Good dating sites review

  • You can upload as many pictures as you want
  • Sending a wink for an instant match.
  • Members can send virtual gifts to other users
  • High membership cost
  • High membership cost for men
  • Identity verification system is lax
  • Straight and gay singles are encouraged to sign up
  • Unlimited photo uploads
  • You will immediately get matches for free based on your location after the registration process.
  • Design on the site looks more business like than romantic
  • Limited features for free users
  • Only paid members can send and reply to messages
  • There are about 1,500 members online at any given time
  • Targeted to teens and young adult
  • You can tick a box on their profile if you're interested in meeting the other user
  • Some chat rooms are active; some are not
  • Photo reviewing takes too long
  • Sending and reading messages are for premium users only

Colombian women meet colombian singles today

good dating sites reviewWhen frustration has overcome from all corners and you feel lonely and rejected, you need to explore the sincere beautiful colombian women in medellin, the magnetic attraction cordially invites you by millions of miles. no matter what country and age group you belong to, if you are ready to get married and have a constant life with a real life partner, welcome to medellin – is the second largest city in colombia. it offers exciting possibilities in terms of the perfect marriage material.

How to get in contact with colombian women ?

good dating sites reviewMeet” if you live in europe or the usa, the web, your praise is used values. there are many latin dating websites, where you will need to register, fill in your data. in a similar way, women in the age group of 18 and above to file your profile, and you can go through the endless list. after you complete some of them, you can send an invitation to communication with you. if you are ready to continue the progress that colombian women are easy to spark the conversation. apart from the search on your pictures, you can even wear a video-chat with these pretty colombian ladies and learn more about their whereabouts. as soon as a few of the girls are completed, it is best to medellin to fly and meet you in person.

Where to find colombian women in medellin ?

good dating sites reviewAre you in the city of medellin, in its vicinity you will find beautiful colombian ladies. you are looking for the singles, visiting bars or restaurants with a herd of girls. you will appreciate colombian women for their appearance and try to come closer and ask you if you are single and can spend some time with you. put a few dates of the meetings and know you-and to verify this completely. on the other hand, girls also do the same on your behalf.. if you are not satisfied, forward, move, there are to get married, thousands of other desperate.
on a latin dating website, if you apply for a platinum membership, you can get a couple of colombian girls from the list, and after a few sessions ask your soul mate to finalize. inaugurated as a friend and if you feel that you have made the right choice, progress in the direction of love, and get married.


Medellin women are formally dressed ladies, the exceptionally fashionable. medellin women are generally well educated and live an active everyday life. most of the women of medellin to work independently or have their own business. you judge a person with their dressing style and quality of clothing.

Look for the medellin women

Medellin women are among the most beautiful latin women. you will have a flawless skin and attractive features. you are figure-conscious and freak about their health. for this reason, sharp curves have. her exotic beauty is as reviving and stimulating source of the aliens to see in the world. for this reason, it has become a centre for foreign tourists.. they are extremely hot and picture – perfect. your charm is known worldwide. colombian women have to tan a fair complexion, so depending on your selection, you can go on a date.

Earlier, you saw beauty., and beautiful women only in movies, and magazine cover pages, but here you see them in real. reveal your skin is your culture and do not hesitate to go for a cosmetic surgery. however, as you can see in the clothes you wear sexy. usually, you can see how they are exposed in tight jeans and tops partially. for this reason, they are part of the majority of the top-class beauty pageants and modelling world.

Qualities of medellin women

Medellin women are shy by nature, such as medellin, an influence of old traditions and customs. medellin women are very caring, gentle, considerate, compassionate, kind and friendly. so, before you get some questions, all of you needs met. women of medellin to know the art of a man amusing and keep him happy at all times. they are the perfect blend of all the attributes, which a single man craves.

The women of medellin are soft spoken and know how to respect the individual and his feelings. to impress your sensuality and intelligence, of the people and, many singles who come to visit you, gets into your network, and you will marry be your big fan, during the short span of time go out for a dinner or you can enjoy during the night outs and the cities with them, dancing. women from colombia have heights of feminism. you are jealous of their friends and husbands, and consider it a jewel and jealous if someone stares at her partner.

Colombian brides make the best latin women

If you are interested in and you with them before marriage, hiking, colombian girl dates are the best girlfriends. a detailed description of a woman can offer through the dating sites, as you complete service introductions in the matchmaking service. the only thing you need to do is for a paid membership. paid subscription provides not only the opportunity to begin the conversation.

Advantages of latin dating websites

Of the biggest advantage of the latin dating sites is that it can send it an ideal place for hunting, according to a colombian woman of your dreams with the rest of life with peace and harmony. you can contact colombian women &; colombian girls, foreign men looking for a relationship. to meet colombian women in voice and video conversations, you can travel to medellin, as you visit the place, your future colombian bride have to fall in love. some of these latin dating services offer dating tours to medellin.

About medellin

Medellin in colombia is a huge city with millions of honest, frank, and exotic girls for marriage. the city has attractive and beautiful latin ladies. no doubt, colombian women are passionate to get married. colombian women have a positive attitude towards life and are adorable, but have a culture of sexuality. many tourists come from all these reasons attracted to them and use them like a – and -throw material. so, you need to be very careful during the execution of appointments. as poverty has caught the city’s many beautiful colombian women engrossed in prostitution, get to earn their bread and butter.

On the other hand, some of those who are interested to spend your life with a reliable partner to face language problems. to understand colombian women mostly don’;t and speak good english.

Are your biggest gripes about the tourists that they are only obliged to love and sex and not a relationship and to impress a girl on dates by gifts, and romantic. these things she is not crazy like stability and a successful married life is the platform for all this. a lot of men promise you after a relationship and not even choose your phone then. so, if you ask too many questions, don’t you feel insulted as you are really serious and a committed relationship want to.

Are you interested in finding a colombian woman for marriage, medellin is a great place to start. – test report and the information at a glance

good dating sites reviewIf you are in the appropriate age, we can recommend this reputable and nice community in any case. the portal is a many features, such as, for example, a large forum with different topics. in the various groups and chat rooms, you can exchange ideas and make new contacts.

After logging in, which is quickly and easily done, you need to complete before they are allowed to be in the forum and in the chat, your profile, up to a certain point. a good idea, because there is less fake accounts, and those who are active are serious, and you can read a lot of the profiles out. in your profile you can give to your person and interests. in addition, you can be a “certified member” by meeting sends a copy of a valid id at the 50plus, of course, these data are treated confidential. is suitable for both, to make new friends to flirt or to find a suitable partner. through the various methods of contacting you quickly with other members into the conversation. overall, a very friendly and open climate in the community prevails, so that you feel there in good hands.

Inter-friendship test

good dating sites reviewIn the case of inter-friendship there is a dating portal that has specialized in the placement of russian women and german men. for all other target groups, this is not online dating service is useful.

  • The Portal was founded in 1999 and thus possesses many years of experience in the field of East-West contact.
  • Since the founding have been about 420.000 Eastern European women and German men, a new love, through the Portal looking for.
  • on a Monthly basis in the Online catalog of inter-friendship is about  to find15.000 the latest personal ads of Russian Single women.
  • however, There are only about 10.000 search the end of men – the equivalent of a ratio of 3:2 in favour of men!

Many young candidates looking for a much older man. probably, with the fact that older men have already climbed the career ladder and in a material respect, a worry-free life can offer. if that makes nothing, is in good hands here.

The personals in the online catalog are always “fresh” and not older than four months!

The partner

good dating sites reviewIn the case of inter-friendship one(s) designed in accordance with the registration of a contact display. then you can browse it in the advertisements of women – and, if necessary. contact. or the wait until a “fish going into the net” – so you get a request from a russian woman. with a successful photo-this succeeds even several times a day!

The contact to the lady outside of the portal, is possible: by email, phone or post. the portal itself is simply designed and all functions are easy to find. thus, we can speak of positive experiences with inter-friendship.

Personal home page

Woman catalog

<, h2>is Free features and paid Services

Completely free-of-charge at inter-the friendship, the browse ladies ads, which often include multiple photos. free also the switching of a contact display. the first three requests of russian women, you can read for free.

If you(n) takes a liking to a woman from the register and in contact with her would cost.

The currency in the case of inter-friendship is a “friend€hips” and is purchased in packages. you have the advantage that they are not tied to a subscription.

Prices for the friendchips packages:

  • 10 Friend€hips: 19,- €
  • 30 Friend€hips: 39,- €
  • 60 Friend€hips: 59,- €
  • 90 Friendehips: 79,- €
  • 150 Friend€hips: 99,- €

Overview of costs for the debtor’s actions in the case of inter-friendship:

  • the retrieval of The contact information and letters of a Russian costs, depending on the category (“Blind Date”, “Short Portraits”, “Top-Ads”) between 5 and 10 FriendChips.
  • A “Refresh” (treatment of the display as you are new) would be the display cost for men 10 FriendChips.

The following payment methods are available: paypal, credit card, paysafecard or direct debit. if you opt for the direct debit, you must wait, depending on the bank, a couple of days, until the points are credited.

PARSHIP Screenshot, the home page


elite partner Screenshot, the home page

Elite partner

Our experience from the test

good dating sites reviewInter friendship stands out among the often dubious offers of other eastern european matchmakers positive. it is by far the best and most professional dating-portal in this market segment. this is not surprising, because many of the ladies from the team are also from russia, live in germany and lead a bi-national relationship.

The fact that the matchmaking is working for so many years, speaks for the experience of the team and the quality of the services. the portal is on the whole a respectable and very well maintained. if you want to win a (young) russian woman is right here.

Chances of success in inter-friendship

good dating sites reviewAs the woman outweighs the share on the portal, find the registered men have good chances of finding a russian partner. the large selection, the high motivation of the russian ladies to marry a german man, what are the prospects of success for the man increased even more.

If material aspects to consider when searching for a partner a higher-level role-play, or whether true loyalty intentions behind it, one must(n) in the individual case. we have also heard of cases where the man was just a vehicle to get to the “golden west”.

On the other hand, you must not be surprised(n) to be later, except if “he” is looking for 50 a very attractive 20-year-old woman … our advice: just stay realistic.

The operator released very like to photograph weddings, and couples who have found each other through inter-friendship. there are already to admire over 7,000 photos! we recommend that you train with a serious intention to adhere to their drink for the wedding celebrations of the future of the russian relationship 😉 nazdorovje!

<, h2> in the Test

In contrast to the majority of single exchanges’s not to have relations (although this, of course, the result can be), but rather, as the name says, to easy sex and all the topics related to the erotic. here it comes to affair possibilities, swingers clubs, role play and hot sex…

According to information provided by the operator has the page 3.6 million registered members and recorded in 380.000 messages sent per day. every day 2,000 new members join. the portal provides an effective fake protection by a self-developed system for verification of telephone numbers. registration is fast and done in 5 minutes. behind the website, not a large group, the presentation and the site design is surprisingly professional.

Joyclub Screenshot, the home page


First Affair Screenshot, the home page

The first affair

Check-list of dating sites with fictitious profiles

good dating sites reviewMost of the dating sites are not completely free, but only to a limited extent. as soon as it comes to the exchange of messages between the members, the use of chargeable. the principle itself is not wrong entirely. the fees allow many dating sites, a qualitative maintenance of the portal functions and to keep rogue users.

, here you can find a summary of reputable dating sites

Now, unfortunately, there are also portals, the use of decoys, in order to come faster to the fees and to maximize your profit. decoys, animators, presenters, and ikm-black box (ikm stands for internet contact market) satisfy all the same purpose – to entertain real portal users and to move to purchase a premium membership. real users will be contacted by fictitious profiles, and curious. to answer the messages, you need to grab in the bag.

More possible names for fictional profiles: controller, sparkle profiles, accounts, operators, agents …

That means if a dating exchange decoys sets in, it’s not necessarily that there are no real users on the portal. the portals can reach – mostly through advertising – many applications and also host a lot of real people. the decoys should give men an impetus to decide faster for the portal. real women you should then search under nondescript profiles. very erotic profile photos(n) is not very optimistic. real women behave more discreetly.

Tip: joyclub is one of our favorite good erotic portals

<, h2>Are Fake Profiles and lock birds on Dating sites legal?

Yes and no. although it is deceive contrary to the law of other people to be aware of in order to gain a material advantage. nevertheless, most of the dating sites assure that the decoys used, by a note in the terms and conditions of use. in the case of an application for registration or when you purchase a premium membership, the terms and conditions of the dating stock market must be confirmed. only a few users read the terms and conditions completely. sometimes a similar section like:

The user. with these persons, is not a real meeting is possible, you not only serve the entertainment of the user …

If the user with the terms and conditions agreed, it’s a deception, because the operator there is to work with animation profiles. the user confirms in its turn to have the note and have taken note.

Tip: search reputable are ready and the page jumps there are in the case of love point

The following dating exchanges hin in their terms and conditions on fictitious profiles:*

good dating sites





(*) please note that this list may not be complete. with more than 2,000 dating sites alone in the german-speaking countries, it is research almost impossible, all portals. in addition, it is rarely possible any changes to the terms and conditions on a daily basis to. in the case of a manual test, it is not excluded that we missed something. nevertheless, let’s try the check list to keep with the concerned dating sites is always up to date.

Elite partner in the test

Elite partner is the second-largest german online dating service, the naming reveals, as in a elite target audience is. it will be mainly addressed to academics and singles with high. doctors, lawyers, engineers, managers and entrepreneurs, the typical audience of elite partner.

The focus of the platform is located on the reputable dating. most of singles are interested in a solid partner for life. starting a family is the desire that drives the members of the partner exchange. anyone looking for loose contacts, is right here.


  • there are Now over 3.8 million registrations in Germany.
  • Per month used the Portal of around 450,000 German Singles.
  • According to the matchmaking 70 % of the members have an academic degree.
  • The gender ratio is slightly in woman-heavy, with 46% of members are male, 54 % female.
  • The average age is 42 years, the minimum age for membership in 20 years.

The index will not be conveyed to the bodies after a certain period of time. there are elite partner as well as no fakes, because each registration and change tested manually. also, the matchmaking should be only a certain elite are available.

For the logon, there is one important requirement: the members should bring a certain level.

Claims to not be rejected 25% of the profiles, because they reflect the wishes of the provider. this is for accepted members is a blessing, because in this way you know that here in comparison to other dating services on a superior level.



How it works

How does the partner exchange?

good dating sites reviewAccording to recent studies, like-minded happiness lead to friendly relations. that’s why elite partner to bring focus to the fact, singles with a similar social background and similar values together. the matching is done with the help of individual partners ‘ proposals, which are determined on the basis of a psychological personality tests.

Approximately 80 of the questions in the registry fill in the matching-system, where your relationship desires lie. the personality analysis is the key to matching partners. after the initial registration, you can no longer change the result. therefore, our tip: take seriously the personality test immediately, so that you have really good partners are made of the proposals.

After elite partner is determined by your personality profile, be sought from the members of the pool users, the well with them in harmony. you get directly after logging in about 30 matches, and then updated on a daily basis and some of the other profiles to be added.

Not only the test but for the life partner with elite partner is crucial. there are also search criteria, you can specify for your partner’s suggestions. this is, for example, age, size, region, smoking behavior, and desire to have children.

The found partner can then be sorted by distance, signup date, and matching points. the matching-items are here to show you how well the other members fit to you. the most interesting profiles can be directly or added to favorites contacted. you can also see which profiles you have visited already, and also your buyers and profile visitors will be displayed.

Have a browse through the mediation principle:

Although in the case of elite partners will have access to fewer profiles than in the case of single exchanges, where you in the members pool. it is your partners ‘ proposals, only to singles, a good match for you. those who do not fit to your search, not even with your profile in contact.

Is the most important thing: the search for partners is anonymous.

The keyword “anonymity”, it should be mentioned that your photos by you to be displayed to the other users at first blurred and interesting people. additionally, elite partner no name or nick name in your profile, but only basic data and descriptions of people. it is, therefore, all that the fine group of users can enjoy a high level of discretion in finding a partner.

<, h2> in the Test a german matchmaking for serious relationships.the founder of lemonswan, arne kahlke, has a lot of experience in the matchmaking business, because he has both elite partner as well as our made in germany, large and white, with all the success of these dating platforms, the need to go new ways.

Also, to comply with the wishes of many women, according to the well-maintained etiquette and safety. in lemonswan, for example, so-called bouncer to check the inside each profile by hand to seriousness. you promise protection, should there ever be any impropriety in the communication.

As lemonswan is only since 2017 in the market, the number of members are still in the growth. the target audience are upscale singles, who stand firmly in the life and above average are formed.

  • According to our estimates, about 25,000 partner search on the Portal cavort-of-date.
  • The average age the members of 39 years is.
  • According to LemonSwan the share of women is 53 percent.
  • 70 percent users academics.
PARSHIP Screenshot, the home page


elite partner Screenshot, the home page

Elite partner

Adultfriendfinder test

This test report will not be updated anymore, because we recommend adult friend finder due to many professional women and fakes!

In germany, there are much better providers for erotic contacts. look around you in our fling-a comparison!

Joyclub Screenshot, the home page


First Affair Screenshot, the home page

The first affair

Who is adult suitable friend finder?

good dating sites reviewAdultfriendfinder is the world’s largest platform with personals for sex, swingers and adult dating. the company was founded, which today is known as the “friendfinder networks inc.”, in 1996 by andrew conru who brought in 1993 on the market.


  • AdultFriendFinder has a total of over 80 million members worldwide!
  • In Germany, CA. registered 1.8 million.
  • A major drawback of Adult Friend Finder is the low percentage of women of below 15 percent is certainly. 

Since, adult friend finder is very large, there is a lot to the look. who is on eroticism, sex, and the naked truth is right here. you should not expect that all the people are real. listings are checked editorially, so that spam and advertising are rejected. nevertheless, many fake not remain after the test profiles and the professional left who are available for private dates available.

How to adult work friend finder?

good dating sites reviewThe website of adult friend finder is quite complex. all actions, however, are relatively easy to find and easy to use, too. portal & nbsp;erotic entertainment offers&in every way, so one finds here also sex videos, cam chat, adult blogs and much more. however, if the value on anonymity and discretion in the sex-life partner, should look better with another provider, such as,.

Characteristics of adult friendfinder: blogging with 100,000 discussions & local groups.

Like almost every other sex-contact-portal, you can register with adultfriendfinder for free, create a profile and search for a sex partner for free in other contact-profiles to browse, however, you get everything displayed. in addition, you can use number of members cover letter, and blogging.

The paid gold membership allows the primary to communicate with other members. in addition, you can book a better placement of your profile or the first spelling in the case of new members.

Gold membership:

  • 1 month: 30 cost- €
  • 3 months: 60,- €
  • 18 months: 125,- €

The service “all of me” is to write for about 17, – euro per month. in addition, there is the possibility for 3,- € for individual members to write, without a membership.

Prices fluctuate with the dollar exchange rate, so you can look forward, if the dollar is low!

Kiss no frog in the test

Online doesn’t count just to the dating sites on the internet, but referred to themselves as the biggest live-dating portal in germany. since the establishment should have already decided on 1.5 million users for the interactive partner exchange. our testers can’t confirm it, however, is that it is going on in the portal is really a lot.

  • According to our calculation, there is no more up to date than 100,000 active users in Germany.
  • This is the men-women ratio is about 2: 1.
  • The majority of users there are between the 30 to 50 years old
friend scout 24 Screenshot, the home page

Friend scout 24 Screenshot of the home page


As the partner passes on

good dating sites reviewTo pass after registration (if required, also very simple via facebook with just a few clicks) it online first, a rather entertaining held for personality test. in this way, an individual profile, based on which a matching with other members can take place. apart from the matching proposals, the singles can also be found in the environment viewing and online contacts, sort. the singles are presented in the gallery images.

If necessary, can be a live chat or webcam started. also, the existing games, for a change. the so-called “statement” after answering some questions directly to see what you answered to the same questions – and if you are therefore on the same wavelength.

For all the singles who prefer to be on the mobile dating, offers online your own app – available for iphones and android devices. optionally, the page can also be mobile in the browser open, because it has been optimized for the small devices.

The registration is free features and paid services

good dating sites reviewAs with almost any partner exchange, also in the case of the free. the creation of the profile and the general look of the platform with the help of a simplified search function is available free of charge. you can see for free in addition, anyone who has written to you.

For an unlimited and active communication, a premium plan, however, is necessary. a small test-version, there is already little money in order to facilitate the decision for or against an active subscription. but beware: the trial membership is also a need for cancellation!

Prices for premium membership:

  • 14-day trial: 2,99 € (will be extended without notice in a 6-month subscription)
  • 1 month: 34,- €
  • 3 months: 69,- € (equivalent to 23,- € per month)
  • 6 months: 129,- € (equivalent to 21,50 € per month)
  • 12 months: 199,- € (corresponds to a 16,58 € per month)

The premium memberships are extended automatically, and also from the 14-day test showed automatic subscription. in online dating, it is common that independently terminated must be provided no longer of interest exists.

<, h2>, we say in summary is Online

Online is an easy-gestaltetetes and user friendly dating portal with multiple search options. in the foreground is the proposed matches are due to a personality tests, but also the private browsing in the environment can make all the matching contacts found.

Is particularly online due to the interactive options. if a member is not set to “busy”, so the online status is always visible. in this way, you can request a video chat start. online referred to himself as a live-dating portal, wherein the interactive flirt, chat and fall in love in the forefront.

With regard to the cost structure online is similar to other dating sites. however, online is not very well known and has members in comparison to our test winners, not so many active. test

good dating sites reviewMysugardaddy is an online page that older men with young attractive women are set up. the advantage for both sides is obvious. the older men (sugar daddies) to come into contact with young attractive women. the other way around, the young ladies (suggarbabes) enjoy the lifestyle and financial independence of the lords.

For attractive, successful, and ambitious people is the meeting point mysugardaddy exactly the right point of contact. the luxurious and pleasant sides of life, you can enjoy both the needs of the men and women to meet.

  • Meanwhile, in several countries, more than 150,000 users for registered, of which approximately 80 per cent women!
  • average of the mens 44 years old and offer a private assets of approximately € 300,000.
  • The Sugarbabes has an average age of 23 years type and are mostly students or in training. 

Runs the contact search on

A matching is at mysugardaddy.the eu is not on offer. sugar babes and sugar daddies that care for a member, can start a uncomplicated contact. at the same time, it is possible to photos and whole albums to upload, post, kiss and in the list of members of the provider to have a look.

On gimmicks is waived with a few virtual kisses – aware. time is money, especially in the case of mysugardaddy.

A reality-id and/or a income-check will ensure the necessary authenticity of the members.

C-Date Screenshot of the home page


Joyclub Screenshot, the home page


<, h2>is free features and paid Services

As with almost any dating platform, including registration is free. who has made it as a sugar babe is an interesting man to find, you can ask him, financially, for the activation of the contact cover. conversely, men may turn the ladies free, with which you want to communicate.

Vip members, the make a monthly payment, will have to live with no restrictions and also have 50 monthly credits. these credits can also be used without the vip membership purchase, and will be required to members of the unlock.

Prices of the vip-membership:

  • 1 month: 44,95 € per month for sugar daddies and 24,95 € for Sugarbabes
  • 3 month: 104,95 € per month for sugar daddies and 59,95 € for Sugarbabes
  • 6 month: 179,95 € per month for sugar daddies and 99,95 € for Sugarbabes
  • 12 month: 299,95 € per month for sugar daddies and 159,95 € for Sugarbabes

Prices for credits:

  • 50 Credits: 9,95 €
  • 150 Credits: 24,95 €
  • 500 Credits: 69,95 €
  • 1,000 Credits: 99,95 €

Our impression from the test

good dating sites reviewMysugardaddy is not a classic dating site and not a normal dating site. instead, the provider sees itself as a serious meeting point to indulge in an upscale life style. young and attractive women are looking for financially strong men of middle age and vice versa. the need is definitely there. also in terms of communication, the concept will be continued, because here sugar daddy can offer your ladies the amenities and the opportunities for contact financially take on.

Known reports mysugardaddy already from countless press and also the seriousness can open this portal is not to be desired. the page mysugardaddy serves a very specific audience, and is the front. the refined design of the page and the clear structure, invite you to flirt. a page, we can thoroughly recommend.

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