two lip seals out. this will help during the cool season the hot air passes to the outside. the result is an enormous increase in moldy apartments. causes of the increase in relative air humidity and the concentration of microorganisms in the air of the room, because of the continuous dilution effect is missing.

To reduce the need for ventilation systems

This very widespread tree angel (high air humidity and higher concentration of pollutants), are installed in the ventilation systems. there are a variety of systems. these range from a simple fan, which sucks the air in the room, to a system with heat recovery. such a ventilation system can be planned in a new building, correctly in the heating and ventilation system and integrated. these systems are matched exactly with the physical properties of the building envelope.

A subsequent installation of a ventilation system with appropriate filters in an existing building is much more difficult. in the case of single-family homes will be installed only. although program using a pc a variety of situations to simulate, but whether the system for the respective residential building works optimally, is an open question. the responsibility of the house owners must themselves take care of the timely technical maintenance of the ventilation system.

Just seems to be, in my view, the most important problem. the views of citizens towards cleanliness and hygiene have a very wide scope. the subsequent installation of ventilation systems in old buildings, especially in single-family houses, i believe only in individual cases, for reasonable. note also that to avoid a noise and pollution from this system, additional sound protection measures are necessary. similarly, the subsequent installation of the system is only at the expense of the spatial structure is possible. finally, a ventilation system should not be visible.

The optimization of energy for the home

japan dating appOf the total energy consumption in germany for heat and electricity in buildings is about 36 percent. according to the building report, to 2018, the german energy agency (dena) could be reduced in the years 2002 to 2010, energy consumption in buildings by 20 percent. in the period from 2010 to 2016 the final energy consumption in residential and non – residential buildings remained at a high level and stagnated. so no more recognizable eneregetische optimization could be achieved.

If one compares the development of gas prices for households in germany in recent years, these remain dependent on the location and providers, about on the same level. similarly, in the case of oil. despite the slow rise, the costs are even lower than 24 % of the years 2013/2014. the price of electricity in recent years has risen steadily and is now over 30 ct./kwh. all modern heaters will need for their functioning power. in the long term, it is expected a further increase in energy costs. for this reason, you should optimize the heating .

The modern efficiency technologies offer many potential savings. important is the correct size of the heating system, is achieved so that as always, a high degree of efficiency. of course, technically, everything can be optimised, through heat recovery of the warm shower water or the warm exhaust air. what makes the case of a large administrative building sense, do not need to pay for a home due to the long payback period and the technical maintenance. on the problem of the filter but already with small and cost-effective measures without an expensive renovation, you can save energy costs. the are, for example, electronic thermostatic radiator valves, energy-saving shower heads to reduce hot water consumption energy-efficient household appliances or lighting with led lamps.

▷ eden city • 2019 • test, cost & experience

japan dating appEden city is a community under the old understanding of how it gave you 10 to 15 years ago. somehow, this portal seems to have the form up to the present time survived. there is the classic a chat, and various online games and also a interesting dating area. the side covers so many areas at once, unfortunately, all of the velvet is not very good or useful.

The last decades have gone to this site are probably over. the technology, the design, the menu, everything is outdated and obsolete. the operation is correspondingly difficult. for the dating of this platform also provides correspondingly little.

▷ first affair • 2019 • test, cost & experience

japan dating app


Passion & intimacy

First affair is a seitenspung agency, which is already gone in the year 2004, online. thus, it is one of the pioneers of the industry. was founded in the portal from the creators of myflirt, a free single market. the target group of the platform, especially married men mid 30’s and married women around the age of 30. mainly due to the tv advertising, the online agency is very well known. that is why every day, sign up to 1,000 new members. over 1.7 million user has the portal and a fake share of zero. on tv, the platform will be promoted under the name of abenteuer18.de what there are is also a own website. the platform is the same.

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