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As a woman alone in vancouver on the way? no problem!

images of columbian women

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*a guest article and photos by karin*

I the case when you travel alone, rather, into the category of coward. the plan i’m on fire, but before the departure i get the jitters.

In vancouver was once again completely superfluous!

For a week, i was on the road and have always felt safe, even if i am in the evening walking to 23 o’clock to photograph the solo around. vancouver and am also a good public transport network with the i even good for hiking in the canadian “wilderness” came in. you can find more information here at translink!

Stay time is different: before sleep, on university campus

images of columbian womenNormally, i book any accommodation. however, since the main season, i have reserved to me for the first few nights in advance but a room at the pacific spirit hostel at the university of british columbia (short-ubc). from there, you can of 15. may to 15. august cheap accommodation (from 49 cad per night, around 30 €).

The uni-complex is very large, so make sure in advance the exact hostel address assignment. my taxi driver didn’t know where to put it and so the journey was quite expensive.

My simple room was completely o. k. and had everything you need: bed, desk, shelf, and box. even the common washrooms were clean.

Just under the kitchen, i had imagined something else.

This consists only of refrigerator, microwave, and dishes. tableware there is almost none. you can cook so not really.

In the labyrinth of the huge ubc complex, i found my feet thanks to a good plan quickly. conclusion: very good price-performance ratio, but something from from the shot, if you want the evening in the city.

After the hostel closed, i am in the cambie seymour hostel* in the city centre. here i treated myself to the luxury of a small 2-bed room for me alone. for a person of around 6 m2 is enough just. the room was clean, unfortunately my mattress was bad. to compensate, there were delicious, free muffins for breakfast and the hostel is really super central!

The most delicious veggie & organic food in vancouver

images of columbian womenIn vancouver, i have to take care of me more often simply itself. if you like to do and how i love bio, then you’ll love the two subsidiaries of whole foods at cambie and kitsilano absolutely.

I can easily walk for hours on a tour of discovery!

Of course, i was also a few times to eat, it’s part of the holiday for me. in aphrodite’s café &pie shop can pieces – not only wonderful in the morning. here, you’ll both veggie as well as vegan food find. in addition to the cozy atmosphere i really love that everything is organic.

In the vegan raw food eatery gorilla food, i have treated myself to a freshly squeezed juice and a lasagna. unusual, but tasty, and super extensively.

In the case of rebellious tomato, not far from stanley park, there are good organic pizza by the piece. vegan options here are, unfortunately, not on the map. the dough you can choose between full-grain and gluten-free!

At the stanley park bar & grill veggies & be happy; vegans. i enjoyed a very tasty veggie burger and a salad with maple syrup-balsamic dressing. the creative salad dressings, often with fruit inside, i found the food in vancouver is always exciting and varied.

At home, like to travel, i love organic fair – if possible, of packaging-free veggie food. that’s why i’m always with my own zero waste set on the way: fabric napkin, bamboo cutlery, small lunch box and a reusable to-go mug or a water bottle.

Shia, from the waste land rebel, has just returned from her year-long stay in vancouver and on your blog, you will find waste any amount of current zero, and vegan food-tips for vancouver.

Pure nature: raccoons, herons & co. in vancouver

images of columbian womenOne of the things that drew me to vancouver particularly impressed with was the smooth transition of a vibrant metropolis, with skyscrapers to untouched nature. perfect to change quickly out of the city to come out, is the stanley park – the recreation area provide vancouverites.

(here you will find a map of it, to download and print!)

In principle, i’m not a fan of any of the facilities where animals are locked up. the vancouver aquarium in stanley park makes an exception. what i like particularly well, that is always drawing attention to what effect their actions have on the environment and what you can improve yourself. in addition, you have the rare opportunity to see a beluga whale! best you buy your ticket online in advance to avoid the queues.

Tip: after los is the unlocking in the morning is still relatively little.

After the aquarium, you can just walk through stanley park. in the case of the lost lagoon you’ve got a good chance of a wide variety of birds to see such as canada geese, canada herons, ducks, but squirrels and raccoons. in the nature house at the site, the stanley park ecology society give you tips on when and where you have the best chances to see wild animals.

A wildlife highlight for any vancouver visitors a whale watching tour! i was with steveston seabreeze adventures on the road. at the first exit, we have robben, unfortunately, “only”, and a sea lion seen. if you don’t see whales, you get to ride again for free and i benefits out naturally. the second time we have luck and fascinated by a group of orcas. for beautiful photos, you were gone too far, but it was still a great experience!

Travel credit card? foreign currencies? how do you manage that?

images of columbian women

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I keep all my travel credit card always in the same subject, but on the last trip i was in a thai shopping center, opened my wallet and found just 20 baht (~50ct) in it. but no credit card.

Nevertheless, i searched the whole wallet, all the corners of my bag, my pockets and my brain then, where you might have stayed.

In such moments, breaks you into a cold sweat.

Gestohlen? lost? has anyone found and abused?

In the end, it has turned out, that i in the morning at seven o’clock, after a 24-hour trip from jordan to thailand, completely tired out and with a good pinch of jet lag, my travel-credit card* easy to use in the atm at the airport in bangkok put had.

In thailand is different than in germany, first of all, the money from the vending machine and then the credit card. used to go after the money just pick it up, i have done exactly that.

The most important and very first thing you should do as soon as you discover that the credit card of your choice is there, is to call the number to block!

  • In Germany, this is the free number: 0800 811 8440
  • the

  • In foreign countries, in every country in the world is a toll-free number that You can find in this page!

If you want to be on the safe side, you should use the number directly in the phone store.

I would have been able to drive in thailand, only once in my guesthouse and after my trip-credit card, because with the chronic bowl syndrome could have been another way.

I wanted to take a risk, and you shouldn’t!

Your credit card has been blocked on the road – and now?

images of columbian womenIn the ideal case, you should always have two* travel credit cards, like me. then you does it hurt not to leave it to the security lock (better safe than sorry), and you have to in case of emergency, not to worry, as you’re now on cash.

You actually without credit card traveling in a foreign country, there are still ways to get money:

The simplest is a cash transfer via western union-bank:

Here you ask a person you trust to go to a western union in germany (some post offices do, too) and for you a certain amount of depositing, on your name.

The person a confirmation number, which she gives to you, and you (together with your travel money passport) and then to a western union desk now gets abroad to pick up can. this happens within a few minutes, so it is very quick to perform.

This money transfer is worthwhile, however, actually only in emergencies, because fees are not.

How can i keep my credit card on safe travel?

images of columbian womenThis theme we had in our previous article in detail, therefore here only once more in a nutshell:

If you have more than one travel credit card, , never both credit cards keep in the same place (for example, in a wallet or in a backpack or bag that you always carry with you), but best to use a credit card always with you, and a well-secured in your accommodation or travel in your big backpack.

What travel credit card is right for me?

images of columbian womenThis is a question i can (unfortunately) only take literally: i know that the dkb credit card* is traveling for me is definitely the right one! i use it since 2008 and have only good experiences with it, however, there are at every bank and every credit card on travel will always be people who have a bad experience, if you are looking for then.

The points that brought me back to the dkb credit card, were the following:

  • No account fees
  • the

  • Two Visa credit cards and a debit card included
  • to use

  • Online Banking simple and easy
  • the

  • withdraw money Free of charge with my travel credit card at any ATM in the world displaying the Visa sign (here You only have to note whether the Bank that owns the ATM will charge You extra fees)

What was initially a little getting used to, but yes for all the online banks is that there is no bank switch more, you can go. but very quickly a habit, because transfers i’m doing online, and if i have questions, there is still the 24/7 customer service.

Wanted to lock when i use my credit card on trips to thailand and me prefer to use english to communicate (i was in a mild panic, as i felt with a german voice better), i called the lock number of the dkb and had locked within two minutes of my trip credit card. i was able to clarify so personally, if i needed a new card or not.

How was that again with the fees of the credit card?

images of columbian womenIt was discussed a lot last year, but actually it is quite simple: the credit card, the dkb* means free of charge, and free of charge, you pay no withdrawal fees, no matter where in the world you withdraw money with your travel credit card.

However, there are always banks and financial institutions that collect on their atms an extra fee, as mentioned above. however, this has nothing to do with the dkb, but with the foreign institutions. in australia, thailand, mexico, for example, there are banks that charge extra fees if you use their atms.

In thailand and mexico, there are, unfortunately, no alternatives, but in all other countries, i try a few banks, until i have either the lowest fees or a fees-free banking have been found.

Important here, however, so that your travel credit card charges remains free, you have to be active a customer of the dkb-bank. that means that you should be on a monthly basis a minimum of 700€ on the account. for all world travelers for several months, so a little tricky, but for any that has a regular income, no problem.

What if a foreign atm swallows my trip credit card?

images of columbian womenBefore i ventured on my first overseas trip, i read a bunch about scams and rip-offs at foreign atms.

The vending machine, the pre-built small boxes at the introduction of the shaft had grown, the scan of the card, and then misused to make the… cameras in the atms that record your finger movements and so on to your pin for the credit card… and, and, and…

Especially in the case of my trip to indonesia, where the particular often happens, i made me almost in the pants, every time i have withdrawn money with my travel credit card. therefore,…

” my 5 golden basic rules!

images of columbian women5 simple rules that i had set up for me, have me a little peace of mind:

  • When possible (which was on the island already difficult to achieve), I>. So I would have been able to call in case of problems, immediately someone of the staff help. (But also make sure that You leave the ATM, if it keeps Your credit card even! Please someone who goes to the Bank, someone for You out.)

  • the

  • stand out, Never in the evening, at night or on the weekend the money! Because then You can reach in an emergency, really no one, except a Visa or Your Bank, and You definitely need to Your travel credit card* lock
  • Your Hand will obscure the Pin entry! But now, unfortunately, internationally. I always have my extensive wallet on my Hand and cannot type the number of the blind.
  • the

  • always Have a charged cell phone with reception and credits for You! Should be the swallow of vending machine credit card once, at night, and a weekend, then think about it not even Let you lock the phone!! Anyone please help or have a question for You to call, do it yourself! (Therefore, I always saved the restricted number of Your Bank on the phone!)
  • the

  • Put Your Limit Your travel credit card to a reasonable amount! it’s easy to do online and a couple of Hundred euros should be enough in most cases. But it also tempts no Stranger to spending too much money, when he comes to Your credit card before you can block them.

These points i have called out to me again and again to memory, when i first started out, a little looser to deal with it, and i can recommend you as a short internalized checklist only! even if i note it particularly in the countries where the scams happen frequently, it is never wrong to follow you around the world!

This may almost sound paranoid, but in the worst case, you can be several thousand euro makes it much easier… do you want to take the risk, really?

How do i get to travel to a new credit card?

images of columbian womenThere are cases, especially in the case of long-time traveller, since you’re in the position to need to travel a new credit card. either you’re longer on the road than planned, and the card expires, or you’ve lost it, it was stolen or is just defective.

All very uncomfortable, and therefore, hopefully, never be a problem for you, but what if it is?

Then you have two options:

  1. You call Your Bank and describe to them Your case. If You get a sympathetic Bank, and maybe a nice customer service, this should be the easiest variant. If You’re in a accommodation, the employees You don’t trust it, You can get the travel credit card there. I would rather go on the safe and the credit card post to send restante to a post office let. That’s where You (and only You) can pick them up then upon presentation of Your ID.
  2. the

  3. You have in the best case, and a) somebody else (like a parent) a power of attorney for Your account be issued, or b) already in the address of Your parents deposited in Your Bank, so You via Online Banking, simply order a new credit card can be sent there. Then the Person can send one of Your trusted You Your new travel card by registered mail. Definitely the more expensive, but also, under certain circumstances, the less complicated variant. Depending on how loose Your Bank


And how is that now with the different currencies?

images of columbian womenBefore you travel in a country with a foreign currency, you ask yourself whether it is worth it to get this currency, to build an exchange desk at the airport, or to get the first in the country money, right?

And now, my answer: if you have a travel credit card in the process the does not charge any fees when you lift, are you doing it for you to fly the simplest in the country and in the airport, the first atm’s with the visa to cupping of the characters you find.

And there are everywhere and always at least one. guaranteed.

You should still cash in the pocket, feel more comfortable, or you don’t want to make the first one on the search for an atm, you can, of course, a switch in attention, but let me tell you, the courses are not designed necessarily to your favor, and, if possible, you shouldn’t do it necessarily at the airport, that’s where it is at its worst.

My special tip to foreign currencies…

images of columbian womenAsk a few travelers in your accommodation, perhaps just out of your target country will have to make, whether or not you still have currency left over, and exchange it for you.

This goes also vice versa super: if you have any currency from your last country left to offer you travelers who just go there on the way. so you can swap them at fair prices, and benefits both of them!

What else should i take note?

images of columbian womenSome of the few countries reserve the right to be the only ones allowed to trade their currency. what does this mean? this means that you can start with lao currency, for example, outside of laos, nothing! you can’t go back or exchange it. therefore, it is particularly in these countries, your money is completely in the country, or to return it to travellers who are on the way to laos to submit.

What are your experiences?

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