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How can i learn italian by myself?

brazilian womanIf you want to learn italian and spanish and/or french speaking, benefits!

Italian is not alone to learn to not be so difficult.

Of course, learning english due to its similarity with the german for english speakers easier, but that does not mean that you with plenty of motivation and the correct method of learning italian can.

We do not want to ignore the fact that for those who already speak french or spanish, will be easier to learn italian.

All three languages, romanesque languages, that is, they come from the latin. there are many other romance languages such as catalan, occitan, romanian …

Those who speak one of these languages, to make this information courage, but those who have no prior knowledge of another romance language, should not be discouraged. the you can learn everything!

But where to begin?

Many italian words and phrases you can could also thanks to the english vibration:


  • ” abbandonare ” (abandon),
  • the

  • ” acrobazia ” (acrobatics),
  • the

  • ” bottone ” (button)
  • the

  • ” casseruola ” (casserole),
  • the

  • ” helicopter ” (helicopter),
  • the

  • or ” emozione ” (Emotion) are just a few examples.

There are many similarities between other languages, and italian. the so, you’re starting over at zero!

How can i learn italian?

brazilian womanYou have started to learn italian, but you’re already discouraged?

It is never easy to learn a new language. the grammar, the conjugations, the vocabulary and a lot of expressions – that is a lot of information in a short period of time!

Not in vain trained in the learning of a language, your brain and opens you to many new opportunities, both personally and professionally.

A motivation, you shouldn’t forget! so come on: you’re sitting back in the saddle again!

No matter, whether you are with a private tutor, internet tutoring, or a school to learn the language, there are many ways to learn italian.

How do i learn italian alone?

brazilian womanTo learn if you’re like me, and “hello” and “il forno” (essential when you bake pizza), you have decided on italian alone to learn.

The ideal solution, if you don’t want to keep to schedules, but want to learn, if you really want to.

But it is exactly because of the first problem. it is important for a rhythm to impose, even if one is his own teacher.

Otherwise, everyday life and habits, to eat your time and you forget your goal, to entertain you with the beautiful italians that you recently have met.

Keeps the brain what it has already stored, it is important to regularly retrieve. you create a schedule for the coming week.

You can also create for a couple of months your own program. it will motivate you to see the goals that you set for yourself.

And don’t forget that there are only books to learn a language.

Use all available resources, such as radio or movies on the internet!

You will help you grow. first of all, you’ll get used to it, to hear the italian, and with time, more and more understand.

Start with the films, if necessary with subtitles. then try to increasingly do without the subtitles. your brain will be forced to understand the dialogs.

As soon as you in movies, the most to understand, about going to the radio. in the process, you can concentrate better on the text, without the images, distracted.

You can, however, only on your understanding of the language to leave, to know what is being said – an even greater challenge!

This is the perfect program to learn alone italian!

Learn german for beginners

brazilian womanIt can be very intimidating to learn a new language. finally, you are beginning a new chapter in your life!

The task is to learn a new language, is just as tiring how wonderful!

Especially the language lovers among you will understand for sure. learning german is a passion particularly important, because the german language is definitely one of the more difficult languages …

Well, you want to learn german, but where should you start?

Where can you get help? or is it possible to learn alone english with you at home?

Many experts on languages to describe english as one of the most difficult languages for foreigners.

But there are reason for hope: not all of it is complicated and much of it is even very logical in the german language, from phonetics.

We will answer you the question now is, how can you best english as a foreign language to learn …

English as a beginner: these are the questions you should ask yourself before

brazilian womanYou don’t at some point in the morning and thinks to himself “hey, i learn now german”. especially not if you start at zero …

Without a doubt, you have good reasons for this, english as a second language to learn, even if you are interested in just for the german culture.

No matter why your english as a foreigner to learn, we can help you with this, your voice can reach goal too.

1. love german for beginners: what english skills did you already?

If you had not just never do anything with english, it is rather unlikely, completely at the beginning of the language.

Particularly, as europeans, have prior knowledge, you actually always have a degree of understanding with regard to the other european languages.

A lot of words and expressions are to be found in a similar form in different languages, for example, in french, spanish or italian.

But that’s not all – only in english!

English is a germanic language, just like english. therefore, there are some similarities and similarities between the two languages, derived from their anglo-saxon roots.

If you speak already english, you learn english as a beginner is easier for you.

Maybe you had once a german course in school, was never very good. in this case, it will refresh for you, easier for your memory.

Thinking of you so, which english level you about your prior knowledge you have. so you can find the right learning method for the german language.

2. how long do i need to be able to speak german?

The time is learning a great role in english. | source: pixabay

Another very important question: how much time do you have to learn english?

Maybe you are standing on the verge of a longer stay in germany? if yes, when does it start? this information is very important to a learning calendar set up.

Of course, it takes longer, english in less than 6 months fluent, if you know the language at all.

However, it is quite possible, you a good basis to acquire, so that you can entertain in germany, in german.

It is coming on you and the time you have to practice you for english.

3. how big is your budget for english lessons?

The last question to ask yourself is, of course, the money. how much should it cost for a german course?

If the answer is “nothing”, you have to to free learning resources around, to be able to german learn online, for example. you have a slightly larger budget, you also, of course, a larger selection of german language courses.

With english lessons and a private english teacher, you will learn the language naturally is best.

So you need to ask the following question: is it you financially possible to take good english lessons, and at least once per week? can you a german native speaker as english teachers make?

Don’t worry, if this is more difficult. you can, for example, with your ipad for free with apps english online learning.

How do i learn english?

brazilian womanOf course, you had during your school time teaching english. but it has also brought something? can you speak english?

No panic on the titanic!

90 % of the students will be able to talk after several years of english instruction in school, not yet fluent in english.

So you’re not alone.

The reasons for this? no, you are not untalented, or not smart enough, but you didn’t get enough opportunity, english to !

through the head as soon as you hear someone else in the english speaking error, or? the ha! caught in the act!

So: head and get to work, because you have actually the best conditions, soon to be bilingual! it’s just a bit of exercise!

You’ve never had english lessons and really understand only train station? no problem. because even as a beginner you can reach the große goal of …

Learn english for beginners

brazilian womanHow to learn english, if you have to start at zero?

You have the feeling that nowadays, anyway, everyone speaks english, except for you? and that you do not get it somehow so right “on the series”?

Your take again and again, “this year i’m learning english”, but it doesn’t work correctly?

Learning blockades in english are often as nodes, which must be carefully solved, so that the student develops new self-confidence! | source: visualhunt

Here are our tips that will dissolve your knots are!

How is it going?


Movies in original version with subtitles to look, on the way to work, a podcast to listen to or before bed, read in english.

You have to get used to simply in the english language. the you must “live” and in english thinking, to be able to one day speak fluently.

One of your favorite songs is on english?

Then, not to take a look at the lyrics on the internet, but first tries to translate the text yourself.

Your level is already advanced? then each morning take a look at breakfast on the bbc.

On the side of the british council, you will find also a lot of material for learning english.

With whom? how and when?

To start simply, to sing in the shower, or english texts to read aloud.

Once you have a base, and more self-confidence built up, starting in the anglofone company.

The more you dare to take the word, the more you will feel comfortable. to speak english means to have a large dose of self-confidence.

In addition, it is always exciting to make new contacts and then washing real englishman!

The most important thing is that your never afraid to have a conversation in english or about to be in english addressed and to respond.

If you follow these tips, you will be without problems english language learning and you personally enriching.

By being with english-speaking people in contact, you can apply to improve your accent, and, finally, the most important english idioms correctly, and pronounce.

In the pub! perhaps you might find a few english speakers enjoyed the end of time? | source: visualhunt


  • focus first on the basics!

English grammar, vocabulary according to topics, conjugation, tenses… to speak before you begin, you should have at least heard of all of these issues somewhat.

If your budget is tight, but you want to learn easily english, can courses in english on the internet be a great solution for you.

The advantage of teaching english on the internet is that it can, depending on your mood varies.

You should, however, also know that there are also free english courses and other methods to means free of charge to learn english and “free” is not always a bad quality.

The easiest way to learn english for free, is it, if your apps uses on your smartphone or tablet. you will not see that you notice how quickly the time passes.

Learn spanish for beginners: the first steps

brazilian womanCervantes‘ is not part of the language to the languages, which beginners the most difficulties.

Especially for learners who already have a romance language, such as french or italian have learned.

This will have the good fortune to discover many similarities with the already learned language, and therefore rapid progress in their spanish learning.

If you are reading this article, you have taken perhaps the decision to learn spanish!

Learn this spanish-learning guide, what is the basic knowledge of the language you acquire as a beginner.

Similarities of the spanish with romance languages

brazilian womanGerman and spanish have not much in common, but who has already learned to latin, french or italian, you will have to learn spanish little problems, whether you want to learn auto-didactically spanish or with a teacher to work.

These languages have their origin in the latin, therefore, have the same roots and, therefore, similarities in sound, in the syllables and in pronunciation.

So it is a huge advantage when you learn spanish if you already have proficiency in a romance language. in some cases, you have to hang in male words, only a “o” and female “a” to a word, and the spanish expression! this works but unfortunately not always.

However, if you have knowledge of a romance language, you start not at zero, and much will be easier for you! in the first spanish-lessons you will notice many similarities and you will understand many words and sentences.

The ideal basis in order to make progress in spanish!

Spanish tutoring will take

brazilian womanPrivate spanish lessons – ideal to learn out-of-school the language of cervantes! | source: visualhunt

We do not go on the assumption that you have in the school the possibility to learn were spanish.

Learn, but you would – for professional or private reasons – the language of love to.

Super prof is of the view that immersion in the language an effective solution.but on a trip to a spanish-speaking country you will learn only the oral aspects of the language. you could with spanish films, your level improve, or listening to day-to-day spanish radio?

Super! but how it looks with the written spanish? how to write the words you hear?

And the spanish grammar can finally also not be neglected.

A language, you have to deal with all of your areas.

The best way for you, in spanish, so spanish-tutoring with a tutor, whether on-site with you/him at home or learning spanish online via webcam.

This allows you to make with his knowledge and his methodology of rapid progress in spanish. he will give you the necessary base and improve your level.

Of course, you can also try you spanish with online teaching offered, or complement private hours.

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