FunFlirt in the Test of 2019 – is this all Fake or real Dates

the so-called moderators

FunFlirt in the Test of 2019 – is this all Fake or real Dates?

FunFlirt is a single stock market for the General public. Singles, of all ages, from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are registered here in order to quickly and easily meet new people. With the FunFlirt App this is even easier.

But FunFlirt is also in the criticism, since the Portal to use officially confirmed by moderators, the chat with men in order to bring this, among other things, to buy more Coins. We have the thing trying to get to the bottom of .

The Registration.

via E-Mail takes hardly 5 minutes via Facebook is possible.

The registration is quickly done and after you have given an appropriate nick name, as well as some personal data (which does not appear but later in the profile).

It is not possible on Facebook to sign up, but only classically via E-Mail and confirmation e-mail.

You can only make a few information about yourself. Only one’s appearance, age, zodiac sign and approximate origin you can specify. The free-text field is so essential, if you want to give something more about yourself. Straight men should use it, in the case of women, a pretty picture is often sufficient to “to be addressed” .

The Profile.

In order to have a single exchange such as FunFlirt success you must observe the following rules:

1 . Post several good pictures of you , the you well. Priority one is, of course, the profile picture, because this is your flagship! But the other images should mediate a comprehensive image of you .

2. Use you put the text extensively, the more interesting you are, the better your chances when you select your suitor – a, may arise as a result of expression of a sympathy ?

3. Be honest with your information, otherwise it may hit you on the first Date to the ears, that you look at you clearly, that you’re older than 25 .

The FunFlirt App.

to use modern Design easy-much easier than the Website free App for almost any function FunCoins are needed not against special Mobile Dating Apps .

With the App FunFlirt went a big step further in the direction of modern Online Dating. It makes much more fun than the Online Portal, which has been collected by poor resolution on a Retina, and a complex structure, some of the minus points .

The App is much more intuitive, even if you can’t keep up with the more well known Dating portals .

FunCoins and moderators.

you get to Start 10 Coins given to a message with a maximum of 320 characters already costs a £ 1.00, in the Test, a few Profiles are noticed, the moderators could be .

Chat until the doctor comes?

FunFlirt, that sounds like chat and fun! But it’s not that simple. Because you have yet to grab a bit deeper in the bag, if you want to make several contacts, or a longer conversation would lead. Because a single message not only costs a Euro, but is additionally limited to 320 characters – what comes just 2 SMS the same.

So the first mandatory step to buy FunCoins .

Moderators in sight.

Moderators, what does that even mean?

Many Portal operators are the so-called moderators are used. In General, it is specifically created Profiles, often with pictures of very attractive women. These are then proposed to either of the men as a contact, or even write in the Chat. The smell, of course to money making, and it is perfectly legal, since FunFlirt even in the Terms and conditions noted .

The operator reserves the right to increase moderation of the activities on . This is to give the users a chat partner, even if not enough users are online or registered. The moderators in place on behalf of the operator Profiles, although it may also be used as fictitious persons spend. The user consents to this action explicitly. The user is informed that the possibility exists that it is in his chat partner to such a Moderator .

Moderators recognize.

But how can you miss them? Women have more is not a Problem, in our Test, we noticed only a possible presenter. In men, the picture is quite different. If you receive messages from different women who are all above-average attractive and you have perhaps not written, should man exercise caution .

The point of moderators.

Just who is newly registered, you need quick Feedback, otherwise he will not remain long. So moderators are used to keep men and women on the Ball .

On the other, and here it is morally reprehensible, to the user, of course, more FunCoins are buy encouraged. Because each message costs 5 FunCoins, the equivalent of€ 1, and the starting balance of 10 FunCoins can be within a few minutes used up .

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