Free dating sites for seniors review

  • App for Android users
  • Available for both Android and iOS users
  • Available in almost all countries
  • Swiping feature on the app is limited to 10 profiles per 30 seconds
  • Lacks security features
  • Automatic disconnection after being inactive
  • User-friendly
  • The site creates matches for you
  • Millions of members
  • Unclear transaction processes
  • You need a premium subscription to send and receive messages
  • No new features other than what's already on the desktop version
  • Many active members in the United States
  • You can like other members’ photos for free
  • Liking photos is free
  • App not available for Android users.
  • App users can't skip most ads
  • Automatic disconnection after being inactive

Speed dating in wien

free dating sites for seniors reviewSpeed dating is an event where singles meet through a short conversation within a few minutes, then decide whether you would like to meet someone closer to – or not.

Meet, usually at a speed-dating event to 10 people speak in a given time is limited to a few minutes. is created speed-dating in the 1990s in the united states.

How does speed dating?

free dating sites for seniors reviewThe various providers of speed-dating events always have a little bit of different methods and approaches at their events.

The basic idea is always the same: a small circle of people, consisting of an equal number of men and women (in about the same age), meets in a beautiful location (usually a restaurant, a bar or a café).

A man and a woman sit opposite each other and talk for a few minutes. the time period is predetermined by the organiser and attending speed-dating-employees stopped.

As soon as a beep or the voice of a event sounds member, to sit in a chair so that you’re sitting with a new conversation partner.

To each conversation partner, you can make notes. most of the participants wear a number or a name tag.

The speed dating is over, you can inform the event organiser if you want someone good-bye. the other one would too, you have a match (so it’s almost like tinder – only personal ;)). the organizer publishes e-mail addresses or telephone numbers and you can arrange to meet up with the person on a date.

Who is speed dating?

free dating sites for seniors reviewSpeed dating is for all singles to bring a little patience and a lot of intuition. equally important is a certain openness to new people and, of course, one should not be too shy and like to listen to talk.

Speed dating for singles 50 plus suitable?

free dating sites for seniors reviewYes, speed dating is for singles 50 plus. speed-dating organizers of your events mostly for different age groups.

Thus, can participate in speed-dating events all singles from the age of 18. speed dating for older singles or even seniors and retirees is no problem at all, and is adopted in the present time active.

There are also gay-speed-dating?

free dating sites for seniors reviewThere are also gay-speed-dating. until you find here, however, an organizer, you have to search a bit. in the case of the homosexual initiative vienna ( and other relevant gay-websites speed and once again-dating events for gays and lesbians posted.

Unfortunately, gay speed-dating offers yet not so numerous as the events for heterosexuals. if you want to explore, therefore, prefer the internet for a new partner, the gayparship recommended.

What are the pros and cons of speed-dating?

free dating sites for seniors reviewAdvantages

  • You learn quickly many people in one night
  • It can not only Dates but also new friendships
  • people not being a, you see after the Event, never again
  • people found good, you can get to know closer, if that agree, the organizers have your number or e-Mail address
  • You had a fun evening in a beautiful Location
  • Singles Dating with like-minded people


  • Speed-Dating events money and the success of cost (if you can find someone who are interested in closer) one Evening is often uncertain
  • You have to his apartment to leave (Couch Potatoes to use, so prefer Online Dating ;))
  • you must be in the conversation for an answer now and can hardly think of
  • Speed Dating is not for people who easily put under pressure to feel or are extremely shy are

The best speed dating provider in vienna

free dating sites for seniors reviewDate york

Date york is a great organizer of speed dating in austria, switzerland and germany. a speed-dating night here costs under € 20. the age groups are divided into 20 to 32 years 26 to 39 years and 35 to 45 years.

Currently, speed dating, find a date in york on sundays in the lavanderia in the albertgasse 51 in wien (8. district, joseph city). the lavanderia is known for its italian cuisine. pizza fans, come here at your expense, you should get after all the talk of hunger.

date York Speeddating view


City speed dating in vienna offers mainly single women again and again, the action 2 for 1. you pay a speed-dating, but can participate in two.

But that’s not the only action in this speed-dating provider. there is also a new year’s eve special, and a valentine’s day special and the so-called exclusive dating, which refers to the age group of 28 to 42-year-old.

The age classes here are very diverse, divided and are usually as follows: 26 to 37, 28 to 42, 31 to 42, 33 to 43, 35 to 48 and 45 to 55.

The events of city-speed-dating-vienna, both during the week and on the weekend. the location was the soprano (vienna state opera, kärntner straße 61, in vienna) or the testa rossa at the schottentor (university ring 14 in vienna).

Christmas for singles in wien

free dating sites for seniors reviewOne christmas, a christmas market. and to be among the five best christmas markets for singles in vienna in our opinion, is definitely the following:

1. advent market in the old akh

Here, there is still a true viennese christmas, the atmosphere is extremely cozy. the quaintest location to celebrate, here is the josefinenalm. the 100-year-old alpine cabin offers 150 seats, including curling stadl.

2. christmas market on town hall square

Is directly between city hall and the burgtheater also a wonderful christmas market for singles. the big christmas tree is every year a new highlight, and is only outshone by the herzlbaum, which is decorated with flaming red light heart!

For singles with child at the christmas market, a typing room for letters to the christ child and a gingerbread bar gingerbread decorating. because, come christmas.

The ice skating rink fun. there is a track for adults and one for children. schlitschuhe you can rent directly at the railway. right next to the rental station, a mulled wine by the way is punch!

The christmas market at city hall is set up like a small winter wonderland. absolutely worth seeing and perfect for a first date, like a nice afternoon with friends and acquaintances. but even alone, you can spend here a nice time. there is so much to see and to marvel at so many levels that you will feel not lonely!

3. christmas market at karlsplatz

The advent market in front of the karlskirche church is the third market in the league that is suitable for singles. this romantic market is home to up to 100 arts and crafts booths. he is also under the name of type of advent christmas market known and the first certified organic christmas market in vienna.

In the middle of the market and christmas market”, there is a wonderful children’s area. here they play, romp, and in the thick of straw can go through it.

4. altwiener christkindlmarkt on the freyung

– in the city centre viennas is, of course, the tradition-rich christmas market (this is since 1772). from 16 clock there is beautiful advent music.

The old town in vienna is, of course, decorated beautifully and worth a walk here. no matter whether one is alone or not. for real christmas fans it must be just a walk through of all the light shine. on the following photo you can see the city of vienna (dig) in the direction of plague column:

5. christmas market at st. stephen’s cathedral

Also nice is the christmas market on stephansplatz is. this law is heavily frequented, as the metro stop located right next to it. you stand in front of the st. stephen’s cathedral, the market is located directly to the right. on the left of the horse-drawn carriages are available.

Top-of-the flirts to singles of christmas

free dating sites for seniors reviewMore than half of all austrians believe that it is possible to find love over the internet. and vienna has fallen in love with already every fourth once over the internet (such as a our study found out). so, go into online dating pleasure if you want to spend christmas together!

For a casual flirt at christmas time, our dating expert zoosk recommend that you or lovescout24. who has actually also equal to sexual advances in the head, you should try c-date, or the casual lounge. the the casual lounge is particularly suitable for a fling.

Single travel at christmas & new year’s eve

free dating sites for seniors reviewSingle journeys are a trend that has set in the last few years, more and more. for singles in vienna two advantages:

Result from them who remains single at christmas in vienna, which can be expected especially on weekends and over the holidays with lots of singles from outside. there are many opportunities to meet someone, of course. in the cold season, the museums, cinemas and coffee houses, of course, is an ideal place to flirt and get to know in vienna. are the speed dating is very days popular and effective in cold winter.

In singles, the start of vienna to a single travel, of course, during the single trip of nice acquaintances and a real single trip lots of fun. thanks to a well-balanced gender ratio and a beautiful holiday destination have already learned many of the couples know at a single travel and love.

There are also travel for single travelers. these trips are ideal for singles who are not necessarily looking for a partner – but the fun of travel in the group.

Your best single travel book

Where as a single pensioner and am on christmas?

free dating sites for seniors review160 pensioners ‘ clubs of the city of vienna offer single senior on christmas eve, a merry christmas in the company (the celebrations are held every year in different districts of the city of vienna). every year, it is called “together instead of alone” in talks, festive treats and a music program.

In the houses to life, there are also many other events (christmas parties during the advent season), and of course the christmas markets. here

What singles do in vienna, when is christmas?

free dating sites for seniors reviewVienna and vienna are the christmas tradition. the family is, of course, the top at christmas. parents, siblings or relatives are the most important. some of the single spends the holidays but also for friends.

A good quarter of all vienna singles celebrates christmas, but also just alone at home. a very small percentage celebrates the feast of love together with other singles.

Samantha, 20, from joseph city

I spend christmas the traditional way with my family in brigittenau. nice vacation with a long lie-in, followed by a caffe latte sipping, and long walks on the various christmas markets – so i imagine the christmas season and the relaxed wonderful.

Martin, 50, vienna

I am on christmas and new year’s eve ever! the only thing i do in vienna is to look for a travel agent to book a single trip and then onto the plane. so i can escape the holidays and christmas. the go me on the biscuit.

Your best single travel book

Michaela and carmen from simmering

We are both 30 years old and look that we do on christmas is always something for other people. so for all that don’t have it at christmas as nice as we are. virtually a bit of charity work, such as the so-called.

Since we are often in the soup kitchen at the vienna panel, or organise a charity advent. last year, we packed packages for impoverished children in romania and shipped. this year, we will have probably a charity ball, the proceeds of the tickets goes to a charity project.

Sina from the dating-vienna-editorial

I’m going to the christmas season to the café landtmann. i love to sit in on a boring sunday of advent in the totally crowded café and watch the people.

Shoot the waiter across the room, cover tables, clean dishes, and place for the next visitors. i slurp meanwhile, my hot chocolate, eat a piece of mohntorte and snuggle myself a little deeper in the bank. before or after the café landtmann, i stroll either alone or with friends, family or acquaintances about the christmas market at the town hall. and then it goes off in the hot tub!

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