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to meet

5 places to meet women for sex in havana

customer service phone numbers for marriage agency in ukraineOf all the places in the world to meet local women, cuba is probably one of the most confusing. if you know only a little of the current political and economic situation there know, you’re definitely in the clear over the communist government, which is close to a police state.

But you shouldn’t believe that cuba is a kind of second north korea or something, because believe me, this is certainly not the case. despite its many problems, is cuba still a very open-minded and beautiful country with one of the most open cultures that you can think of, as well as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. and probably the most enjoyable: tourists are very welcome here.

Oh, and then there are of course the women. to in the nearby dominican republic, cuba is a very interesting mixture of light-skinned latinas, mulattos, and of course hispanic black women. the ladies here are really like nowhere else, and while the “girls hunt” is a little different than you’re probably used to, it’s definitely still very worthwhile and fun.

Before we get to meet the various places in havana women, and a few things that you should prior to your arrival on the island know.

What you should

customer service phone numbers for marriage agency in ukraineKnow if you think that in cuba, similar customs prevail, as in most other latin american countries – as simple as it is, unfortunately, not quite. yes, this is a poor country, but due to the current political situation, you should definitely pay attention to certain things:


You will quickly notice how open and hospitable the people are friendly here and helpful. the partially comes from the heart, but partly also due to the fact that there are a lot less than 100 usd in the month, and additional income opportunities to look for.

Still, overall, the atmosphere is really friendly. cubans(on the inside) love tourists, and cities such as havana are even safer than somewhere in the usa or europe. the reason for this is obvious: if the local with tourists to come to some debts, they will be punished hard for it. because of all the sanctions against cuba, you have to rely on tourism more than on anything else.


The women, as it is a bit more complicated. prostitution is widespread, but the government repeatedly tried to reduce. nevertheless, if you stay in the nicer quarters of the city with all the bars and clubs, you can assume that 75% of all the hot ladies are working girls. and the remaining 25%? want to end up with anything from you.

That’s how it works here. if you meet a woman in a club, and you’re finally with your accommodation, then they will ask you to be very likely to be money, or a “poison” (gift) in connection, also, if you stand like a normal one night seemed. since you have to agree but. always a little bit of cash on hand, or at least some nice toiletries or cheap jewelry. we can’t stress strongly enough: in 99% of cases, you will get to the women with whom you have sex, something must give, no matter how or why it happened.

And one more thing: you should be at least a little spanish, can speak. the more you know, the easier you are not only entertainments, but also negotiate the price with the ladies to fall. it also helps to know a little bit of salsa dancing.


As already mentioned, is havana is a very safe city, so is it not so that some are a quarter more dangerous than others. nevertheless, there are a few strategic areas where you should live, you’re live close to the night.

Before i come, but be aware that if you bring in a hotel live, you have almost zero chances of a woman with you to the room. the staff are extremely strict. what you should do instead, is to live in a so-called “casa particular”, so a small apartment or condo.

Will, depending on where you are, you are the building with the owner or a family to share. make friends with the owner, and ask him if it’s okay, ladies bring. he has nothing against it, but you’ll have to register, probably (yes, seriously, remember, this is cuba).

In terms of suitable areas to live, because at best, the modern business district called vedado or malecón, where the famous malecon sea wall is located (more on this). old havana is of course also an option, as the nightlife and entertainment are mainly located in vedado.

How is the first meeting at the erotic adventure?

customer service phone numbers for marriage agency in ukraineEmphasis is on “honest” and not naive. of course, you can wrap yourself in a mysterious cloud of vague, but you should be open to reasons with your move and especially your choice/needs, deal with it.

The erotic adventures: no false facts

customer service phone numbers for marriage agency in ukraineYou have carved before the first meeting in erotic chat powerful on the plaster, and as a shining adonis and sensual venus represented? now that the first sex is likely to be a disaster. fibs are generally only allowed when it comes to your true identity –  finally, you are looking for an erotic adventure and not a life partner. the are found on other platforms, and not on a find platform.

If you have lied in the run-up at a erotic-chat, the blue from the sky, what relates to their appearance, will be the first sex is likely to be a disaster. so be honest from the beginning. fibs are generally only allowed when it comes to your true identity – you are looking for finally, a erotk adventure and not a life partner…

lies have short legs, and these

It is difficult to make love.

For an erotic adventure it’s often a matter of optics. if this appeals to you, then this is going to develop is hardly a sexual adventure, except you have a drink, strong 😉

Guide: casual dating agency – find portal where am i better off?

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customer service phone numbers for marriage agency in ukraine

…for a few years, one of our dating experts, and the press secretary for your competent contact person for the facts about the dating market in germany, provides background knowledge to the big players, and knows the one or other curious story relating to the dating on the web.

If you are looking for protagonists (search-end, happy or scorned singles, etc.) for your contribution, you can start a call on our news, and our newsletter.

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The best new fling-pages 2019

customer service phone numbers for marriage agency in ukraineThe time was ripe for something new, and was called “casual dating”. this mega-trend is sophisticated and casual sexdates, achieved via the internet.


A new era in fling sites for casual affairs

customer service phone numbers for marriage agency in ukraineIn contrast to its predecessors, the german provider made it with a huge marketing effort on tv, in women’s time, fonts available, etc. the women (and now through their normal online dating experiences matter-of-factly, and thanks to “sex-and-the-city” is also open-minded) to pick up and seduce.

Casual dating is now a popular sport nationwide, around 3.5 million active users a month, hundreds of thousands of erotic affairs are concluded on the relevant portals. the focus is on derek freeman, sexabenteurern, looking for a discreet affair, that is to say varied in their relationship.

The market leader, c-date to give, for example, around 70% of the world’s approximately 20 million members, that you are married or in a relationship. in this respect, casual dating largely synonymous with a fling-page, but not the only one.

Photo voting in 2019: 7 portals tested & reviewed!

customer service phone numbers for marriage agency in ukrainePhotos and images have always been important in online dating. in times of smartphones and selfies, this aspect has gained enormously in importance.

Therefore, a good profile image should be in the use of a dating app, or a single stock exchange in the first place, you want to agree quickly on a date and meet new people.

The three most important tips for successful profile pictures when online dating:

  • at Least a photo a Portrait should be shot.
  • women: Please directly into the camera, smiling (and a little bit of cleavage to show)! the men: The pensive look gently past the camera into the distance to wander. 
  • The viewer only to see the first representative photo of your Online Dating profile. Without a dog, Without the Ex and without children, relatives or other people who may not classify the viewer.

It should go to you as a single, of course, purely to the votes of images or pure body vote, so you are in the choice of your photos, of course, free.

Just for the photo voting for beautiful singles, and the body votes to do it, yes, more muscles, six-packs and cute butts of people, which reflect in the gym before training or in front of the bathroom mirror taking pictures. we all know from instagram.

Germany, year zero | bpb

in Front of the ruins of the bombed-out Berlin told Roberto Rossellini, with Amateur actors, the parable-like story of a supposed fresh start. A famous example of the Italian neo-realism.

Germany year ZeroGermany year Zero (© Bertz + Fischer Verlag )

Italy, Germany, 1948

Release: in 1952 (germany)

the rental: Deutsche Kinemathek
the Director: Roberto Rossellini
the screenplay: Roberto Rossellini, Carlo Lizzani, Max Kolpé, Sergio Amidei
the performers: Edmund Moeschke, Ernst Pittschau, Ingetraud Hinze, Franz-Otto Krüger, Erich Gühne, Hans Sanger, inter alia,
the camera: Robert Juillard
the runtime: 78 Min.
the Format: 35mm, black and white
the prices: International film festival of Locarno in 1948: Best Film (Roberto Rossellini), award for best original screenplay (Roberto Rossellini, Carlo Lizzani, Max Kolpé)
the FSK: 16 J.
the age recommendation: 16 J.
the grades: 11. Class
the themes: Childhood/children, (German) history, Nazism, war/war, society, film history
the subjects: English, history, Social/Society, ethics, Religion,
Berlin, shortly after the end of the war. In a confined space, the family of the 12-year-old Edmund’ with other tenants living in a severely damaged house. The boy’s mother is dead, the heart sick father tied to the bed. As the brother leaves as blended, the apartment of a soldier and the older sister only a few cigarettes of your evening bar looking for house, attributed to shoulder the care of the family on Edmunds. On one of his forays, he meets a former teacher who is suspended as a national socialist from the school and from the black-and-trade lives. Edmund reported to him by his father, to which the man replied, the Weak and the Sick must die so the Strong could. As Edmund kills his father with poison, denies the teacher is outraged to have him come. In despair over his act, rushes the Boy to death.

Germany year zero is one of the most important films of the italian neorealism of the 1940s. like many of his comrades-in-arms turned from roberto rossellini with amateur actors in original locations, to the common eskapist entertainment oppose a cinema, which, given the war-induced misery of the reality of life of the little people required saw. so germany year zero the material poverty and moral squalor of the germans after the end of the war in extraordinary ruthlessness – which is why the film met with in this country, first of all, a broad refusal. the scene of the destroyed berlin, captured in the endurance of camera movements, gives the action a haunting documentary effect. the awkward acting of the performers reinforced this reality binding and acts at the same time, in the brechtian sense, dissociative, whereby a reflection is stimulated.

Rossellini’s film is less than the settlement with the ns-understand regime. the mere fact that a child is at the centre, reveals that the perspective is more on the present and the future – on the question of whether there was in germany a new start from zero, and whether and how the fascism in the people continues. in this respect, germany year zero not only as a “document”, as a close-to-reality representation of the post-war everyday, in the classroom involved, but also as a stimulus to discuss the individually-psychological impact of totalitarian systems on the example of german national socialism. in addition, the film is suitable as a starting point to deal with the italian neo-realism.

The information and materials Dossier film Canon: Germany year Zero



media Germany year Zero


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(almost) zero allowed on a hundred | bpb

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In the DDR read was in self-employment only in a few economic areas. With the turn of the East, but has experienced a veritable Foundation boom.

workers of the Union Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH in Chemnitz, which was founded in 1996 as an employee of a company.workers of the Union Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH in Chemnitz, which was founded in 1996 as an employee of a company. (© AP)

Within the socialist values of East German society were evaluated in self-employment and entrepreneurship, mostly negative. Both were regarded as a rather unwanted Remnants of capitalist society, which has, in a workers and peasants ‘ state has no place. However, one must distinguish between appearance and reality, between the pure socialist ideology and the concrete policy towards the private sector in the “real existing socialism” of the GDR.
After the founding of the GDR, the suppression of the self-employment was driven initially particularly strong in agriculture. This took the Form of forced collective of. So 71.6% of all persons employed in agriculture were in the year 1955, nor in the private sector, while this share amounted in the year 1960, only about 4 percent. In the industrial sector, the socialist government was initially more moderate. However, many entrepreneurs left in the 1950s and 1960s, the GDR, since its room for manoeuvre has been restricted in the course of time is becoming stronger. In 1972, the complete expropriation of the private industry was finally completed. Since the great expropriation-wave to the beginning of the 1970s, self-employment was allowed only in a few economic areas. It was only in the crafts and in retail trade self-employed to any significant extent. However, farms in these areas were subjected to a strict control by the state. So they were not allowed to employ, for example, more than ten people, and the state tried to limit the profits of private companies. The production of goods was operated increasingly in large state. These so-called combines, were obliged by a government-controlled Central planning Committee to produce according to certain specifications. In the year 1989, in the GDR only 185.000 self-employed, which is a ratio of about 1.8 percent based on the working age population (persons between 15 and under 65 years of age) corresponded. In the Wake of German reunification in 1990, it arrived in East Germany to a fundamental Transformation from a Central planned economy to a social market economy in West Germany since 40 years had passed. This economic upheaval was associated with a enormous start-up boom. In 1990 alone, approximately 60,000 new companies were founded, of which about 60 per cent of this green of these companies were founded on the service and tourism sector.

The start-up boom in eastern germany during the first years of the transformation process had a number of reasons:

  • firstly, by the far-reaching suppression of self-employment under the East German Regime, a need to catch up on births accumulated.
  • Secondly, wrapping a strong growth in demand for manufacturing and service goods were in East Germany immediately after the System has relatively few East German provider.
  • Thirdly, increased unemployment in East Germany is strong, so that a lack of occupational Alternatives in the decision for self-employment is often a leading motive (“necessity entrepreneurship”). Thus, the number of employees in Eastern Germany between 1989 and 1993, fell from 9.8 to 6.2 million. The average unemployment rate was in 1993, about 15 percent.

Information about the catching-up process in terms of self-employment, the data of the working group “employment accounts of the Federation and the countries” [1], which make from different statistical sources, the number of working and of workers identified in the different regions. are The difference between workers and employees, the number of self-employed is obtained.

In east germany the self-employment rate (the share of the professionally self-employed in relation to the sum of the employed and unemployed) [2] in 1991, an average of 4.2 percent, well below the corresponding value for the old länder (7.3 percent).

evolution of the proportion of self-employed.development of the share of self-employed. License: cc by-nc-nd/3.0/de/ (bpb)

Due to the interplay of “Push” (unemployment) and “Pull”factors (pent-up demand for services) increased the rate of selfemployment in East Germany to 8.6 percent in the year 2005 enormous. Thus, the level of self – employment in East Germany is similar to that of the old länder of Germany (8.9 percent) (see figure “development of the share of self-employed in East and West Germany corresponded to”). However, the rate of self-employment shows considerable regional differences (see the map “share of self-employed in the labour force (employed + unemployed) in the German länder in the year 2005”). In particular, in Brandenburg and Berlin, Saxony and Thuringia, the self-employment had reached in 2005 the level of many of the West German länder or exceeded. In contrast, the self-employment rate fell at the same time in the predominantly rural state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and in Saxony-stopping is still relatively low.

share of self-employed working-age persons.share of self-employed working-age persons. License: cc by-nc-nd/3.0/de/ (bpb)

A differentiation of the self-employment according to the sectors of the economy, services and manufacturing shows that the self-employed rate in respect of all workers and the unemployed in West Germany stood at 7.4 percent in the service sector and 1.5 percent in the manufacturing sector. In Eastern Germany the corresponding independently rate was in the services sector, 6.3 per cent, and in manufacturing, 2.3 per cent commercial. The manufacturing sector also includes the construction sector. This is ignored, then a rate of 0.7 per cent and the new länder, for the old länder in a ratio of 0.9 per cent relative to all employed and unemployed persons.

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read Among the main statistical sources, in particular, the statistics of the Federal employment Agency on employees subject to social security and marginal employment, also the monthly, quarterly and annual statistics for individual sectors of the economy, and the details of the staff stand statistics about the personnel in the public service, the results of the microcensus, as well as other messages of individual institutions (e.g. monthly reports of the Federal Ministry for defence about the number of soldiers). The calculation results are checked for consistency with the other results of the labour market statistical reporting and National accounts.
do not include The professionally self-Employed, self-employed persons in agriculture and forestry.

This text is released under the creative commons license. by-nc-nd/3.0/copyright information to images / graphics and / or videos are to be found directly at the pictures.

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