Hollywood Sleeps in Obama’s Arms While the Gulf Screams For Help

Now that their “messiah” from Chicago has been elected to the nation’s highest office, Hollywood is hypocritically silent. When Bush was in office, nary a week passed without our hearing passionate cries for his impeachment or vile insults upon his intelligence. Concerts, benefits, songs, commercials, and appeals for donations almost immediately followed worldwide disasters. The tribute to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack, only ten days later, raised more than $100 million. The concert telethon for the 2004 tsunami victims raised millions more. The “Shelter from the Storm” concert raised $30 million for Hurricane Katrina victims. “Hope for Haiti” raised $66 million for Haiti’s earthquake victims. Eight weeks after America’s worst ever environmental disaster, one which Obama compared to 9/11 (to the consternation of more than 2000 victims’ families), we have not heard from our Hollywood celebrities. They appear fabiosa.com to be resting comfortably in the arms of their “messianic” President, fearing to breathe a word that might bring harm to his already tanking numbers.

The environment has been a favorite topic for our Hollywood celebs. They love to espouse the global warming theme popularized by Al Gore, another of their political heroes. The BP oil spill will go down in the record books as the biggest environmental disaster in our history. Approximately 100,000 barrels of oil have been spewing into the gulf every day. That’s the equivalent of the Exxon Valdez spill every 2.4 to 3.5 days, according to Steven Wereley of Purdue University. Patrick Szabo says the oil is “destroying the Gulf of Mexico and its beautiful ecosystem.” Tons of species will be affected by this disaster. Some may soon be in danger of extinction. North Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, famous for the sushi our Hollywood friends are fond of, may be in danger since their spawning in the Gulf of Mexico occurs from mid-April to mid-June. “Five of the world’s seven sea turtle species live, migrate, and breed in the Gulf region,” says Julia Kumari Drapkin, writing for Global Post. Sharks, marine mammals (whales, porpoises, dolphins), brown pelicans, oysters, shrimp, blue crab, marsh dwelling fish, beach nesting and migratory shorebirds, and migratory songbirds are all in jeopardy. Where are the pictures of our Hollywood celebrities cleaning off the oil-coated brown pelicans dying on the beaches?

Fishing in the gulf accounts for a billion dollars of our nation’s GDP, with $13 billion more in tourism, and $11 billion in oil, according to Charles Colgan of the National Ocean Economics Program. Florida has no state income tax and its economy depends on tourism. Many of the Gulf States are suffering the loss of thousands of jobs as a result of Obama’s suspension of all drilling operations in the gulf. The Department of Economic Development in Louisiana estimates losing “3,000 to 6,000 jobs in the next two to three weeks, and as many as 10,000 Louisiana jobs within six months,” as reported in .

Even the fishing industries, devastated as they are by the BP spill, support the oil industry. Many boats tie to the rigs while dropping their lines. Grand Isle’s Dean Blanchard, one of the largest shrimp distributors in the country says, “We’re suffering enough without others suffering.” Governor Bobby Jindal is urging Obama to move quickly to remove the moratorium. Jeff Landry, running for congress calls the moratorium “nothing short of a domestic attack on our economy.”

People in the Gulf states are suffering and our President is not helping. Our Hollywood “friends” are hopelessly asleep in the comfort of his golf and basketball toned arms. Hollywood’s fundraising capabilities are unquestioned.
Their successes have been well documented in the past. Today they dare not speak against their “messiah” if it means denying the screams of our American victims in the Gulf. The silence of Hollywood is deafening.

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