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6 diet tips from japan |

beautiful russian women looking for american menIn japan reach women with 86,44 years, the highest average age in the world. this is partly due to the attitude of the japanese people – particularly those of the older generation – that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and exercise as well as nutrition are very important for a healthy life. our editor has accompanied a japanese, and reported here about what she has learned from her. you will be amazed!

The 7 biggest mistakes when learning japanese

Why learn japanese?

beautiful russian women looking for american menWho is that crazy so and learn a language that will be used, no letters, and only in a single country in the world to talk about?

According to the last polls in 2015, 3.651.517 foreigners you have visited in 137 countries, there is a facility to learn japanese (japan foundation, 2015).

The 2.38 million foreigners, living in japan, then. the learn yes actually all the time.

And then we me: the alone-learners, which are nowhere recorded. the number of unreported cases is high.

Because of reasons to learn japanese, there are many:

  • A trip to Japan and you want to be a little prepared.
  • For years you read the Manga, and the interest in Japan has grown so much that you’re dreaming of your favorite manga at some point in Japanese to read.
  • Due to Hobbies or sports, such as Judo, Karate or Aikido, you learn first contacts with the Japanese language and would like to do more.
  • Your favorite band comes from Japan and you want to finally be able to sing along to and the lyrics also to understand.
  • You are looking for a unusual Hobby, and there’s a place in Japan is just Japanese course free.
  • The daily Sudoko puzzle starts to bore you, and you are looking for a new challenge for your brain.
  • You will get from your company to Japan
  • You go for a semester abroad or a student exchange to Japan
  • You fall in love with a Japanese woman or a Japanese.

The latter was the case for me.

Because i fell in love with on the trip in a japanese and somehow was not even prepared, i was so thrown right into the cold water, i first submit to a tummy slap down.

Everything you can do wrong – i’ve got it made.

Here i present you the 7 biggest mistakes when learning japanese.

Perhaps one or the other you known?

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Culture shock germany: a japanese perspective

beautiful russian women looking for american men

Today must be my man, daisuke, get to it.

The culture shock in germany, japanese actually perceived?

What is the first impressions he had from the country at the time, over 8 years ago?

We had agreed early on to the fact that i live with him in japan, his country, his language and his culture.

At some point, and he should go with me to germany, my country, my language and my culture – when the opportunity arises.

And then she was there suddenly.

Much too early for my taste.

But chances you must take, or not?

I hesitated, while my husband sold our stuff and job and housing announced.

Germany, here we come!

©2009 by nippon insider | our luggage upon arrival in germany

Tea as a refreshing drink typical of the japanese?

beautiful russian women looking for american men

Today i roll the screen out from the bottom and start with the addendum this article:

  • The tea is in the title of the image is not from Japan, but from Thailand
  • I was cranky, as I began to write this article!
  • With a Happy End I haven’t expected!
  • Now, I’m actually quite satisfied 🙂
  • For this article, I have got no money!!! 
  • The “a-short-article-write” has not worked out, again! It all started so well:

Trip to okinawa on the way to the destination by train

beautiful russian women looking for american men

So there i was at 23. july 2005 damn early at 6 am at the train station of fukushima and waiting for my first train on this day.

Slowly travel does not mean for me to get on a plane, in order to overcome the 2000 km between fukushima and okinawa.

Through conversations with the japanese in the last few days, i’m insecure, but strong. because no one finds my idea is really good to travel with trains and ferry. “takes too long and is too exhausting!” find it all and think i’m crazy!

Now, i’m not really in the travel mood. maybe the fact that i get a little fear before have. maybe have all of the right, and the trip is a total wash.

The time

Japanese word games | creative holidays in japan

beautiful russian women looking for american men

Japanese word games, i think that’s great.

Exactly my sense of humor is my thing.

A little transverse, creative embellished and zack … do you think the japanese have something delicious to eat to bring good luck, a successful marketing strategy for your product or a funny holiday, the while no one is celebrating and only a few know that you can remember but well, if you understood the word play of the japanese.

I would like to introduce a few of this particular “holiday”.

And no! i didn’t imagine the self!!!

But have a great desire to complete the list and also a couple of funny ideas.

Japanese word games to understand, you need the knowledge of two things: date in japan and numbers

Japanese date

beautiful russian women looking for american menIn japan, it reads the date with the month first, so june 14. (or 6 / 14).

It opens up many word games, which will be based on the reading of the japanese characters or numbers associated.

Japanese figures

beautiful russian women looking for american men0 ➡ love it. zero / o ➡ in a while, as in english, for zero often, the letter “o” used 一 (1) ➡ love it. ichi ➡love it. will often play in word only as the letter “i” used 二 (2) ➡ love it. ni ➡ the iphone app the character is fu “” read 三 (3) ➡ love it. san ➡ in a while to briefly as “sa” in the word play, or as “mi”, because the katakana ミ looks just 四 (4) ➡ love it. shi / yon 五 (5) ➡ levi’s go 六 (6) ➡ love it. roku ➡ the iphone app the character is also known as “ro” or “mu” read 七 (7) ➡ love it. nana / shichi ➡ in a while or in short “na” 八 (8) ➡ love it. hachi 九 (9) ➡ love it. kyuu / ku 十 (10) ➡ love it. juu / to

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Japan celebrates a play with word …in january

beautiful russian women looking for american men

1月5日 • 1 / 5 ➡love it. 5. january

イチゴの日 • ichigo no hi ➡ the iphone app the day of the strawberry

Strawberry in japanese: イチゴ • ichigo word game / numbers: ichi-go / 1 – 5

So the day of the strawberry in japan is officially at 5. january will be celebrated.

January is not strawberry time, but that day is not strawberries (from the greenhouse) in the special offer, which means that they are now cheap.

Strawberries in japan is almost always a small fortune. but in the erdbeertag you can treat yourself to a small bowl.

1月10日 • 1 / 10 ➡levi’s 10. january

百十番の日 • hyaku toban no hi ➡ the iphone app the day of the emergency number

The emergency number in japan, 110 in number a hundred and ten in japanese: 百十番 • hyaku-to-ban (pronounced: hi-jaku-to-ban)

Numbers: 1 – 1 – 0

…in february

beautiful russian women looking for american men2月1日 • 2 / 01 ➡love it.  1. february

臭いの日 • nioi no hi ➡ awesome day of the odor

The smell in japanese: 臭い • nioi word game / pay-point: the ni – o – i / 2 – o – i

In general, it is in japan not common to wear a lot of perfume. this is seen by many as a very unpleasant.

Also, deos, shower gels, soaps, or cream to have a less intrusive smell in japan than in the us.

Today, it would be but okay i hang up. no one does but still.

On this day, it also allows you to time the friend or colleague on his body odor noted.

So as a practical “what-i wanted to-tell you-already-always-time—day.”

2月22日 • 2 / 22 ➡levi’s 22. february

猫の日 • neko no hi ➡ awesome day of the cat

Cat in japanese: 猫 • neko or dealing nya nya word of the language game / numbers: ni-ni-ni / 2 – 2 – 2

Okay. the statement is now a little more complex: in japan, cats are not “meow” but “nyan nyan”, which is why children like to say “nya nya” to cats (so a bit like us when we say kitty-kitty-kitty, or kitty).

“nya” – comes in who pronounce it very long, “niiiii-yes”, and because hidden, then with a bit of imagination the japanese number 2 “ni” gift, isn’t it?

Three times in a row you spoken to the 22. february.

The word game is for me today, although not quite understandable, but the 22. february i saved a long time as the day of the cat, as many japanese as well.

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“how are you celebrating christmas?” | faq

beautiful russian women looking for american men

We are my japanese husband (daisuke) and i (daniela).

Since 2009, we have two in berlin.

And the question i can answer quite quickly: not!

Daisuke, i’m sorry because every year a little bit. he gets a completely wrong picture of christmas in germany. but he does not find it bad.

For us, there is neither tree nor light chains, homemade cookies, christmas dinner, or christmas music.

Zero decorations – and we miss nothing.

Of course, he has also celebrated before christmas with my family. there was christmas dinner, gifts under the christmas tree, presents, playing together, and in the evening and watch tv.

And in the church, we were together already.

But honestly, i just can’t find any access to this festival.

No idea what went wrong in my life!

In japan, without christmas – i therefore always felt very comfortable! this is according to my taste: just a normal day and in the evening good food.

The church was for daisuke but exciting. i want to tell you:

Travelling to japan in erfurt or with the japanese to erfurt?

beautiful russian women looking for american men

“japan, you can experience, but for sure in germany, too!”

I thought to myself and went back to the search. this time to erfurt!

Clearly, i would like to travel again to japan.

But just not stop.

And germany is also not bad.

So i’ll go explore my home, always on the lookout for a small piece of japan – for all of you, people like me.

But the search is sometimes more difficult than i had imagined.

Not because there is nothing here, but because i always pick me for the wrong destinations.

This year i have already visited dresden, leipzig, (even two times), wolfenbüttel, bielefeld, duisburg and hoyerswerda.

A lot i haven’t found since, unfortunately.

Why erfurt?

beautiful russian women looking for american men

A great planner, i really do.

I can always decide not so bad, therefore i travel spontaneously.

This time i had booked but a plan, and even my train journey already. but not to erfurt.

It should be on friday, may 7. 9. 2018 early frankfurt am main go, and then on sunday in the night back to berlin.

The plan.

Originally i wanted to go with a few travel bloggers of the ffm with the car to austria, but this journey has smashed all of a sudden and so i put myself on a frankfurt weekend.

Japan in frankfurt, since there are a lot of things.

Frankfurt has a japanese community and, therefore, there is here, as well as in düsseldorf, always something to discover japanese.

I have already been a couple of times in frankfurt and i have eaten there in a very good japanese restaurants, and a couple of interesting exhibitions visited.

“… i have already been a couple of times in frankfurt …”

… and suddenly i have no desire more on the long train journey. finally want to discover something new and be spontaneous.

So i look where my train berlin-frankfurt inserts a stop, and there i find the train ride from the central railway station spandau with the ice is a bit exaggerated, falls my choice on erfurt, the last stop before frankfurt.

My trip is not even about erfurt, i don’t have the time, unfortunately, on the screen. the return journey goes via göttingen and not via erfurt, as i have to say on sunday, then surprised.

I want to spontaneously … i get spontaneous.

So, i’m going on sunday short-hand for a couple of hours to göttingen (in search of japan in göttingen, i’m disappointed but also).

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Setsubun no hi – exorcisms of a blogger | 節分

beautiful russian women looking for american men

To the topic “setsubun”

When i launched my blog project, as had i have a great idea: “i write about each holiday and bring something personal with me. so i have a nice constant and a kind of red thread that runs through the blog.“

“you, as a reader of every japanese holiday expect will get excited, already early in the morning on my side, or maybe even at night!? you have, in the meantime, the days in your calendar.“ so i had painted me out to be.

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