Grindr in the Test of 2019 In is who is in it

Grindr in the Test of 2019.

Grindr is a founded in 2009, Gay App, which now has more than 200,000 German users. Worldwide, there are more than 27 million. Grindr in the Test of 2019 In is who is in it phone-included ID
Whether, and for whom it is worth to register, we have tested for you .

In the case of Grindr sign up.

Log in to Grindr is straightforward and fast. Registration is completed in less than 5 minutes and costs nothing.

To create the profile you need his E-Mail address, password and date of birth. If you have accepted the terms and conditions of use (” I accept the Terms of Service “), you are redirected to the Overview. The profile is created and you can look around first .

(P. Grindr in the Test of 2019 In is who is in it you are redirected to
s. The first check box, you must select if you want to receive any notifications via E-Mail.)

Warning: It is became known that Grindr has shared the profile data and the HIV Status of the user with Third-party companies, in order to improve the “Dating App”. Scott Chen, the head of the Chief Technology Officer of Grinder said this was a “standard procedure”, however, it is incomprehensible why the HIV Status of online analytical companies should be given.

Grindr in the Test of 2019 In is who is in it Grindr in the Test

Since the Information each of the E-Mail address, GPS data, and the phone-included ID, could be used to identify each user undoubtedly – also, if you had given on Grindr neither names nor photos .

Grindr is now strong in the criticism, because the Parts of the HIV Status of a Person without their explicit consent, is a violation of the privacy and HIV-stigmatize positive people. On Grindr now promises not to share sensitive information with third parties .

The focus is on the optics.

This is quite clear, if you Fill out the profile. You can select the displayed name and a profile description hinuf├╝gen. Then it goes but, above all, the appearance: height, weight, ethnicity, body shape.

Further information aimed at sexual preferences as well as relationship and health status: New-the question of the HIV Status and the last test date is created. Below you will find a Button that directs one to a page for health issues, primary STDs more. Here you can inform yourself about possible risks and diseases.

In addition, you can link his other Social Media Profiles to Grindr to a richer self-image to make.

Grindr in the Test of 2019 In is who is in it Further information aimed at sexual

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