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to meet

5 places to meet women for sex in havana

chinese dateing appOf all the places in the world to meet local women, cuba is probably one of the most confusing. if you know only a little of the current political and economic situation there know, you’re definitely in the clear over the communist government, which is close to a police state.

But you shouldn’t believe that cuba is a kind of second north korea or something, because believe me, this is certainly not the case. despite its many problems, is cuba still a very open-minded and beautiful country with one of the most open cultures that you can think of, as well as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. and probably the most enjoyable: tourists are very welcome here.

Oh, and then there are of course the women. to in the nearby dominican republic, cuba is a very interesting mixture of light-skinned latinas, mulattos, and of course hispanic black women. the ladies here are really like nowhere else, and while the “girls hunt” is a little different than you’re probably used to, it’s definitely still very worthwhile and fun.

Before we get to meet the various places in havana women, and a few things that you should prior to your arrival on the island know.

What you should

chinese dateing appKnow if you think that in cuba, similar customs prevail, as in most other latin american countries – as simple as it is, unfortunately, not quite. yes, this is a poor country, but due to the current political situation, you should definitely pay attention to certain things:


You will quickly notice how open and hospitable the people are friendly here and helpful. the partially comes from the heart, but partly also due to the fact that there are a lot less than 100 usd in the month, and additional income opportunities to look for.

Still, overall, the atmosphere is really friendly. cubans(on the inside) love tourists, and cities such as havana are even safer than somewhere in the usa or europe. the reason for this is obvious: if the local with tourists to come to some debts, they will be punished hard for it. because of all the sanctions against cuba, you have to rely on tourism more than on anything else.


The women, as it is a bit more complicated. prostitution is widespread, but the government repeatedly tried to reduce. nevertheless, if you stay in the nicer quarters of the city with all the bars and clubs, you can assume that 75% of all the hot ladies are working girls. and the remaining 25%? want to end up with anything from you.

That’s how it works here. if you meet a woman in a club, and you’re finally with your accommodation, then they will ask you to be very likely to be money, or a “poison” (gift) in connection, also, if you stand like a normal one night seemed. since you have to agree but. always a little bit of cash on hand, or at least some nice toiletries or cheap jewelry. we can’t stress strongly enough: in 99% of cases, you will get to the women with whom you have sex, something must give, no matter how or why it happened.

And one more thing: you should be at least a little spanish, can speak. the more you know, the easier you are not only entertainments, but also negotiate the price with the ladies to fall. it also helps to know a little bit of salsa dancing.


As already mentioned, is havana is a very safe city, so is it not so that some are a quarter more dangerous than others. nevertheless, there are a few strategic areas where you should live, you’re live close to the night.

Before i come, but be aware that if you bring in a hotel live, you have almost zero chances of a woman with you to the room. the staff are extremely strict. what you should do instead, is to live in a so-called “casa particular”, so a small apartment or condo.

Will, depending on where you are, you are the building with the owner or a family to share. make friends with the owner, and ask him if it’s okay, ladies bring. he has nothing against it, but you’ll have to register, probably (yes, seriously, remember, this is cuba).

In terms of suitable areas to live, because at best, the modern business district called vedado or malecón, where the famous malecon sea wall is located (more on this). old havana is of course also an option, as the nightlife and entertainment are mainly located in vedado.

Thank you for your voice – mother-dairy-products

chinese dateing appThanks for supporting the petition “tits 4 kids”. in order for you to help a safe and adequate nutrition for infants sure.

And, while with natural breastfeeding by the mother, but also through the proper use of high quality breast-milk substitutes if necessary.

But beware:

This issue does not only affect the third world. even our own children, as the children of our friends and relatives are affected. because mother milk substitute products are also available in german supermarket shelves.

If so, you’ve got yourself a baby – or someone in your circle of freshly-baked mom has become – we have for you a valuable list prepared:

On this list you will find a …

How do i draw the perfect eyeliner: two paths to the goal

chinese dateing appTo find an answer to the question “how do i draw the perfect eyeliner”, is an art in itself.

Note that regardless of whether it comes to a eyeliner or mascara to the eyelashes properly – so that it can really succeed in, it applies certain steps to. and then it’s just: practice, practice, practice.

I give you today, the answer to the frequently asked question: how do i draw the perfect eyeliner? in addition i have discovered two solutions for you.

First solution: the scotch tape trick

chinese dateing appStep 1: scotch tape on the outer corner of the eye attach

Before you go anywhere with the eyeliner near your eye, you should be clear lines continued.

Take a strip of scotch tape and glue to back him, first of all, on your hand. so it is later easier to pull off and not stick to the skin.

The scotch tape, you put it so that he draws a straight line from the outer corner of the eye up to the end of your eyebrow.

Alternatively, you can take a piece of paper.

Step 2: set points

Take the eyeliner of your choice. whether you eyeliner using a pen, a gel or a felt, is up to you. if however, you’re still a beginner, have to do the felt eyeliner as the “sensai liquid” eyeliner a little easier, since you with you the accurate color application can.

Instead of a line, you should first know where you have the eyeliner like. then put the eyeliner along your eye angle.


These points can then connect to each other. so, you can work more precisely and persistent have points that will help you.

Step 3: use the eyeliner to draw

Now the moment of truth comes. connect the dots and draw a straight line from the tesa strip to the corner of your vision. you need to not make sure that the color strip on your tesa – he is there.

If you’re satisfied with the line, along work for you now, very slowly, to the eyelashes. go patiently, before and take your time. if something comes in addition, it does not matter.

So we have to deal the very end.

Step 4: repeat on the other eye

Perform all these steps for your other eye. if the eyeliner is not identical to the other eye, don’t be mad.

Often our eyes are unequal in size, therefore, asymmetries arise anyway. and the probability that you will stand out to anybody except you, is practically equal to zero.

In this video you can see how the scotch tape trick looks like in practice:

Step 5: the finishing touches

If a little color device next to it, is the thanks to of the swab not bad at all. a watt take a swab, moisten it with water and go over all the places where the color is the next to fall, or the line strongly deviates.

Ready for the perfect eyeliner!

How can i strengthen my self-esteem? 7 tricks of powerful women

chinese dateing appWould be would have, could have. not feeling good enough, every met before. it paralyzes you, makes you unhappy and leaves you with bowed head through the streets. stop it! today, we clarify once and for all, the question is: how can i strengthen my self-esteem?

Who could

What you of the power of women, as meghan markle, emma watson or michelle obama, can be self-love learning, you can find out now.

“the five lost pounds will not make you happier, more makeup will not make you beautiful, jerry maguire’s you complete now so popular song “me” is simply not true. you’re complete with or without a partner. you’re enough just as you are.“ – meghan markle

chinese dateing appEverything could be better, if only i had a partner, and less on the ribs, a prettier face, a better job, and so on and so forth. we convince ourselves that there is always something missing.

Meghan markle says: bullshit! you don’t have to meet 19 criteria, to make you feel good. to the pressure of certain requirements of the society meet, is what harms our self-esteem.

Release you from it! accept you fully and no longer choose to race any of ideal afterwards. true happiness does not come from outside but from the inside.

Tips from a pro: in the following video a psycho explains to you login, which helps against low self-esteem:

“you’re what you believe“ – oprah winfrey

chinese dateing appFive words. a simple short phrase that brings it exactly to the point: change your attitude to yourself, and you change your life!

Oprah winfrey has made it from absolute nobody with a difficult background to become one of the most important tv personalities.

How can i strengthen my self-esteem? pay attention to how you speak with yourself. it is only when we stop to question ourselves, can we develop self-love. self-criticism block you and slow you down.

“i have nothing, i am nothing, i am nothing” – these sentences we need to ban us from now on. “i can, i am, i will” – this self-belief helps us to grow.

Oprah winfrey’s self-consciousness reflected in each of their performances. no matter whether you are self-moderated, or is interviewed – the american convinced with an unforgettable charisma. find out here how you, too, charisma develop.

“i remember always remember to be nice to myself. and, even if it sounds ridiculous, so be gentle treat myself as i would with my own daughter deal with it,“ — emma stone

chinese dateing appSometimes, we critics, even on our toughest. every mistake, every flaw is put under the microscope. instead of focusing on the positive characteristics that we often see only all the gaps in the system.

Actress emma stone has developed a clever tactic that slows down self-criticism and negative feelings can be avoided. was to you, how would you like to be your own daughter. understanding, empowering, patient, forgiving. that leaves their self-esteem grow.

“the way you love yourself, it shows others how you should love“ – rupi kaur

chinese dateing appWritten by the indian-canadian author rupi kaur already several new york times bestsellers. she is best known for the feminism movement, because it has been used for more women’s rights and equality. a real power woman so!

The message that represents rupi, is self-love first! anyone who handles themselves poorly, and not probably noticed if others do the same. you learn to appreciate yourself, if you want to be appreciated by others.

One of rupi kaurs best-known works is the book “milk and honey”  what reads like a more reinforcing helpers in times of crisis, life. highly recommended!

“i suggest before you kick, show yourself and ask yourself: if not me, then who? if not now, when else?“ – emma watson

chinese dateing appDoes not come out of his own comfort zone too easily – the also actress emma watson white. let your self-esteem will not grow, you will put your own light under a bushel.

The briton says not to underestimate your own importance – you can be the change, after all the longing!

There is nothing bestärkenderes, as a dream that becomes a reality. how to defeat your own fears, you block, you will learn in this article.

Women need to take time and your mental health care – time for themselves, for spiritual, without feeling guilty or bad. the world will see you how you see yourself and treat you how you treat yourself.“ – beyonce

chinese dateing appHow can i strengthen my self-esteem? in the you make this request a priority! we don’t wake up suddenly and feel encouraged. the own self-esteem is not like a spontaneous incident, has been missing.

The self-worth to grow, is work. a workout for your inner life, so to speak. we should not take care of us daily just to have a luscious body, but also a strong mindset! singer beyoncé reminds us.

Ask yourself: what are you doing every day to ensure that you feel comfortable? how to train you to your self-worth? most of us overlook this aspect. it is the inner attitude that will bring you success in life.

“do not pull to bring people in your life that you down. follow your instincts. good relationships feel good, they feel right and don’t hurt.“ – michelle obama

chinese dateing appYou can so much well-intentioned work for the right mindset to do – if you surround yourself with people who you not support, the whole a plus-minus-zero equation. and how to then grow your self-esteem?

You know this for sure: sometimes we stay in relationships that do us good, actually. no matter whether it is a friendship or a partnership we put in more than we get out, and the draws get down.

Why do we stay? because we don’t want to be alone. and consciously or unconsciously you think: it is better together than alone.

But power woman michelle obama reminds us to take a closer look. let go of unhealthy relationships, if you your self-esteem like.

Find out  whether you are currently in a relationship that is not good for your self-worth is detrimental.

How can i strengthen my self-esteem? hopefully you have inspired the statements of these power women. they remind us that self-love is the key to a strong self-value.

If you want to learn more about the subject you’ll find many more suggestions in the book “self-value – the best investment of your life: develop step-by-step to more quality of life” by matthew mccay.

Wellness home: how you yourself and your spa day to relax and unwind doing

chinese dateing appWho knows? after a long, busy day, you’re finally home and you’re totally tense. this calls for a spa day! pamper yourself and let you go really well here, you will learn how you can get wellness at home – with your self-made spa!

1. unlock your mobile phone!

chinese dateing appNowadays, everyone is constantly accessible. how nice it can be once off, you can forget quickly. take your phone, turn it off and put it in another room!

<, h2>2. Take a hot bath!

What better way than to take the time for a long, hot bath! this includes relaxing music, maybe a nice book. red wine make a delicious tea, or grab a glass. a small piece of chocolate of course. before you get in the bath, to put you in your cozy soft towel or your bathrobe. you see: wellness at home is easy!

Skin as a baby’s bottom? 👶

So this remains not a dream, we need to do something about it … 💪🏼

Is your skin soft and tender, you’ll be able to our free skin test!

Baby is not sleeping? 5 things you mother never should

chinese dateing app

Did you know that sleep is used withdrawal as a kind of torture?

Because lack of sleep not only causes fatigue. the consequences are:


  • Physical pain
  • the

  • depression
  • the

  • despair
  • the

  • exclusion from the social life
  • to focus

  • difficulties
  • the

  • irritability

And the are only a few examples – without going into the details of all this suffering to enter!

Skin as a baby’s bottom? 👶

So this remains not a dream, we need to do something about it … 💪🏼

How to make your skin soft and tender, tells you our free haut-test!


Mothers whose baby is not sleeping through, should not be additionally burdened with “well-intentioned” advice.

And certainly not with those based on half-knowledge, or just empty statements. if you want to test, whether the sleep of your child is age appropriate, you can do this simple test.

We especially warn against this drain 5 comments:

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