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Gender-based abortion in europe and the consequences – not only in china and india, abortion of girls!

asian girls talking websitePrenatal sex selection has long been a fact. a phenomenon, that you knew more from asia, makes more and more also in europe wide. the in asia alone is missing 160 million women and girls. they have never been born, but were aborted. by selective abortion of female fetuses has not only made china and india a name, even in europe, the abortion of male embryos significantly.

This is not restrictive abortion bans as they are currently required about the polish government by the us-american presidential candidate donald trump . but in this post it is the sex selection. in asia, for example, the parents choose the boys, in many of the villages are not born with enough girls. the ratio of girls to boys in china 30 years ago, yet almost normal, it is now the country out of balance. after 35 years of china creates the one-child policy and chinese couples should not be allowed, as hitherto, only one child, but two descendants, but now, the immense costs for the next generation. many families can afford only a child.

Also in the industrialized countries, the sex the meantime, the indications are that in the united states, the selection of sex is the norm in the process. the new methods are now part of hospitals to the standard repertoire of reproduction. by artificial insemination will be produced in the laboratory, embryos (in vitro fertilization), and then on undesirable characteristics selected – for example, gender. then, only those embryos are implanted in the uterus, which have the desired characteristics. see a children’s made-to-measure – no longer a problem – even patents, there isthe prenatal diagnosis (pnd) today offers investigation with a high diagnostic safety to unborn children and pregnant women, including amniocentesis and ultrasound examination. however, the desire is not after a healthy child is increasingly a top priority; because the prenatal sex selection to “gender disappointment” are to be avoided, thanks to modern technology, now the reason for many abortions in the world. gradually, the pid only, with the aim of the gender of the embryos to select. it is in the united states, as in europe, is to allow families a well-balanced ratio between girls and boys, so that no general preference for one of the sexes can be observed. in other countries, the desire for male offspring, on the other hand, the main motivation for gender selection.there are companies who buy aborted fetuses and sell it. it is a rewarding business and no matter whether in the area of organ trafficking, the cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry, or even in the food industry are aborted human fetuses as commodities, traded and even using of state-funded counselling agencies. see: to force the dirty business with aborted fetuses–women to have an abortion, seems to be a gangbarerer way to rob men of their “potency”. supported by a 20-million-dollar loan from the world bank, the un population fund,  and the international development authorities in india began already in the 1970s massive, the population of stem numbers. see on behalf of the world bank, the un and the who – forced sterilization and forced birth controlwe network women 2013 had ever thought about in our post.nbsp;abortion – a matter of sex reported, but still this practice also takes place in europe.

Network of women – what creates a create a lot of

Without flavor enhancers – food with this advertising message appeal to customers who want to do without flavour enhancers, and in particular glutamate. a number of products that operate according to the advertisement, without this additive, nevertheless, contain glutamate:

asian girls talking websiteHe’s hiding in the other ingredients, in particular in the yeast extract, but also in soy protein, tomato powder and / or seasoning and shall then be specified by name in the list of ingredients. continue reading →

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