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Who we support | heinrich-böll-foundation

free dating sites for menIn the past years, the friends of the heinrich böll have supported the foundation in numerous  human rights activists, artists, and art projects. the circle of friends can be non-bureaucratic and quick to promote projects must not be from the public funds the foundation is financed.

  • explanation of project funding (PDF)
  • the

  • form the project application (PDF)

Scholarship program heinrich böll house long broich e. v.

free dating sites for menWorldwide artists in positions of political and social issues. this is usually done in deliberate contradiction to the prevailing opinion, and in spite of the danger, the fact of repression. through their commitment to the freedom of the spirit, you make a valuable contribution to the development and preservation of democracy and human rights. the heinrich-böll-foundation and their girlfriends and friends supported this commitment in the spirit of its namesake, the scholarship program heinrich böll house long broich e. v.

The website for a long time broich.

The latest projects supported by us:

, 70 years after hiroshima and nagasaki | heinrich-böll-foundation

free dating sites for menHiroshima and nagasaki: two names for the extermination madness of the 20th century. century. according to the most recent un negotiations in new york, it is unlikely that the survivors will experience a world free of nuclear weapons yet.

“hibakusha” – the word is japanese literally to “explosion victims” and referred to the survivors of the atomic bombings on hiroshima and nagasaki 70 years ago. “survivor” or “survivor” are in the german language, as it were, words which carry both a rough and ill-defined grey to suggest, as well as an implicit surprise at the circumstance, ‘to be still alive’. the principle of hope and subject – in the case of albert camus defined as “the persistence of despair” – the hibakusha-drawn from the grey of the damage incurred, the future home of a non-recurring hell of hope dedicated to full. they thus form the (still) living and tangible ‘bridge’ between the historic fall and current peace and security policy – between moral obligation and political situation.

With the now 74-year-old soh horie was on 3. june 2015 such a hibakusha – a survivor of the nuclear bombing of hiroshima – at the invitation of the heinrich-böll-foundation in berlin came. the occasion of his visit was banned from the böll foundation, organized the event “70 years of hiroshima and nagasaki: time for a nuclear weapons?” the title of the event already made two things very clear. although the atomic bombings on japan, which is now 70 years old, the only two military operations of this indiscriminate killing weapons category deep in the collective memory of humanity dug in. even 70 years later, the names of the two cities, is emblematic for the destruction of insanity of the 20th century. century. at the same time inventory of nuclear weapons and associated use cases show the further doctrines that humanity has not yet managed to find a globally valid basic consensus on the abolition of to restore.

Soh horie, who was at the time of the bombing of hiroshima, four years old, commented on this unfortunate circumstance with a mixture of humility and appellativem gesture. “if there is already a small part of it could help my speech today to support the policy for the disarmament of nuclear weapons, then i would be very happy,” the 74-year-old in his welcome speech. his desire for the future, he formulated even more clearly: “let us work towards a world without nuclear weapons can do it!”

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